Open Heart

Open Heart

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10.99 Open Heart

Translated by Marion Wiesel

A profoundly and unexpectedly intimate, deeply affecting summing up of his life so far, from one of the most cherished moral voices of our time.

Eighty-two years old, facing emergency heart surgery and his own mortality, Elie Wiesel reflects back on his life. Emotions, images, faces and questions flash through his mind. His family before and during the unspeakable Event. The gifts of marriage and children and grandchildren that followed.… (más)

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While one hopes Oopen Heart is not the final work Elie Wiesel produces, if that sadly turns out to be the case, it will serve as a concise, elegant summing up of an extraordinary life and career.

It might be said that Wiesel's memoir "Night" is his original and most masterful "lesson" about the Holocaust, while the rest of his writing is "commentary." If so, we are deeply fortunate to have this intimate self-portrait of a man poised on the threshold of death, with more commentary yet to come.

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Editor: Knopf (04 de diciembre de 2012)

Format: EPUB

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