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Delete 1942



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Más opciones

The World Beyond

de Raymond King Cummings

Out of nowhere came these grim, cold, black-clad men, to kidnap three Earth people and carry them to a weird and terrible world where a man could be a giant at will.

Skeleton Men of Jupiter

Cross Creek

The Jacob Street Mystery

The World with a Thousand Moons

de Edmond Moore Hamilton

Grim death was the only romance to be found on this world that boasted a thousand moons.

The Time Mirror

de Clark South

Here was a strange mirror indeed! It reflected an image all right, but not an image from the same era in history!

Darkness and the Light

Henry Horn's X-Ray Eye Glasses

de Dwight Vreeland Swain

Henry Horn had a new invention; a pair of glasses that worked on the x-ray principle. But he didn't expect them to reveal Nazi secret agents and their works of sabotage!

Planet of the Gods

de Robert Moore Williams

Two planets circling Vega! But a more amazing discovery waited the explorers when they landed!

Warrior of the Dawn

de Howard Browne

From the forest deeps came brutal killers, and Tharn, the Cro-Magnon, vowed that vengeance would be his....

One-Way Ticket to Nowhere

de Leroy Yerxa

Like a ghost in the night a whole Mono train vanished. And it was up to Jeff Blake to find out where it had gone...