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Silvermeadow: A Kathy and Brock Mystery

de Barry Maitland

She was beautiful. She was a musical genius. She was married to another prodigious musician, the conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim. Their fairy-tale marriage turned them into a royal musical couple. In...

Custom Rifles - Mastery of Wood & Metal: David Miller Co.

de Tom Turpin

Behind the Scenes at David Miller Co.

Join author Tom Turpin for a look at how some of the world's finest bolt-action rifles become functional works of art, after first being nothing more than wood and metal....

Risk and Social Theory in Environmental Management

de Thomas Measham & Stewart Lockie

Presents fresh research full of practical case studies exploring risk and uncertainty in environmental management.

A People's History of Baseball

de Mitchell Nathanson

In A People's History of Baseball, Mitchell Nathanson probes the less well-known but no less meaningful other side of baseball: episodes involving power--how it is obtained, and how it perpetuates itself. Exploring...

Beware of Pity

de Stefan Zweig, Phyllis Blewitt & Joan Accocella

Wes Anderson on Stefan Zweig:  "I had never heard of Zweig...when I just more or less by chance bought a copy of Beware of Pity. I loved this first book.  I also read the The Post-Office GirlThe Grand...

Cricket, A Very Peculiar History

de Jim Pipe

In 'Cricket, A Very Peculiar History' Jim Pipe uniquely explores one of the second biggest spectator sport on the planet. From the hazy bat-and-ball origins of the game to the biggest celebrity players of today,...

A Question of Sport Quiz Book

de Ebury Publishing

After more than four decades on the air, A Question of Sport is firmly established as the final word in sports trivia. Now, after countless arguments, sporting debates and lost hours spent directing the action...

John Fowles

de Jonathan Noakes & Margaret Reynolds

The French Lieutenant's Woman, The Magus, A MaggotIn Vintage Living Texts, teachers and students will find the essential guide to the works of John Fowles. Vintage Living Texts is unique in that it offers an...

The Way We Live Now

de Anthony Trollope

When the Melmottes arrive in London everyone agrees their manners are wanting, their taste is excerable and their lineage and background decidedly shadowy. But their money is far from revolting, and city society...

Can You Forgive Her?

de Anthony Trollope


Alice Vavasor should be married to the sensible, kindly John Grey. But despite what her respectable relations might think, Alice cannot quite reconcile herself to this fate....

The Warden

de Anthony Trollope

Mr Harding is a good man, the warden to an alms house which provides a peaceful home to twelve old men. The young and zealous John Bold is also a good man, but he believes he sees in Harding's comfortable existence...

Beat Candida Through Diet

de Gill Jacobs & Joanna Kjaer

Largely dismissed by the medical profession, the increasing incidence of candida-related health problems has been called 'the silent epidemic'. All of us have the yeast organism candida albicans in our bodies....

Olive: 101 Smart Suppers

de Lulu Grimes

Readers of BBC's Olive magazine will love these delicious, sophisticated supper recipes, designed to impress everyone around the dinner table.

It's always nice to treat yourself to something special and the...

Olive: 101 Seasonal Treats

de Lulu Grimes

As Olive readers know, food is best enjoyed when it is in season and this handy little cookbook will inspire you to get cooking all year round.

101 Seasonal Treats provides ideas for every time of year so that...

Olive: 101 Quick-Fix Dishes

de Janine Ratcliffe

You don't need to slave for hours to dish up fresh and fabulous food. Easy, no-fuss meals that look fantastic can be on the table in 30 minutes or less. In olive 101 quick fix dishes, you'll find loads of inspiring...

Olive: 101 Global Dishes

de Janine Ratcliffe

With once-exotic ingredients now readily available, eating around the globe has never been so easy. Spicy curries, mouth-watering pizzas and chargrilled kebabs are all at the top of our favourite food lists,...

Melt With You

de Alison Tyler


Dori is the owner of a lonely heart. On a whim, she returns home to her old town to discover that her favourite movie theatre has been...

The Student Vegetarian Cookbook

de Beverly Leblanc

There's more to being a veggie than eating tofu and chickpeas, and there's more to being a student than beans on toast and chips from the kebab van.

With 150 recipes from across the world, this inspiring cookbook...


de Theo Randall

This friendly, accessible and stylish cookbook from a master chef will prove indispensable for all who love unfussy yet utterly delicious food. Simplicity is the keynote in this handsome recipe book, imbued...

Cooking in Provence

de Alex Mackay & Peter Knab

Alex Mackay is the chef who runs Delia Smith's renowned cookery school in Norwich; a man she has described as having a 'rare and special gift' for cookery. After working with Raymond Blanc, first as a sous-chef...