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Más opciones

A Moment with God for Mothers

de Margaret Huffman

This handy collection contains 58 prayers that address common life experiences and concerns of mothers. Each contemporary prayer is accompanied by Scripture, making the book appropriate for use in personal or...

Blessings of the Cross

de Robert M Walker

Blessings of the Cross invites you to explore God’s hope and presence presented in the scripture readings for Lent and Easter. Key Bible readings call us to praise God as we contemplate God’s redemption...

Bearing Fruit

de Lovett Weems

Thousands of congregations are in serious trouble. Children are not being taught the faith. Disciples are not being made. Lives are not being transformed. The poor are not being blessed. Communities are not...

Web-Empowered Ministry

de Mark Stephenson

Let Web-Empowered Ministry be your comprehensive guide alongyour unique journey toward building a powerful internet ministry. You will learn the practical steps, techniques, and ideas needed to develop an excellent...

Leading the Congregation

de Norman Shawchuck

Leading the Congregation is a complete and definitive guide to the practice of church leadership. The book describes essential paradigms for the leader that integrate spiritual integrity and service within a...

Advanced Yoga Practices Support Forum Posts of Yogani, 2005-2010

de Yogani

A large eBook containing all AYP Support Forum posts by Yogani over a six year period. About 2,000 posts are included, providing extensive commentary on spiritual practices and experiences in Q&A mode, supplementing...

Missing Without a Trace: 8 Days of Horror

de Tanya Rider

Seattle-area resident Tanya Rider crashed her blue SUV in 2007 and disappeared without a trace. Her husband, Tom, reported her missing and found himself at the center of a police investigation.Eight days after...

The Once and Future Bible: An Introduction to the Bible for Religious Progressives

de Gregory C. Jenks & J. Harold Ellens

This book offers a way to engage with the Bible as a set of sacred texts that can serve as a song sheet for believers in exile-those people Bishop John Shelby Spong calls the church alumni association. This...

Lange Q&A Radiography Examination, Eighth Edition

de D. A. Saia

1400+ Q&As and a test-simulating CD deliver unmatched preparation for the radiography certification/recertification exam


"This is an excellent resource for radiography student interns...

Peddling Protectionism: Smoot-Hawley and the Great Depression

de Douglas A. Irwin

The Smoot-Hawley tariff of 1930, which raised U.S. duties on hundreds of imported goods to record levels, is America's most infamous trade law. It is often associated with--and sometimes blamed for--the onset...

Cardiac Anesthesia and Transesophageal Echocardiography

de John D. Wasnick & Zak Hillel

A must-have guide for anesthesiologists new to the cardiac operating room

DVD with 90+ narrated TEE clips

"Overall this book is a nice guide and the quickest way to review cardiac anesthesia. 3 Stars."--Doody's...

Matza Lazar Recipes--Everything and More

de Kristina Dawn Lazar & Theda Mary Lazar

The very first cookbook formed from a centenarian's daily diet. My greatgrandfather George is the inspiration for this book. He lived to be over one hundred years old, always claiming the secret for such long...

Game Frame: Using Games as a Strategy for Success

de Aaron Dignan

Ever wonder why teens can spend entire weekends playing video games but struggle with just one hour of homework? Why we’re addicted to certain websites and steal glances at our smartphones under the dinner...

Great South African Teachers: A Tribute to South Africa's Great Teachers from the People Whose Lives They Changed

de Jonathan Jansen

At a time when newspapers are full of the woes of the South African education system and stories of teachers who let the children in their classes down, this book shows that this is not the whole picture; it...


de Jack Ludlow

Will the might of the Byzantine Empire crush the ambitions of the warrior brothers?

Eleventh century Italy. The Byzantines rule the South, but do so in the face of constant revolt from their unwilling subjects...


de Jack Ludlow

The final book in the heart-stopping trilogy that began with Mercenaries.

In twenty years the de Hauteville brothers have gone from penniless obscurity to become the most potent warrior family in Christendom:...


de Jack Ludlow

Six brothers, trained since birth to become great warriors, prepare to experience their first taste of battle…

1033, the Norman/French border. The sons of Tancred de Hautville are following in their father's...

The Summer House

de Mary Nichols

A secret love that will haunt a family for ever

England 1918. Lady Helen believes her parents when they say she will never find a better husband than Richard, but when he returns to the Front, she begins to wonder...

Life Kills

de Miles Vertigan

The critically acclaimed experimental satire that turns the 21st century on its head.

Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling: Applications in Environmental Management and Research

de Brian Fath & S.E. Jorgensen

  • Presents the most commonly used model types with a step-by-step outline of the modeling procedure used for each
  • Shows readers through an illustrated example of how to use each model in research and management...