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The Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips

de Judith V. Boettcher & Rita-Marie Conrad

The Online Teaching Survival Guide provides an overview of theory-based techniques for online teaching or for a technology-enhanced course, including course management, social presence, community building, and...

Trading Option Greeks: How Time, Volatility, and Other Pricing Factors Drive Profit

de Dan Passarelli & William J. Brodsky

Veteran options trader Dan Passarelli explains a new methodology for option trading and valuation. With an introduction to option basics as well as chapters on all types of spreads, put-call parity and synthetic...

Mad Men and Philosophy: Nothing Is as It Seems

de Rod Carveth, James B. South & William Irwin

A look at the philosophical underpinnings of the hit TV show, Mad Men

With its swirling cigarette smoke, martini lunches, skinny ties, and tight pencil skirts, Mad Men is unquestionably one of the most stylish,...

Ubuntu Linux Bible: Featuring Ubuntu 10.04 Lts

de William von Hagen

The best resource on the very latest for Ubuntu users!

Ubuntu is a free, open-source, Linux-based operating system that can run on desktops, laptops, netbooks, and servers. If you've joined the millions of users...

Photoshop Cs5 for Nature Photographers: A Workshop in a Book

de Josh Anon, Ellen Anon & George Lepp

The only Photoshop-based book dedicated to photographing and producing images of nature

Award-winning nature photographers Ellen and Josh Anon reveal their secrets to creating stunning nature images using their...

Group Policy: Fundamentals, Security, and the Managed Desktop

de Jeremy Moskowitz

The Definitive Book on Group Policy – Updated for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

Master all Group Policy functions of Windows, including Windows XP through Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003 through Windows...

Historical Dictionary of Armenia

de Rouben Paul Adalian

The second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Armenia relates the turbulent past of this persistent country through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and over 200 cross-referenced dictionary...

Berg Water Project

de LawrenceJ.M. Haas & Leonardo Mazzei

The past decade has witnessed a major global shift in thinking about water, including the role that water infrastructure plays in sustainable development. This rethinking aims to balance better the social, economic,...

Les D Fis Du Syst Me Ducatif Burkinab En Appui La Croissance Conomique

de Pierre J. Kamano & Ramahatra Rakotomalala

Ce rapport est le produit de la collaboration entre une équipe nationale et une équipe d'appui extérieur. Il a permis le renforcement des compétences en analyse sectorielle des ministères en charge de l'éducation...

International Management

de Dean McFarlin & Paul.D. Sweeney

McFarlin and Sweeney provide students with an accessible, application-oriented approach to international management, focusing on key challenges including motivation, leadership, and communication across cultural...

The Art of Hypnotherapy: Mastering Client Centered Techniques: 4th edition

de C. Roy Hunter

Now in it’s fourth edition, this classic text presents a comprehensive overview of client-centred hypnosis based on the teachings of Charles Tebbetts. Since the person undergoing hypnosis is the one with the...

Moment of Glory: The Year Underdogs Ruled Golf

de John Feinstein

After winning 6 of the 12 Majors from 2000 to 2002, Tiger Woods struggled in 2003. Four unknown players would seize the day, rising to become champions in his wake.

Mike Weir--considered a good golfer but not...

Raising Cain ... and His Sisters

de Suzy Pizzuti

You’ve heard it said, “Be careful what you pray for.” But it may also be a good idea to be careful who you ask to pray. Because when folks like Hattie Hopkins talk to God…anything can happen! Stuck in...

Heaven's War

de Scott Jones

During the Six-Day War in 1967, Bethlehem and east Jerusalem were captured by the Israelis, and sovereign dominion of the holy city returned to the Jews for the first time in over two thousand years. At that...

The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Cat's Symptoms

de Anne E. Dvm Hohenhaus & Michael S. Dvm Garvey

The experts reveal how to interpret and understand your cat's symptoms

and what steps to take to ensure its health.

This comprehensive and practical book is designed to assist cat owners in understanding their...

Functional Family Therapy

de Thomas Sexton

Clinically relevant, theoretically sound, and scientifically based, Functional Family Therapy (FFT) contains systematic discussions of topics and theoretical perspectives, as well as illustrative clinical examples...

Rawls, Citizenship, and Education

de M Victoria Costa

This book develops and applies a unified interpretation of John Rawls' theory of justice as fairness in order to clarify the account of citizenship that Rawls relies upon, and the kind of educational policies...

What English Language Teachers Need to Know, Volume I

de Denise E Murray & MaryAnn

Designed for pre-service teachers and teachers new to the field of ELT, these companion textbooks are organized around the key question: What do teachers need to know and be able to do in order for their students...

Minorities and Multiculturalism in Japanese Education

de Ryoko Tsuneyoshi & Kaori H Okano

This book examines the interplay between multicultural groups, including the majority Japanese, in the Japanese school system and will help us to understand changes occurring in contemporary Japanese society...

Cities and Design

de Paul L Knox

Cities, initially a product of the manufacturing era, have been thoroughly remade in the image of consumer society. Competitive spending among affluent households has intensified the importance of style and...