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Pisces Rising

Elizabeth Chase #4

de Martha C. Lawrence

Psychic private eye Elizabeth Chase finds her unique talents pitted against her most brutal and baffling case yet--the pursuit of a vicious murderer wanted in connection with the scalping of a Native American...

Burning Precinct Puerto Rico

Luis Gonzalo #3

de Steven Torres

After having spent most of a Friday night making sure that the town's teenage revelers got home safely, the sheriff of Angustias, Puerto Rico, Luis Gonzalo climbs wearily into bed. Moments later he is jolted...

Society and the Healthy Homosexual

de George Weinberg

Society and the Healthy Homosexual by George Weinberg, Ph.D., was hailed as a landmark when first published. It is the book that pioneered the concept of widespread prejudice against homosexuals--homophobia....

One Hell of a Candidate

de William F. Gavin

One Hell of a Candidate traces the fate of Republican Congressman T. Claude "Buzzer" LeBrand who hails from the Sixth--an imaginary Southern district that has fallen on hard economic times. Poor Buzzer has barely...

Chasing the Dragon

North Beach Mysteries #1

de Domenic Stansberry

A complicated, shadowy man in disgrace, Dante Mancuso leads a double life. Lately, though, the line he walks has become razor thin.

Dante works for The Company, a nebulous security organization operating just...

Seasons of Celebration

de Thomas Merton

This work, originally inspired by the liturgical renewal brought on by Vatican II, contains Thomas Merton's meditations on the seasons of the liturgical year. He examines the words, songs, ceremonies, signs,...

The Tin Collectors

Shane Scully #1

de Stephen J. Cannell

The bestselling novelist and award-winning Hollywood producer weaves a high-tension novel of suspense around a chilling conspiracy of corruption within the LAPD, reminiscent of the classic movie "Chinatown."...

A Grave Talent

Edgar Allan Poe Award Best First Novel 1994

de Laurie R. King


In Laurie R. King's Grave Talent, the unthinkable has happened in a small community outside of San Francisco. A series of shocking murders has occurred, the...

Fast Track Adoption

de Susan Burns

Most couples in the U.S. have to wait up to seven years to adopt an infant domestically--and all the expense and waiting doesn't always result in a successful adoption. Now, rather than relying on slow-paced...

The Scheme for Full Employment

de Magnus Mills

From Magnus Mills, the acknowledged master of the working-class dystopic parable—a genre he practically invented—a new work of comic genius

The whole idea is simple yet so perfect: men drive to and from strategically...

The America We Deserve

de Donald Trump

Throughout The American We Deserve, Donald Trump points out problems and offers sensible, practical solutions. To help him formulate his ideas into well-researched and workable policies, Donald Trump has secured...

Republicans do the Dumbest Things

de Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford follows up his hit books Rock Stars do the Dumbest Things and Movie Stars do the Dumbest Things with a volume that reinforces what we've known all along - Republicans do the Dumbest Things. From...

Into the Breach

de J. A. Karam

Into the Breach is the true story of paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and heavy-rescue specialists fighting to control trauma and medical emergencies in one of America's toughest and most violent cities:...

To Play the Fool

de Laurie R. King

Celebrated author Laurie R. King dazzles mystery lovers once again in this, her second Kate Martinelli mystery.

The story unfolds as a band of homeless people cremate a beloved dog in San Francisco's Golden...

Hark! The Herald Angel Screamed

Augusta Goodnight #6

de Mignon F. Ballard

It’s Christmastime in the seemingly tranquil town of Stone’s Throw, South Carolina, but amid all the caroling, cookies, and cheer, a murderer casts a not-so-jolly pall on the holiday season.

Augusta Goodnight,...

The Emperor's New Clothes

de Richard Ben-Veniste

Richard Ben-Veniste hates being lied to. He especially hates it when the American people are lied to. Widely respected as a trial lawyer, Ben-Veniste delivers a fascinating insider’s tale in his memoir of...

Why You Should Read Kafka Before You Waste Your Life

de James Hawes

Everybody knows the face of Franz Kafka, whether they have read any of his works or not. And that brooding face carries instant images: bleak and threatening visions of an inescapable bureaucracy, nightmarish...

Dawn and Dusk

de Alice Mead

For as long as thirteen-year-old Azad can remember, the Islamic Republic of Iran, where he lives in the predominantly Kurdish town of Sardasht, has been at war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and his country has...


Brian Hanson #2

de Mark Schorr

Edgar nominee Mark Schorr introduced detective Brian Hanson to rave reviews in Borderline. Now, in this thrilling follow-up, Hanson is back--risking his reputation and his life.

A Vietnam vet with post-traumatic...

Dining with al-Qaeda

de Hugh Pope

Following in the footsteps of Sir Richard Burton and Lawrence of Arabia, Hugh Pope presents his modern-day explorations, mined from more than three decades, of the politics, religion, and aspirations of Muslim...