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Green Home Building: Money-Saving Strategies for an Affordable, Healthy, High-Performance Home

de Miki Cook & Doug Garrett

Build a truly green home for the same total net cost as the conventional alternative

The Body Remembers Casebook: Unifying Methods and Models in the Treatment of Trauma and PTSD

de Babette Rothschild

This is the first book of its kind to advocate utilizing and combining an assortment of trauma treatment models. Based on ideas put forward in the bestselling The Body Remembers, Babette Rothschild emphasizes...

A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing

Women's Prize for Fiction 2014, Desmond Elliott Prize 2014, Kerry Group Irish Fiction Award 2014, Goldsmiths Prize 2013

de Eimear McBRide

Driven to despair by the intimate traumas of family, a nameless woman uses her sexuality as a weapon and shield.

Prelude to Bruise

de Saeed Jones

With rootless cosmopolitanism, formal rigor, and the fluidity of slam, Jones explores questions of sexuality, race, and shifting identity.

The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques Workbook

de Margaret Wehrenberg

A much-anticipated companion to the popular book on how to understand, manage, and conquer your stress. Brimming with exercises, worksheets, tips, and tools, this how-to workbook is the much-anticipated companion...

The College Chronicles: Freshman Milestones

de Kelly Owen

SLEEPING FEET FROM STRANGERS is not a description Cadence Cooper remembers from the brochure that brought her to Charlestowne College, but this jarring reality becomes one of many she encounters during her freshman...

Expedition Indigo

de Stacy Allen

"Intrigue, espionage, engaging characters, a clever backdrop and an intelligent conclusion, what more could you ask for in a thriller. This one singes and tingles with heaping doses of adrenalin. Enjoy." ~Steve...

The Ambassadors: A Novel

de George Lerner

An eye-opening account of the Rwandan civil war and an achingly tender portrait of a family at odds from an exciting, new literary talent With its sweeping historical and geographical range, George Lerner's...

The Culinary Imagination: From Myth to Modernity

de Sandra M. Gilbert

From the recipe novel to the celebrity chef, renowned scholar Sandra M. Gilbert explores the poetics and politics of food. In this stunning and important work, the prominent critic, poet, and memoirist Sandra...

Non-Essential Mnemonics: An Unnecessary Journey into Senseless Knowledge

de Kent Woodyard & Mark Downey

From the popular McSweeney's column, a witty look at mnemonics for everything you never wanted to remember.

Muhammad: His Character and Conduct

de Adil Salahi

A presentation of the Prophet's character: his love for family and follower, leadership before persecution, and spiritual devotion to God.

Widow's Dozen

de Marek Waldorf

In a New York State town submitting to endless summer Waldorf delivers a widow's dozen of lyrical and poignant tales.

How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market

de Nicolas Darvas

Darvas read some 200 of the best books on the market by the great speculators, spending 8 hours a day saturating all the information. He came up with a unique approach and plan for trading stocks that was to...

Gandhi, An Autobiography - The Story of My Experiments With Truth

de M. K Gandhi & Desai H. Mahadev

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948) was a pre-eminent political and ideological leader of India during the Indian independence movement, who has grown to become the world's icon of peaceful resistance and...

Healing Love

de Sophie Dawson

Silver Medalist in Reader's Favorites Contest 2013 Winner First place AuthorStand 2nd Annual Novel Award for Genre Religious Fiction. Cottonwood, Iowa 1875 ˃˃˃ Lydia Walcott is on the run. With a broken arm...


de Ludwig Von Mises

Author Ludwig von Mises was concerned with the spread of socialist ideals and the increasing bureaucratization of economic life. While he does not deny the necessity of certain bureaucratic structures for the...

Little Jakey : Book 1: Little Jakey's House

de Richard Edgley & Kalpart


Little Jakey, the greatest black panther of all time, has ventured deeper into the rainforest alone in search of adventure and excitement.

Jakey finds himself in need of a house, but not just any...

Private Dancers or Responsible Women : A Novel of Intrigue

de Andrew Parkin


This stunning novel of international mystery and intrigue presents a prime whodunit, as it takes readers on a danger-filled journey around the world.

The four main characters are Paris-based freelance...

In The Cross Hairs : The Interstellar War Ignites : The Ypsilanti-Dakkarosi War, Volume 1 of 3

de Gregory A. Pierson


The time is the twenty-third century. Richard Cox is the commander of the Johnson Point Space Surveillance Installation on Danovia Prime. For five years there has been relative calm in this region...

Incomplete Without My Brother, Adonis

de Kaizer Mabhilidi Nyatsumba


"We walked on a patch of grass that seemed to have been burnt a few hours earlier, with soot covering our feet. There, in front of us, lay my beloved brother, Adonis, lifeless, his body facing up....