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The Beldonald Holbein

The Sword and the Atopen

de Taylor H. Greenfield

The conversion of light into electricity by spectrum is an interesting possibility. The idea of using foreign proteins on the human system to repel enemies, is also interesting. Do you get it? We didn't either...

Christian Gellert's Last Christmas

de Berthold Auerbach

A Christmas short-story extracted from "German Tales".

The Spirit of Christmas

de Henry van Dyke

A short story, an essay, a sermon and two prayers for Christmas.

Here and Beyond

The Jolly Corner

The Author of Beltraffio

To Whom This May Come

Th Blindman's World

Half Portions

de Edna Ferber

A collection of 9 short stories.

Endicott and the Red Cross

The Abbess of Castro

The Blue Moccassins

The House of Heine Brothers

Mouse Lights



A Matter of Proportion

de Anne Walker

In order to make a man stop, you must convince him that it's impossible to go on. Some people, though, just can't be convinced.

Aaron Trow

The Chaperon