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Wolf Night

The Ship of Ishtar

The Voice of El-Lil

A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder

de James De Mille

The satiric and fantastic romance is set in an imaginary semi-tropical land in Antarctica inhabited by prehistoric monsters and a cult of death-worshipers called the Kosekin. The main story of the novel is the...

Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia

de Samuel Johnson

Rasselas, prince of Abyssinia (or Ethiopia), grows dissatisfied with the unceasing pleasures of his utopian home in the Happy Valley. According to Ethiopian tradition, the children of royalty were confined to...

Skulls in the Stars

Bad Blood


The Slayer of Souls

The Face in the Abyss

de Abraham Merritt

The novel concerns American mining engineer Nicholas Graydon. While searching for lost Inca treasure in South America, he encounters Suarra, handmaiden to the Snake Mother of Yu-Atlanchi.

Red Shadows

Rattle of Bones

The Moon Pool

The History of Caliph Vathek

Bad Medicine

The Enchanted Type-Writer

The Fox Woman

The Women of the Wood

The Old Tobacco Shop

The Footfalls Within