The Man Who Came Early

The Man Who Came Early

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How rarely science-fiction writers succeed in creating a wholly alien culture may be judged from any adequate study of an earthly culture of a time or place which does not form part of our direct heritage. S.F's aliens may have pseudopods or supersdentific gadgets, but rarely so wholly different a frame of reference as man himself has achieved in other eras. Here F&SFs favorite Scandinavian skald takes us to Iceland near the end of the tenth century and convincingly… (más)

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SardoWeems (7 libros)
domingo, 09 de junio de 2013 07:38:25 +0200

Told from the point of view of a 10th century Iclandic landholder, it's the story of a US Army MP stationed in Iceland who is struck by lightning and deposited a thousand years in the past. Anderson does a great job of constructing the culture of the time. Good characterizations, descriptions, and plotting. Worth reading.

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Publicado en: 1957

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