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Oblomov is the best known novel by Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, first published in 1859. Oblomov is also the central character of the novel, often seen as the ultimate incarnation of the superfluous man, a symbolic character in 19th-century Russian literature. Oblomov was compared to Shakespeare's Hamlet as answering 'No!' to the question "To be or not to be?" Oblomov is a young, generous nobleman who seems incapable of making important decisions or undertaking… (más)

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Bob Buckingham
Bob Buckingham
lunes, 06 de marzo de 2017 21:44:16 +0100

It is really a great loss that all the translations into English of this marvelous book (and we have looked up almost every single one in Internet) are so badly abridged. So thoroughly stripped of its finest ironies and charm with what Goncharov peppered its pages. All the translations are identical. Someone may have used simply the Google translator and pruned the best of the Russian literary foliage into something cold and mechanical. The best translation of “Oblomov” are the Spanish and the German versions.

lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016 01:44:53 +0200

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Lengua: Inglés

Publicado en: 1858

Traductor: C. J. Hogarth

Numero de palabras: 58.959 palabras (≈ alrededor de 4 horas)

Derechos: Dominio Público

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