The Cloak

The Cloak

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The story centers on the life and death of Akaky Akakievich, an impoverished government clerk and copyist in the Russian capital of St. Petersburg. Akaky is dedicated to his job, taking special relish in the hand-copying of documents, though little recognized in his department for his hard work. Instead, the younger clerks tease him and attempt to distract him whenever they can. His threadbare overcoat is often the butt of their jokes. Akaky decides it is necessary… (más)

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SardoWeems (7 libros)
viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014 22:55:07 +0200

A densely descriptive story of a poor clerk's struggle to buy a new cloak. His life and treatment by his superiors (everyone in the world) is sad. A good little story, but probably too ornate and inconsequential for modern readers.

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Lengua: Inglés

Publicado en: 1835

Numero de palabras: 12.160 palabras (≈ alrededor de 1 hora)


Derechos: Dominio Público

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