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With Burrough's Mars series, Wylie's Hugo Danner is generally credited as the ancestor of both Clark Kent and Clark Savage, Jr. Danner, the product of a strength serum given to his mother during pregnancy, is able to lift 4,000 pounds, leap 40 feet in the air, and so forth. Unlike Superman and Doc Savage, however, Danner is never happy with his skills, hating the isolation and at times using his strength for monetary gain. Also, you can't imagine Doc Savage spending… (más)

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While some of the science is a bit dated, the overall arc of the character is quite well done. This story has been adapted and re-presented many times. In the late 1980s, DC comics was faced with an historical problem, as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman had all been members of the Justice Society and this was previously explained by the "Many Worlds" theory of physics - that many universes exist in parallel to this one. Once the character of Hugo Danner became public domain, DC co-opted him… (más)

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