Adam in Eden

Adam in Eden

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19.71 Adam in Eden

In this comic novel of political intrigue, Adam Gorozpe, a respected businessman in Mexico, has a life so perfect that he might as well be his namesake in the Garden. But there are snakes in this Garden too, and in order to save his relationship, his marriage, his life, and the soul of his country, he may have to call upon the wrath of the angels to expel all these serpents from his Mexican Eden.In this comic novel of political intrigue, Adam Gorozpe, a respected… (más)

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Adam in Eden is an astonishing late work in the Fuentes bibliography, reminiscent in some respects to the late work in a minor key of a Mark Twain or a Kurt Vonnegut, filled with loose biting satire, devil-may-care comedy, and a simmering rage and hope.

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