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de Lope de Vega & B06 G. J. Racz

Lope de Vega “single-handedly created the Spanish national theatre,” writes Roberto González Echevarría in the introduction to this new translation of Fuenteovejuna. Often compared to Shakespeare, Molière,...

Shift: The Guided Trip Premium Edition eBook

de Tim Kring & Dale Peck

Includes five never-before-seen bonus chapters, plus detailed authors’ notes revealing the stories behind Shift’s most fascinating people, places, and events


A new caliber of thriller set at the collision...

The Wonder of Charlie Anne

de Kimberly Fusco

Charlie Anne is devastated when her father must go north to build roads after the Depression hits. She and her siblings are left with their rigid cousin, Mirabel, and a farm full of chores. The only solace Charlie...

More Davids Than Goliaths: A Political Education

de Harold Jr. Ford

Harold Ford Jr. has long distinguished himself as a charismatic, results-oriented politician with fresh ideas. His career began at age 26 after he won his father’s Congressional seat, serving his Tennessee...

The Blessing

de Nancy Mitford

The Blessing is one of Nancy Mitford’s most personal books, a wickedly funny story that asks whether love can survive the clash of cultures.

When Grace Allingham, a naïve young Englishwoman, goes to live in...

UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record

de Leslie Kean

An Air Force major is ordered to approach a brilliant UFO in his Phantom jet over Tehran. He repeatedly attempts to engage and fire on unusual objects heading right toward his aircraft, but his missile control...

Big Whopper

de Patricia Reilly Giff

The author of the beloved Kids of the Polk Street School series introduces a new generation of readers to a multicultural group of kids who enjoy all the activities of an after-school center.

It’s Discovery...

Hostage Nation: Colombia's Guerrilla Army and the Failed War on Drugs

de Victoria Bruce, Karin Hayes & Jorge Enrique Botero

A blistering journalistic exposé: an account of government negligence, corporate malfeasance, familial struggle, drugs, politics, murder, and a daring rescue operation in the Colombian jungle.

On July 2, 2008,...

An Old Captivity

de Nevil Shute

Young pilot Donald Ross has little in common with the Oxford archaeologist who has employed him on an expedition to the Arctic—and still less with his beautiful but stubborn daughter, Alix. But once the three...

The Pursuit of Love

Radlett & Montdore #1

de Nancy Mitford

Nancy Mitford’s most enduringly popular novel, The Pursuit of Love is a classic comedy about growing up and falling in love among the privileged and eccentric.

Mitford modeled her characters on her own famously...

You Must Remember This: Easy Tricks & Proven Tips to Never Forget Anything, Ever Again

de Karen Dolby

Quick!  Name the planets in the solar system!  Not so easy, is it?  All the facts and scraps of knowledge we’ve learned throughout our education can be forgotten over time, and are often impossible to recall...

Love in a Cold Climate

Radlett & Montdore #2

de Nancy Mitford

One of Nancy Mitford’s most beloved novels, Love in a Cold Climate is a sparkling romantic comedy that vividly evokes the lost glamour of aristocratic life in England between the wars.

Polly Hampton has long...

If Trouble Don't Kill Me: A Family's Story of Brotherhood, War, and Bluegrass

de Ralph Berrier

Making moonshine, working blue-collar jobs, picking fights in bars, chasing women, and living hardscrabble lives . . .


Clayton and Saford Hall were born in the backwoods of Virginia in 1919, in a place known...

Number One Kid

de Patricia Reilly Giff

The author of the beloved Kids of the Polk Street School series introduces a new generation of readers to a multicultural group of kids who enjoy all the activities of an after-school center.


I'M #1! That’s...

The Fabled Fifth Graders of Aesop Elementary School

de Candace Fleming

Here's a chapter book with all the kid appeal and absurd mayhem of Louis Sachar's classic Sideways Stories from Wayside School! These hilarious fables, complete with morals, will make you wish you went to Aesop...

Don't Tell Alfred

de Nancy Mitford


In this delightful comedy, Fanny—the quietly observant narrator of Nancy Mitford’s two most famous novels—finally takes center stage.

Fanny Wincham—last seen as a young woman in The Pursuit of Love...

In Fashion: From Runway to Retail, Everything You Need to Know to Break Into the Fashion Industry

de Annemarie Iverson

If you've ever dreamed of working at Vogue, photographing supermodels, or outfitting celebrities, In Fashion will equip you with everything you need to know to get an “in” into fashion. Former beauty and...

It's Not Just Who You Know: Transform Your Life (and Your Organization) by Turning Colleagues and Contacts into Lasting, Genuine Relationships

de Tommy Spaulding & Ken Blanchard

In It’s Not Just Who You Know, Tommy Spaulding—the former CEO of Up With People—has written the new How to Win Friends and Influence People for the twenty-fist century. Success—in business and in life—is...

Wigs on the Green

de Nancy Mitford

Nancy Mitford’s most controversial novel, unavailable for decades, is a hilarious satirical send-up of the political enthusiasms of her notorious sisters, Unity and Diana.

Written in 1934, early in Hitler’s...

Veil of Night: A Novel

de Linda Howard

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Linda Howard's Prey.


In this thrilling novel of romantic suspense, Linda Howard cordially invites us to an elaborate wedding—one in which...