An Uncertain Place

An Uncertain Place

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From the #1 bestselling French author and three-time winner of the Crime Writers' Association's International Dagger Award.

When Commissaire Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg, the chief of police in Paris's seventh arrondissement, is called to the scene of a ghastly and highly unusual murder, he thinks it can't have anything to do with the nine pairs of shoes and severed feet discovered outside of London's Highgate Cemetery just a few days earlier. With the help of the murdered… (más)

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There is the matter of a man who ate his way through a wardrobe and another who chewed through a small airplane. And there is the alarming question of feet cut off at the ankle, wearing shoes and trying to hobble into an ancient cemetery.

Fred Vargas writes police procedurals that are always a bit off center.

In AN UNCERTAIN PLACE, Commissaire Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg is in London attending an international police conference.

In the novel’s opening lines, Adamsberg is ironing his shirt — something no other cop has done in the hundreds of crime novels I’ve read — and preparing to leave for a conference in London. He is delayed by his neighbor, an elderly, one-armed Spaniard who insists that the policeman help his cat give birth to kittens. (Another first.)

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Unexpected detectives

Not your typical hard-boiled gumshoes, these detectives intrigue, charm and delight all the more for their atypical characters, quirks or circumstances.

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