Butcher Bird

Butcher Bird

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Spyder Lee is a happy man who lives in San Francisco and owns a tattoo shop. One night an angry demon tries to bite his head off before he's saved by a stranger. The demon infected Spyder with something awful - the truth. He can suddenly see the world as it really is: full of angels and demons and monsters and monster-hunters. A world full of black magic and mysteries. These are the Dominions, parallel worlds full of wonder, beauty and horror. The Black Clerks, infinitely… (más)

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sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013 17:37:33 +0100

very good rood. fast paced and clever.

martes, 05 de octubre de 2010 19:00:14 +0200

Excellent read.
After reading Metrophage, I wanted to find more by Kadrey. I read the few short short stories on this site, and found this book. The world he creates is stunning, terrifying and oddly reminiscent of Hieronymous Bosche paintings.
I highly recommend this if you are a fan of the genre. Kept me hooked till the end!

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Lengua: Inglés

Publicado en: 2005

Numero de palabras: 85.414 palabras (≈ alrededor de 6 horas)

Fuente: http://www.infinitematrix.net

Licencia: Atribución - No uso comercial - No modificaciones

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