Three-part Harmony

Three-part Harmony

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3.78 Three-part Harmony

When a new guitarist joins the band, is a loving duet about to become a trio?When guitarist Mark Deans quits Sweet Lies the week before their concert tour is due to start, it looks like the end of the band, but singer Aimee and her husband Stefan have worked too hard to let that happen. The answer lies in Jake Anderson, who blows them away when he auditions to replace Mark. He's cute, talented-and twelve years younger than Aimee-but there's an instant attraction… (más)

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Editor: Total-E-Bound Publishing (28 de noviembre de 2011)

Format: EPUB

Número de páginas: 55 páginas

Tamaño del archivo: 496 KB

Protección: Sin DRM

Idioma: Inglés

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