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McGraw-Hill Education GMAT 2016: Strategies + 10 Practice Tests + 11 Videos + 2 Apps

de Sandra Luna McCune & Shannon Reed

This go-to study guide provides the concepts, study strategies, and practice students need to dramatically raise your GMAT score

McGraw-Hill Education: GMAT focuses on the fundamental concepts tested on the...

The Seducers European Adventure

de Susan Rogers

Delia leaves Australia for adventure and fun on a European trip for under thirty-fives. Her mother insists that she has to visit some old family friends in London before the trip, but Delia is reluctant to waste...

Edexcel Biology B Student Guide 1: Topics 1 and 2

de Mary Jones

Written by experienced examiner Mary Jones, this Student Guide for Biology:

- Helps you identify what you need to know with a concise summary of the topics examined in the AS and A-level specifications

- Consolidates...

AQA Physics Student Guide 2: Sections 4 and 5

de Ian Lovat

Written by experienced teacher Ian Lovat, this Student Guide for Physics:

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AQA Physics Student Guide 1: Sections 1-3

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WJEC Eduqas GCSE English Literature Skills for Literature and the Unseen Poetry Student's Book

de Paula Adair

Equip your students with the skills required to analyse and respond to every poem in the WJEC Eduqas Poetry Anthology.

- Helps students of all abilities to explore each poem with a step-by-step approach to textual...

AQA Business Student Guide 2: Topics 1.4-1.6

de Neil James

Written by experienced examiner Neil James, this Student Guide for Business:

- Identifies the key content you need to know with a concise summary of topics examined in the AS and A-level specifications

- Enables...

Uncovered: How I Left Hasidic Life and Finally Came Home

de Leah Lax

A naïve lesbian teen in Texas is drawn into a group of Hassidic Jews with their offers of refuge from her troubled family and promises of eternal love. She becomes one of them, but ultimately, as a forty-something...

Message from a Traveler

de Rowan Knight

There are moments in life in which logic doesn’t seem to match any possible expectation and what happens can be seen both as normal as well as surreal, and yet, out of an abnormal reality, we think about something...

Insight Guides: Mexico

de Insight Guides

Insight Guides: Inspiring your next adventure

A fantastic year-round destination, Mexico offers unrivaled sight-seeing and adventures, from ancient temples to white-water rafting and colonial gems to beautiful...


de Paolo Foti

APOCANGELICA The arrival of the Apocalypse is near. The angels of the Light and the demons of the Darkness struggle to gain a decisive strategic advantage: the “Omega Formula”, whose fragments are spread...

The Paradigm of Abundance: Why Rich People Have Money and You Don't

de Robin Sacredfire

Have you ever wondered why the rich are always rich and the poor struggle all their life to make some money? Know that the real reason for that is not related to a job or how much you work, but an implant within...

The Path to Success: Famous DJs Best Kept Secrets

de Dan Van Casteele

There are techniques to DJ and to become a music producer. There are also methods to organize music events and to promote them. But, few people ever wrote about what truly makes everything awesome, or which...

The Rules of Love: The Truth about Compassion, Attraction and Romance

de Daniel Marques

Love and breakups are part of an existential cycle that nobody can live without, even though they manifest in different levels and under a variety of unpredictable scenarios. The emotional suffering and joys...

The Rules Of Seduction: From Attraction to Great Sex and Fulfilling Relationships

de Daniel Marques

Although most books about seduction are written specifically for men or women, this makes the difference, as it explains how the rules of seduction apply equally for both in different contexts of reality. Therefore,...

The Sacred Fire of the Phoenix: A Journey into the World Within

de Robin Sacredfire

There's a sacred and hidden path inside each one of us, a path of mysteries and amazing manifestations, where nothing is impossible, not even our wildest spiritual creations. This is the realm of impossibilities,...

The Illusion of "Me": Rediscovering my identity with the rest of the world

de Bo Karma

How much we believe that we can change and how much we can actually change, isn't as much related to our character and attitude towards life as it is connected to the environment surrounding us and the type...

The Law of God: The Code of Human Existence

de Daniel Marques

Throughout the book several principles of existence, which allow understanding how it processes, are presented. Through the various chapters is possible to understand the cycles of life, how it transforms and...

The Keys to Super Intelligence: How to Think Like a Genius and Increase the IQ Naturally

de Neil Mars

Our life consists in a permanent quest for a more uplifting and rich experience. We love to travel, listen to music, talk to others, and mostly create. We all love to create something, either a family, a business...

The Next Planet: What we can expect in the future

de Angel Ennobled

As the world quickly changes, everyone wonders how the future will be. The more spiritual believe that our planet is ascending into a new beautiful reality, while others, more pessimist, show us what governments...