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That's Not English: Britishisms, Americanisms, and What Our English Says About Us

de Erin Moore & Lynne Truss

An expat’s witty and insightful exploration of English and American cultural differences through the lens of language that will leave readers gobsmacked

In That’s Not English, the seemingly superficial differences...

Cuba Straits

de Randy Wayne White

The remarkable new novel in the Doc Ford series by New York Times–bestselling author Randy Wayne White.


Doc Ford’s old friend, General Juan Garcia, has gone into the lucrative business of smuggling Cuban...


de Lydia Kang

For fans of Uglies and The Maze Runner comes a complex, thrill-filled love story that will make you question exactly what it means to be human

In the past year Zel lost her father, the boy she loves, her safety,...

Written in the Stars

de Aisha Saeed

This heart-wrenching novel explores what it is like to be thrust into an unwanted marriage. Has Naila’s fate been written in the stars? Or can she still make her own destiny?


Naila’s conservative immigrant...

Off the Radar: A Father's Secret, a Mother's Heroism, and a Son's Quest

de Cyrus Copeland

A spy story, a mystery, a father-son heartbreaker: Cyrus Copeland seeks the truth about his father, an American executive arrested in Iran for spying at the time of the 1979 hostage crisis, then put on trial...

In the Time of Dragon Moon

de Janet Lee Carey

An epic fantasy about dragons, dark secrets, Pendragons, and magic

On the southernmost tip of Wilde Island--far from the Dragonswood sanctuary and the Pendragon Castle--live the native Euit people. Uma, who is...

Power and Innocence: A Search for the Sources of Violence

de Rollo May

Stressing the positive, creative aspects of power and innocence, Rollo May offers a way of thinking about the problems of contemporary society. Rollo May defines power as the ability to cause or prevent change;...

Home Is Where We Start From: Essays by a Psychoanalyst

de D. W. Winnicott

One of the most gifted and creative psychoanalysts of his generation, D. W. Winnicott made lasting contributions to our understanding of the minds of children. His ideas have influenced the diverse psychoanalytic...

Body of Truth: How Science, History, and Culture Drive Our Obsession with Weight--and What We Can Do about It

de Harriet Brown

A science journalist's provocative exploration of how biology, psychology, media, and culture come together to shape our ongoing obsession with our bodies, while also tackling the myths and realities of the...

Beale Street Dynasty: Sex, Song, and the Struggle for the Soul of Memphis

de Preston Lauterbach

The vivid history of Beale Street—a lost world of swaggering musicians, glamorous madams, and ruthless politicians—and the battle for the soul of Memphis.

Following the Civil War, Beale Street in Memphis,...

The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond

de Chizelle T Archie

Posh Manhattan investment advisor Victoria Diamond Cartiér lives a life of ultimate success: owning an affluent estate in Harlem's Hamilton Heights district, working near the famous 5th Avenue, and having the...

Injustices: The Supreme Court's History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted

de Ian Millhiser

Few American institutions have inflicted greater suffering on ordinary people than the Supreme Court of the United States. Since its inception, the justices of the Supreme Court have shaped a nation where children...

Honesty Box

de carlos harleaux

A collection of thought provoking and electrifying poetry, lifted from Honesty Box, Hindsight 20/20 and Blurred Vision. The Honesty Box ebook also features new poems that have never been released and the first...

Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane

de William Peter Blatty

Billy Cutshaw, a former astronaut who fell into madness, lives in a large castle that is actually an insane asylum for military personnel.

Tell the Court I Love My Wife

de Peter Wallenstein

The first in-depth history of miscegenation law in the United States, this book illustrates in vivid detail how states, communities, and the courts have defined and regulated mixed-race marriage from the colonial...


de Lanny Davis

For more than four decades, polarized politics in America has been driven by a vicious scandal machine comprised of partisan politicians, extremists on the left and right, and a sensationalist media energized...

The Saucer Series

de Stephen Coonts

"Master of suspense" Stephen Coonts is at the top of his game in this high-flying trilogy full of UFO's, futuristic technology, edge-of-your-seat flying scenes and unforgettable characters.


When Rip Cantrell,...

Nourish: The Paleo Healing Cookbook

de Rachael Bryant

Over 120 Easy Recipes That Battle Autoimmune Illness and Heal Your Body

Let Nourish show you just how delicious healing can be! Following the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol can reduce inflammation and ease your autoimmune...

Narcissus Ascending

de Karen McKinnon

Becky, Hugh, Dahlia, and Max. Friends who have formed a dysfunctional but necessary surrogate family. Callie, the crisis-prone, vivid, manipulative chameleon whose friendship has damaged them all individually...

John Goldfarb, Please Come Home

de William Peter Blatty

Blatty's tale concerns John "Wrong-Way" Goldfarb, a former college football star who once ran 95 yards for a touchdown in the wrong direction. Now a U-2 pilot, his plane malfunctions and crashes in the mythical...