HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton

HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton

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13.99 HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton

The mesmerizing story of Hillary Clinton's political rebirth, based on eyewitness accounts from deep inside her inner circle

Hillary Clinton’s surprising defeat in the 2008 Democratic primary brought her to the nadir of her political career, vanquished by a much younger opponent whose message of change and cutting-edge tech team ran circles around her stodgy campaign. And yet, six years later, she has reemerged as an even more powerful and influential figure, a… (más)

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The authors make a concerted and largely successful effort to go beyond the caricatures of one of the most admired and loathed figures in modern American politics.

The New York Times : Madame Secretary (20 de febrero de 2014)

“HRC” may be most valuable as a guide to future messaging, an indication of what those closest to Hillary Clinton see as her strongest moments.

In spite of its limitations, HRC does a good job of showing the tentacular reach of Clinton’s network. It is hard to imagine all these people are sticking around for old time’s sake.

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