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Vikings of the Gloves

The TNT Punch

Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel

The Bull Dog Breed

Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers

Tom Swift #196

de Victor Appleton

Barcoe Jenks, the nervous and eccentric financier, enlists Tom's aid to travel to Colorado and determine the method of making artificial (and perfect!) gemstones -- the secret of this method having been used...

Cord and Creese

The Tavern Knight

Lost in the Fog

Winner Take All

General Ironfist

Circus Fists

Mr. Menzies' Baby Elephant

de William Murray Graydon

A traveler who goes around the world necessarily sees a great deal. This ruby ring which I wear on my finger was purchased at Colombo, the capital of Ceylon, and it always reminds me of a very amusing thing...

Black Canaan

Waterfront Fists

Captain Gardiner of the International Police

de Robert Allen

In the far flung year of 1975 ("sixty years after the last and most terrible European war") Captain Gardiner, a squarejawed two-fisted Slab Thunkchest type, is the best agent that the International Police have....

Night of Battle

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