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Adelle Waldman
I wanted to create a complete world that readers could become absorbed in (15 de julio de 2014)
Entrevista de Adelle Waldman por Lara Touitou

Adelle Waldman has notably written for The New York Times Book Review, The Wall Street Journal, Slate and The Village Voice. The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. is her first novel.

Shannon Burke
I wrote to protect myself from some of the horror of the events (19 de junio de 2014)
Entrevista de Shannon Burke por Bernard Strainchamps

Shannon Burke is a novelist and used to be a paramedic in Harlem. His experience led him to write Black Flies.

Xiaolu Guo
It is absurd to see that Asian culture is so little known and barely discussed in depth (09 de junio de 2014)
Entrevista de Xiaolu Guo por Lara Touitou

Xiaolu Guo is a novelist and filmmaker. I am China is her fifth novel in English.

Emma Healey
I think memory can never really be trusted (05 de junio de 2014)
Entrevista de Emma Healey por Bernard Strainchamps

Emma Healey grew up in London. Elizabeth is Missing is her first novel.

Herman Koch
I wouldn't describe them as pigs, everything they do is just so very human (03 de junio de 2014)
Entrevista de Herman Koch por Lara Touitou

Herman Koch is a Dutch writer. Summer House With Swimming Pool is his second novel translated in English.

Attica Locke

Attica Locke is an American author. The Cutting Season is her second novel.

Courtney Collins
I have a faith in fiction – that it allows us to understand ourselves better (03 de junio de 2014)
Entrevista de Courtney Collins por Bernard Strainchamps

Courtney Collins is an Australian writer. The Untold is her first novel.

Hannah Kent

Hannah Kent is an Australian writer. Burial Rites is her first novel.

Fiona McFarlane
I write about Australian life because it fascinates and moves me (24 de abril de 2014)
Entrevista de Fiona McFarlane por Lara Touitou

Fiona McFarlane is an Australian writer. The Night Guest is her first novel.

Julia Angwin
I worry about whether we want to make privacy into a luxury good that only the rich can afford (29 de marzo de 2014)
Entrevista de Julia Angwin por Lara Touitou

Julia Angwin is an award-winning investigative journalist at the independent news organization ProPublica.

Ben Lerner

Ben Lerner is a poet and published several poetry collections. Leaving the Atocha Station is his first novel.

Amity Gaige
It's a little bit crazy to try to reconcile your old life with your new life (06 de marzo de 2014)
Entrevista de Amity Gaige por Lara Touitou

Amity Gaige is the author of three novels, O My Darling (2005), The Folded World (2007), and Schroder, which was recently shortlisted for The Folio Prize.

Patrick Deville
On the Deville expressway (26 de febrero de 2014)
Entrevista de Patrick Deville por Bernard Strainchamps, traducida por Lara Touitou

Plague and Cholera won the prestigious Prix Femina in France. Discover the author of 2012’s French literary phenomemon in a short interview.

Jennifer Clement
Publicity shames the Mexican government and shame is a great force of change (18 de febrero de 2014)
Entrevista de Jennifer Clement por Lara Touitou

Jennifer Clement has studied literature in New York and Paris. She was awarded the NEA Fellowship for Literature for her third novel Prayers for the Stolen.

Diane Wei Liang
Betrayals are partly the result of history and culture and partly human nature (10 de febrero de 2014)
Entrevista de Diane Wei Liang por Bernard Strainchamps

Diane Wei Liang was born in Beijing and spent part of her childhood in a labor camp with her parents. She now lives in London. Paper Butterfly is her second novel.

Maggie O'Farrell
I've always been interested in people who exit from their lives (04 de febrero de 2014)
Entrevista de Maggie O'Farrell por Lara Touitou

Maggie O’Farrell was born in Northern Ireland and grew up in Wales and in Scotland. She won the Costa Book Award for Best Novel in 2010 for her novel The Hand That First Held Mine. Her sixth novel, Instructions for a Heatwave, was nominated for the 2013 Costa Book Award.

Eva Rice
In the early 1960s, no one wanted anything "old", they all wanted modern (29 de enero de 2014)
Entrevista de Eva Rice por Bernard Strainchamps

Eva Rice has written three novels and one non-fiction book. She lives in London.

Kerry Hudson
Depicting life on Britain's poorer streets was a very conscious decision (28 de enero de 2014)
Entrevista de Kerry Hudson por Lara Touitou

Kerry Hudson was born in Aberdeen. Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice-cream Float Before He Stole My Ma is her first novel and was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book award.

Samantha Ellis
I've found the answers to most of my life's questions and crises in the pages of my favourite books (28 de enero de 2014)
Entrevista de Samantha Ellis por Lara Touitou

Samantha Ellis is a playwright. In How To Be A Heroine, she examines the influence of her favourite literary heroines on her own life.

Simon Rich
When your ex-girlfriend dates someone new, it can feel like she's dating Hitler (22 de enero de 2014)
Entrevista de Simon Rich por Lara Touitou

Simon Rich writes novels, short stories and has written for the long-running TV show Saturday Night Live. His latest collection The Last Girlfriend on Earth deals with love, relationships and aliens.