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Cooking with Fire and Smoke

de Phillip Stephen Schulz

This winning combination of cookbook and equipment guide provides an extraordinary collection of recipes for grilled, smoked, and rotisseried dishes, along with detailed instructions on buying, caring for, and...

I, Dred Scott: A Fictional Slave Narrative Based on the Life and Legal Precedent of Dred Scott

de Shelia P. Moses & Bonnie Christensen

Born into slavery in Virginia in the late 1700s, Dred Scott had little to look forward to in life. But he was fortunate in two ways: His first owner was fairly kind to him, and he grew up with his owner's children,...

What Time Is It? You Mean Now?: Advice for Life from the Zennest Master of Them All

de Yogi Berra & Dave Kaplan

Could Confucius hit a curveball?

Could Yoda block the plate?

Can the Dalai Lama dig one out of the dirt?

No, there is only one Zen master who could contemplate the circle of life while rounding the bases....

The True Meaning of Cleavage

de Mariah Fredericks

Cool is cool and geek is geek, and at Eldridge the two definitely do not mix.

Sari and Jess are best friends and total opposites. They've liked each other ever since they discovered that they are the only two...

Friends, Followers, and Customer Evangelists: The 2010 Business Owner's Guide to Social Media

de Conrad Hall

You wouldn't think twice about getting a Yellow Pages for your business, would you? Until now, that kind of resource simply hasn't existed for social media. Now you have Friends, Followers, and Customer Evangelists...

Cane Toads and Other Rogue Species: Participant Second Book Project

de Participant Media & Weber Karl

What happens when humans try to improve on Mother Nature? Go behind the scenes and deeper into the issues raised by the provocative new documentary


de Patrick Robinson

The newest Mack Bedford thriller from the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller Lone Survivor

At the Edge of the Precipice: Henry Clay and the Compromise That Saved the Union

de Robert Remini

A National Book Award-winning historian narrates Henry Clay’s heroic brokering of a bipartisan compromise that saved the nation

The Fallen

de Celia Thomson

Chloe King was a normal sixteen-year-old girl.

She did her homework and got good grades, but she wasn't afraid to ditch class sometimes to hang out with her best friends. She slept at home, but otherwise avoided...

The Fall of Rome: A Novel

de Martha Southgate

Latin instructor Jerome Washington is a man out of place. The lone African-American teacher at the Chelsea School, an elite all-boys boarding school in Connecticut, he has spent nearly two decades trying not...

Kissed By an Angel Collector's Edition: The Power of Love; Soulmates

de Elizabeth Chandler

An angelic romantic suspense trilogy in one volume! "Kissed by an Angel": Ivy and Tristan have the love of a lifetime--until Tristan dies in a car accident. Now Tristan returns as an angel, but Ivy is unable...

Last Wave

de Paul Hayden

Seventeen-year-old Matt "Owl" Owen is living in the heyday between school and the rest of his life. He has his friends, the beach, and the surf -- and the big event on his calendar is a date with Hayley Churchill,...

Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal

de Andrew Hacker

Why, despite continued efforts to increase understanding and expand opportunities, do black and white Americans still lead separate lives, continually marked by tension and hostility? In his much-lauded classic,...

Lost World: Rewriting Prehistory---How New Science Is Tracing

de Tom Koppel

For decades the issue seemed moot. The first settlers, we were told, were big-game hunters who arrived from Asia at the end of the Ice Age some 12,000 years ago, crossing a land bridge at the Bering Strait and...

Developing Language and Communication Skills through Effective Small Group Work

de Marion Nash & Jackie Lowe

Now in its third edition, Developing Language and Communication Skills through Small Group Work provides essential information for practitioners working with linguistically struggling children.

Peer Relationships in Early Childhood Education and Care

de Margaret Kernan & Elly Singer

Young Children's Peer Relationships in a Changing World brings together a wide range of perspectives and research locating young children's relationships in the context of socio-cultural theories and relational...


de Gregory Landini

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) was renowned as one of the founding figures of "analytic" philosophy, and for his lasting contributions to the study of logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics and...

Young People with Anti-Social Behaviours

de Kathy Hampson

This book offers practical solutions for those working with young people with anti-social behaviour.  Including ready-to-use, tried-and-tested resources suitable for a wide variety of settings, it examines...

Sex Trafficking, Human Rights, and Social Justice

de Tiantian Zheng

This volume explores the life experiences, agency, and human rights of trafficked women in order to shed light on the complicated processes in which anti-trafficking, human rights and social justice are intersected....

The Frozen Rabbi

de Steve Stern

And what happens when Bernie Karp, the impressionable fifteen-year-old son of the couple in whose home the rabbi lies frozen, inadvertently thaws out the ancient man? Such are the questions raised in this wickedly...