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Spurred Ambition

de Twist Phelan

After her first attempt at breaking and entering, business attorney Hannah Dain heads for the cliffs of Pinnacle Peak, Arizona to rock climb-and winds up in the middle of an anti-Indian protest turned violent....

Heir Apparent

de Twist Phelan

Meet "winningly brassy" (Publishers Weekly) and "brainy" (Booklist) attorney Hannah Dain, who the Chicago Tribune says "could probably whip any wimpy lawyer hero created by the likes of John Grisham or Lisa...

Family Claims

de Twist Phelan

Hannah Dain, a skilled business lawyer, is on the verge of leaving her family's law firm for a better job. But her plan is derailed when a real estate deal she's put together suddenly goes bad. Two million dollars...

False Fortune

de Twist Phelan

Business attorney Hannah Dain is in such deep water not even her trusty kayak can keep her afloat. A trip to an abandoned uranium mine with her sister Shelby turns into a daring lake rescue. Then Hannah is appointed...

The Heat of the Moon

Agatha Award for Best First Novel 2006

de Sandra Parshall

Young veterinarian Rachel Goddard's world begins to crumble when a client rushes into the animal hospital with a basset hound struck by a car during a thunderstorm. The dog owner's terrified tot, drenched with...

Disturbing the Dead

de Sandra Parshall

Tom Bridger, who is half Melungeon, thought he had escaped his mountain community's lingering prejudice against the mixed-race group when he left to work for the Richmond, Virginia Police Department. Tom was...

Broken Places

de Sandra Parshall

Summer is deadly in the mountain community of Mason County, Virginia. Deputy Sheriff Tom Bridger and veterinarian Rachel Goddard are caught in a maelstrom of lies that stretch far into the past and suspicions...

Silver Lies

de Ann Parker

As 1879 draws to a close, this Rocky Mountain boomtown has infected the world with silver fever. It's not much different than the mania or the corporate scams that heat up over a century later. Unfortunately...

Leaden Skies

de Ann Parker

The summer of 1880: although possible investment in Leadville's silver mines is a main reason that former president and Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant is now touring this city at the top of the Rockies,...

Iron Ties

de Ann Parker

The railroad is coming west, all the way to Leadville and its rich Rocky Mountain mines, not to mention millionaires. And who is coming to celebrate the arrival of the Denver & Rio Grande but Ulysses S. Grant,...

Mute Witness

de Charles O'Brien

Picture the Scarlet Pimpernell as a woman-dealing with murder before the Terror made heads roll... It's the eve of the French Revolution. Fiscal crisis and social tensions brew. Anne Cartier, a headstrong young...

Black Gold

de Charles O'Brien

The setting is Bath, England's most fashionable spa, during the spring season of 1787. Haughty aristocrats, wealthy upstart businessmen, social climbers, adventurers, courtesans, sharpers, addicted gamblers,...

Silent Witness

de Michael Norman

Sam Kincaid and Kate McConnell must once again look beneath the obvious in an increasingly dangerous scenario.The armored car robbery went terribly awry, leaving two people dead. One was a member of the gang...

The Commission

de Michael Norman

Levi Vogue, Chairman of the powerful Utah Board of Pardons and Parole, is gunned down in the driveway of his home as he returns from a late evening tryst with Sue Ann Winkler, an exotic dancer employed in a...

Painted Veil

de Beverle Graves Myers

Venice, 1734. Castrato soprano Tito Amato has let fame go to his head. Neglecting his vocal practice for dubious pleasures, Tito finds himself demoted to secondary roles and overshadowed by a visiting star....

The Iron Tongue of Midnight

de Beverle Graves Myers

In September of 1740, singer Tito Amato receives a curious invitation. The German composer Karl Johann Weber is rehearsing a new opera at an isolated villa nestled in the hills of the Venetian mainland. Would...

In the Shadow of the Glacier

de Beverle Graves Myers

The dazzling city on the lagoon is sailing toward the ruin of her maritime empire, determined to go down in a maelstrom of pleasure, music, and masquerade. Venice, 1731. Opera is the popular entertainment of...

Her Deadly Mischief

de Beverle Graves Myers

Venice, 1742. Tito Amato has regained his zest for performing and is once again singing lead roles at the Teatro San Marco. On opening night, the famous castrato has the entire audience entranced-except for...

Cruel Music

de Beverle Graves Myers

Tito Amato returns from an operatic tour expecting to relax with his family. Instead he finds his merchant brother Alessandro imprisoned on a trumped-up smuggling charge, a capital crime in 1740 Venice. The...

The Significant Seven

de John McEvoy

Seven lifelong friends and racing fans from their student days at the University of Wisconsin strike it lucky at Saratoga Race Track when they combine to win a plus million dollar Pick Six. They subsequently...