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The Great Troll Rescue

de Tom Percival

What starts as an adventure ends in disaster when Rapunzel, Anansi and Jack and his talking chicken, Betsy, are captured by a wicked witch and locked up in a tower! It's up to Red (the sustainable woodcutter's...

The Bloody Quarrel: The Arbalester Trilogy 2 (Complete Edition)

de Duncan Lay

The prince is dead.

Fooled by the treacherous King Aidan, Fallon has shot down the one man he trusted to save his beloved nation of Gaelland. And yet, when the King could grind Fallon underfoot, he draws the...

Into the Fire: The Texan Quartet

de Claire Boston

Piper Atkinson uses the truth as a weapon, but her latest interview candidate is more than just a headline.

Piper wants to be the kind of journalist who makes people sit up and take notice of the issues, and...

Unfairly Labeled

de Jessica Kriegel

A blueprint for managing people, not generations

Unfairly Labeled challenges the very concept of "generational differences" as an unfair generalization, and offers a roadmap to intergenerational understanding....

Metaheuristics for Logistics

de Laurent Deroussi

This book describes the main classical combinatorial problems that can be encountered when designing a logistics network or driving a supply chain. It shows how these problems can be tackled by metaheuristics,...

Electrohydraulic Fracturing of Rocks

de Christian La Borderie, Thierry Reess, Wen Chen & Antoine de Ferron et al.

This book presents a new fracturing technique that should be considered as a potential alternative, or a companion technique, to hydraulic fracturing of tight gas reservoirs and low permeability rock masses....

Information Hiding in Communication Networks

de Wojciech Mazurczyk, Steffen Wendzel, Sebastian Zander & Amir Houmansadr et al.

Describes Information Hiding in communication networks, and highlights their important issues, challenges, trends, and applications. 

  • Highlights development trends and potential future directions of Information...

Developmental Psychopathology, Maladaptation and Psychopathology

de Dante Cicchetti

A comprehensive reference on external contributing factors in psychopathology

Developmental Psychopathology is a four-volume compendium of the most complete and current research on every aspect of the field....

Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan

de David Capuzzi & Mark D. Stauffer

A practically focused guide to effective counseling of all clients

Human Development Across the Life Span is a practical guide to human growth and development, moving beyond theory to include real-world applications...

The Mindfulness Edge

de Matt Tenney & Tim Gard, PhD.

The one habit that can improve almost every leadership skill

There is a simple practice that can improve nearly every component of leadership excellence and it doesn't require adding anything to your busy schedule....

Effective Healthcare Leadership

de Melanie Jasper & Mansour Jumaa

Effective Healthcare Leadership integrates theory and practice to distil the reality of healthcare leadership today. It addresses the context and explores strategies for leadership and examines the leadership...


de Christoph Elschenbroich

THE textbook on organometallic chemistry. Comprehensive and up-to-date, the German original is already a classic, making this third completely revised and updated English edition a must for graduate students...

The Celtic Twilight

de W.B Yeats

William Butler Yeats ( 13 June 1865 – 28 January 1939) was an Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature. Rooted in myth, occult mysteries, and belief in magic, these stories are...

Last Chance: Short Stories about Friendship with a Twist and Moral Lesson

de Rowan Knight

Do people really have second chances in their life? And what is the price to pay for our mistakes and bad temper? The four persons of these stories will show you. In this collection of short stories, Rowan Knight,...

A Widow's Tale and Other Stories

de Mrs Oliphant

Margaret Oliphant Wilson Oliphant ( Margaret Oliphant Wilson) (4 April 1828 – 25 June 1897), was a Scottish novelist and historical writer, who usually wrote as Mrs. Oliphant. Her fictional works encompass...

The Law of Karma: What is the Law of Cause and Effect and How Does It Work

de Robin Sacredfire

The theme of reincarnation, the result of several controversies associated with the meaning of life, has its origin in different religious perspectives. And interestingly, many of these perspectives differ in...

6 Keys to Success: How to Run a Band, Be Famous and Change the World

de Dan Van Casteele

Even though most people think that fame depends on luck, the best bands follow a completely different mindset and route by shaping their fate. Their rules are so common that anyone with enough success and experience...

Madame Bovary

de Gustave Flaubert

We were in class when the head-master came in, followed by a "new fellow," not wearing the school uniform, and a school servant carrying a large desk. Those who had been asleep woke up, and every one rose as...

John Ottis Adams: Drawings Colour Plates

de Maria Peitcheva

John Ottis Adams (1851 – 1927) was an American impressionist painter and member of the Hoosier Group of Indiana painters. He spent his youth in Franklin, Shelbyville, and Martinsville, Indiana and attended...

Ivan Bilibin: Drawings Colour Plates

de Maria Peitcheva

Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (1876 –1942) was a 20th-century illustrator and stage designer who took part in the Mir iskusstva and contributed to the Ballets Russes. Throughout his career, he was inspired by Slavic...