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Under the Ocean to the South Pole

de Roy Rockwood

The adventuresome crew builds a submersible craft, the Dolphin, that runs on sea water and chemicals. On the maiden voyage they battle sea monsters, pass through a sunken graveyard, and discover an opening that...

Red Eve

The Pit of the Serpent

Night of Battle

Circus Fists

The River's End

de James Oliver Curwood

A story of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police.

The Mutineers

de Charles Hawes

A tale of old days at sea and of adventures in the Far East as Benjamin Lathrop set it down some sixty years ago.

Lost in the Fog

The TNT Punch

Mr. Menzies' Baby Elephant

de William Murray Graydon

A traveler who goes around the world necessarily sees a great deal. This ruby ring which I wear on my finger was purchased at Colombo, the capital of Ceylon, and it always reminds me of a very amusing thing...

The Gates of Chance

Stella Fregelius


The Pony Rider Boys in Alaska

The Yellow God

Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout

Cord and Creese

Texas Fists

Sluggers on the Beach

Winner Take All