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Spirit Animals Book 5: Against the Tide

Goosebumps Most Wanted Special Edition #2: The 12 Screams of Christmas

de R.L. Stine

The infamous, Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and after you. For the first time ever, it's a Goosebumps Christmas! Kate Welles doesn't want to be special. She just wants to play the lead...

A Beginner's Guide to Tarot

de Kathleen Olmstead

Unlock life's mysteries and hidden paths with this quick and easy guide to tarot.

For centuries, people have turned to tarot to discover more about their friendships, their careers, their love lives, and themselves....

Zorgoochi Intergalactic Pizza

de Dan Yaccarino

When Luno’s dad FINALLY gives him the responsibility of delivering pizza orders all over the galaxy, Luno is excited, mostly. He knows that delivering pizza is no walk on the moon. There are hostile customers,...

Zodiac Spells

de Lexa Rosean

In Zodiac Spells, Lexa Rosean has put together her most exciting collection yet: a book that marries astrology with Wiccan practice. Here you will discover how different spells work for different sun signs and...

You Are My Witness

de Marshall T. Meyer, Jane Isay & Naomi Meyer

Marshall Meyer, who died at age 64 in 1993, was a human rights leader and a powerful voice for justice. People flocked to hear him in Argentina, where he served as a rabbi for twenty-five years. In the mid-1980's,...

The Worst Loss

de Barbara D. Rosof

The death of a child is like no other loss. The Worst Loss will help families who have experienced this to know what they are facing, understand what they are feeling, and appreciate their own needs and timetables....

While America Sleeps

de Donald Kagan & Frederick W. Kagan

In While England Slept Winston Churchill revealed in 1938 how the inadequacy of Britain's military forces to cope with worldwide responsibilities in a peaceful but tense era crippled its ability to deter or...

What Mommy Said

de H. Paul Jeffers

During a swimming accident, nine-year-old Sebastian Duncan stops breathing. While others attempt to resuscitate him, he has a near-death experience, wherein he meets his mother, who died the previous year from...

Two Loves

de Sian James

Rosamund Gilchrist is restless. She has lived her life so far in supporting roles: widowed third wife of the much older Anthony, a famous poet; mother of the enchanting Joss; daugther of eccentric divorced parents,...

Traveling With Fly Rod and Reel

de Gary Soucie

Here, in one volume, is everything you need to know to escape the crowded rivers and streams of North America. From Patagonia to Siberia, from Baja to Lappland, renowned angling writer Gary Soucie shares his...

Tongue First

de Emily Jenkins

A smart, humorous exploration of bodily thrills and paranoia from aerobics to acupuncture, strip shows to sensory deprivation.

Your perception of your body will change when you read this book. You will be pulling...

Strong Darkness

de Jon Land

Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong returns in her most thrilling adventure yet in Jon Land's STRONG DARKNESS

1883: Texas Ranger William Ray Strong teams up with Judge Roy Bean to track down the Old West’s first serial...

The Spirit of the Border and The Last Trail

de Zane Grey

 Two novels by legendary writer Zane Grey

The Spirit of the Border

He was known as Deathwind to the Ohio Valley Indians, and now Lewis Wetzel must single-handedly save Fort Henry. Armed only with his long rifle...

Sky's Witness

de C. L. Rawlins

Thoreau joked that he was a "self-appointed inspector of snowstorms and rainstorms," never dreaming that such a need might exist. But such is the author's work and that of his various helpers, from ski bums...

Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole

de Allan Ropper & Brian Burrell

"Tell the doctor where it hurts." It sounds simple enough, unless the problem affects the very organ that produces awareness and generates speech. What is it like to try to heal the body when the mind is under...

Queens: A Culinary Passport

de Andrea Lynn

Everyone knows New York City is the culinary epicenter of the United States. And while Manhattan gets Michelin stars and Brooklyn gets blogger hype, real culinary fanatics know that authentic ethnic food experiences...

Proof Positive

Joe Gunther #25

de Archer Mayor

Ben Kendall was a troubled man. Coming back from Vietnam with PTSD and scars that no one else could see, he hid away from the world, filling his house with an ever-increasing amount of stuff, until finally,...

Political Order and Political Decay

de Francis Fukuyama

The second volume of the bestselling landmark work on the history of the modern state

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, David Gress called Francis Fukuyama’s Origins of Political Order “magisterial in its...

The Persian Pickle Club 20th Anniversary

de Sandra Dallas

It is the 1930s, and hard times have hit Harveyville, Kansas, where the crops are burning up, and there's not a job to be found. For Queenie Bean, a young farm wife, a highlight of each week is the gathering...