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de Anton Chekhov & Tom Stoppard

Anton Chekhov was a master whose daring work revolutionized theater, and this was as true of Ivanov, his first full-length play, as of The Cherry Orchard, his last. Building on the success of his acclaimed adaptation...


de Patricia Robins

A sensitive, intensely dramatic story of a woman's search for fulfilment in love ... When her first marriage had gone on the rocks, she had sworn to herself it would never happen again. She and David had been...

The Legend

de Patricia Robins

Jennifer Ames was not beautiful but she had a certain something that kept Peter Barrington in willing thraldom for ten years. One day they hoped to marry, and to speed the happy day, Jenny takes a job as governess...


de Patricia Robins

At first Jerry fulfilled all Lynn's dreams and desires, but her love gradually dimmed when his unfaithfulness continued. When she meets Philip Castle, Lynn finds a true friend, and as Philip's love is revealed,...

Heaven in our Hearts

de Patricia Robins

Always love life' was the message Briony Stone's first sweetheart left with her before he was killed in an air crash. It seems strange that the same thought should be voiced by Robert Baker, the young vet whom...

Brecht Plays 8: The Antigone of Sophocles; The Days of the Commune; Turandot or the Whitewasher's Congress

de Bertolt Brecht, David Constantine & Tom Kuhn

The latest volume in Methuen's Collected Brecht includes two plays previously untranslated into English

Volume 8 of Brecht's collected plays contains his last completed plays, from the eight years between his...

Brecht Collected Plays: 4: Round Heads & Pointed Heads; Fear & Misery of the Third Reich; Senora Carrar's Rifles; Trial of Lucullus; Dansen; H

de Bertolt Brecht, Tom Kuhn & John Willett

Now in paperback, the long-awaited volume of Brecht's classic plays from the 1930s

Volume 4 of Brecht's Collected Plays contains works from the 1930s, straddling fateful years in German political and cultural...

Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

de Bertolt Brecht, John Willett & Tom Kuhn

Also known as The Private Life of the Master Race, this is a sequence of twenty-four realistic sketches showing how "ordinary" life under the Nazis was subtly permeated by suspicion and anxiety. Written in exile...

Brecht Collected Plays: 6: Good Person of Szechwan; The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui; MR Puntila and His Man Matti

de Bertolt Brecht, John Willett & Ralph Manheim

One of a series of eight, this volume features the plays The Good Person of Szechwan, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, and Mr Puntila and his Man Matti. It also contains extensive notes, as well as variant...

Brecht Collected Plays: 7: Visions of Simone Machard; Schweyk in the Second World War; Caucasian Chalk Circle; Duchess of Malfi

de Bertolt Brecht, Ellen Rank & John Willett

One of a series of eight, this volume features the plays The Visions of Simone Machard, Schweyk in the Second World War, The Caucasian Chalk Circle and Brecht's adaptation of The Duchess of Malfi. It also contains...

Brecht Collected Plays: 5: Life of Galileo; Mother Courage and Her Children

de Bertolt Brecht, John Willett & Ralph Manheim

This volume brings together two of Brecht's most studied and performed plays: Life of Galileo and Mother Courage and Her Children together with full editorial apparatus and Brecht's own notes and textual variants....

Brecht Collected Plays: 2: Man Equals Man; Elephant Calf; Threepenny Opera; Mahagonny; Seven Deadly Sins

de Bertolt Brecht, John Willett & Ralph Manheim

One of a series of eight, this volume features the plays Man Equals Man, The Elephant Calf, The Threepenny Opera, The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, and The Seven Deadly Sins. It includes extensive...

Microfarming for Profit: From Garden to Glory

de Dave DeWitt

This is a candid entrepreneur's guide on how to turn unused property into an efficient, fun, and profitable microfarm.

Bitcoin Manifesto: ONE CPU ONE VOTE

de Satoshi Nakamoto

Original annotated and commented edition of the masterpiece of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin, the digital currency on everyone’s lips. However, few noticed that the innovative power...

Invisible Me

de Debbi Mack

Military brat and albino, 13-year old Portia Maddox, has bounced from school to school, always an outsider. So when Denise Laughton, the most popular girl at her junior high, asks for her help in exchange for...

Miss Patch's Learn-to-Sew Book

de Carolyn Meyer & Mary Suzuki

Originally published in 1969, this adorable book teaches kids to sew alongside the jolly Miss Patch. With its sweet retro look and easy step-by-step instructions, it will appeal to kids and adults alike.

When Dawn Breaks, A Novel

de Jennifer Slattery

When Dawn Breaks centers around Jacqueline-a hurricane survivor seeking purpose and restitution from a broken relationship. Unexpectedly encountering a handsome new friend and three orphans, she must decide...

Bazin on Global Cinema, 1948-1958

de André|Cardullo, Bert Bazin

André Bazin is renowned for almost single-handedly establishing the study of film as an accepted intellectual pursuit, as well as for being the spiritual father of the French New Wave. In 1951 he cofounded...

Impunity, Human Rights, and Democracy: Chile and Argentina, 1990-2005

de Thomas C. Wright

Universal human rights standards were adopted in 1948, but in the 1970s and 1980s, violent dictatorships in Argentina and Chile flagrantly defied the new protocols. Chilean general Augusto Pinochet and the Argentine...

From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow: Volume V Victory and Aftermath January 1918-June 1919

de Arthur J Marder

The five volumes that constitute Arthur Marder's From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow represented arguably the finest contribution to the literature of naval history since Alfred Mahan. A J P Taylor wrote that...