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The Medieval Noir mysteries feature Crispin Guest is a disgraced knight in 14th century London.


Veil of Lies

Crispin Guest #1

de Jeri Westerson

"A great read, through and through. Westerson's finely wrought portrait of gritty Medieval London is embued with great wit and poignancy. Crispin Guest is a knight to remember." -- Cornelia Read, author of A...

Serpent in the Thorns

Crispin Guest #2

de Jeri Westerson

Convicted of treason, Crispin Guest was stripped of his title, his land, his money and his friends. Now with only his considerable wits to sustain him, Guest works the mean streets of 14th century London, building...

The Demon's Parchment

Crispin Guest #3

de Jeri Westerson

In fourteenth century London, Crispin Guest is a disgraced knight convicted of treason and stripped of his land, title and his honor. He has become known as the "Tracker"--a man who can find anything, can solve...

Troubled Bones

Crispin Guest #4

de Jeri Westerson

"Westerson has mastered her subject and has used that knowledge to create erudite entertainment." --Richmond Times Dispatch on Veil of Lies

Disgraced knight Crispin Guest gets himself into some serious trouble...

Blood Lance

Crispin Guest #5

de Jeri Westerson

"Among the most courageous and compelling protagonists at work in fictional detection." --Richmond Times-Dispatch

Crispin Guest, returning home after a late night, sees a body hurtling from the uppermost reaches...

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