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100 Things Cubs Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

de Jimmy Greenfield

This lively, detailed book explores the personalities, events, and facts every Cubs fan should know. More than a look at the century-long wait for another World Series win, the book contains crucial information...

The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers: The Secret to Loving Teens Effectively

de Gary Chapman

Over 400,000 copies sold!

Socially, mentally, and spiritually, teenagers face a variety of pressures and stresses each day. Despite these pressures, it is still parents who can influence teens the most, and The...

The 5 Love Languages of Children: The Secret to Loving Children Effectively

de Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

More than 1 million sold!

You know you love your child. But how can you make sure your child knows it?

The #1 New York Times bestselling The 5 Love Languages® has helped millions of couples learn the secret...

The Dad Manifesto: 52 Things Your Kids Will Never Forget

de Jay Payleitner

This collection of tips, tricks, and tidbits provides the inspiration you need to become the best dad you can be. In each short chapter you'll find a one-line call to action, a Scripture verse or two, and a...

Make Room for What You Love: Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying

de Melissa Michaels

Is Clutter Taking Over Your Home and Life?

Stuff. So much stuff! Stuff that may link you to important memories or be needed again someday, but for now just clutters up cupboards and closets and the garage and...

Yoga for Climbers

de Nicole Tsong

Yoga for Climbers will show you how to create a yoga practice at home that will keep you healthy, prevent injuries, and support and improve your outdoor passions.

Friend or Foe?: Occupation, Collaboration and Selective Violence in the Spanish Civil War

de Peter Anderson

'Today with the Red Army captive and disarmed, the Nationalist [nacionales] troops have achieved their final military objectives. The war is over.' With these two sentences, on 1 April 1939, General Franco announced...

Giants and Ogres

de Madeline Smoot

Clever and daring, the artful reimaginings in this delightful collection of ten new tales offer readers another look at the fairytale villains they thought they knew. Whether they are helping instead of hurting...

The American Heretic's Dictionary

de Chaz Bufe & J. R. Swanson

This new edition includes over 650 mordant definitions by Bufe-twice as many as in the original edition-and 40 illustrations by San Francisco artist and filmmaker J. R. Swanson. The definitions skewer such targets...

Tea With Jam and Dread

de Tamar Myers

PennDutch inn owner Magdalena Yoder is delighted to welcome the Earl and Countess Grimsley-Snodgrass and their family as honoured guests, relishing the challenge of introducing English nobility to traditional...

Run with the Wind

de Tom McCaughren & Rebecca Atkinson

The multi-award-winning ‘Run With the Wind’ series

‘Don’t forget’, said the old fox, ‘if danger threatens, run with the wind …’

In the Land of Sinna, Black Tip, Vickey, Old Sage Brush, Fang,...

In Defense of All God's Children: The Life and Ministry of Bishop Christopher Senyonjo

de Christopher Senyonjo

Nothing in the background of Bishop Christopher Senyonjo would have predicted that, late in life, he would become an international spokesperson for the rights of LGBTQ people in his native Uganda and around...

Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: A Story

de Alice Munro

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection


With hardly any notice, foolish and plain housekeeper Johanna flees her employer and sets off to find the man she’s fallen in love with. Little does she...

Palmettos & Mimosas: Mistress of the Master

de Ann Williams

Fate introduced them when Vaughn purchased Bessie, to be his sisters’ birthday baby doll.  Neither the planters’ son nor the slave child that crawled from the cage and clung bravely to him could have known...

That's My Dad!: Honoring the Fathers Who Shaped Our Lives

de Joe Battaglia & Joe Pellegrino

To succeed at the highest level of any profession requires not just skill, but also confidence and mental toughness. Many men and women have natural skills, but many would also be the first to say that without...

Honor Your Father: Reset My Family

de Intimate Life Ministries

Listen carefully and you will hear it....the heart-cry for fathers. Your own heart may be longing for a spiritual father or a mentor. Your children might be missing the loving protection and consistent presence...

Make a Difference: 365 World-Changing Devotions

de Ken Castor

Our world needs you! It is a mess out there. And you have been called by God to take initiative, to do something, to make a difference. It is in you to change the world because Jesus created you to do so. Make...

10 Rules About Monsters

de Lynn Yvonne Moon & Tracey Taylor Arvidson

Monsters are real to children and can be found hiding everywhere, from inside a vacuum cleaner to under a bed. Even a washing machine is fair game for a monster! Fears are real and confusing for a young child....

The Conspiracy of Good Taste: William Morris, Cecil Sharp and Clough Williams-Ellis and the repression of working class culture in the C20th

de Stefan Szczelkun

The Conspiracy of Good Taste is a passionate analysis of the way working class culture has been appropriated and sanitised by middle class mediators of taste. Using the case studies of William Morris, Cecil...

Totem Animals, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need

de Celia M. Gunn

“Animals are not only beholders of great beauty, but they are also beholders of ancient wisdom.” —Molly Friedenfeld

The idea of spirit guides speaking through animals and birds dates back to ancient times....