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Traditional Chinese Textile Designs in Full Color

de Northeast Drama Institute

Sixty authentic full-color motifs drawn from highly stylized opera traditions. Symbolic representations of dragons, lions, phoenixes, mandarin ducks, cranes, peonies, lotuses, much more. Vibrant color, subtle...

Thomas Nast's Christmas Drawings

de Thomas Nast

Finely detailed drawings of St. Nick, sleigh rides, reindeer, and "The Night Before Christmas" are all depicted in this seasonal collection of 66 Yuletide illustrations by the creator of the popular Santa Claus...

Arabic Art in Color

de Prisse d'Avennes

Here are 141 designs and motifs in authentic full color from classic 19th-century work by noted French historian — a visual vocabulary of Islamic decorative art.

Art Nouveau Floral Ornament in Color

de Maurice P. Verneuil & Francis A. Davis

197 organic designs on 48 plates by Verneuil, Bourgeot, and others: arrowhead, blackberry, buttercup, columbine, gourd, honeysuckle, iris, thistle, more; plus animal motifs: seahorses, kingfishers, peacocks,...

Historic Ornament: A Pictorial Archive

de C. B. Griesbach

900 fine examples from Ancient Egypt to 1800, human figures, animals, floral motifs, architectural flourishes, much more, in numerous styles.

Arabic Geometrical Pattern and Design

de J. Bourgoin

Nearly 200 examples exhibit the wide range of Islamic art, including hexagon and octagon designs, combinations of stars and rosettes, and many variations on other geometric patterns.

Japanese Design Motifs

de Matsuya Company

Definitive catalogue of Japanese heraldic crests featuring almost unlimited variety of plant, animal, bird, and geometric forms, from "wild goose" to "folding fan" to "mountain and mist," each with dozens of...

Designs and Patterns from Historic Ornament

de W. and G. Audsley

Borders, diapers, patterns from Egypt, Greece, Rome, Japan, Persia, Medieval Europe, more. Over 250 illustrations.

The Styles of Ornament

de Alexander Speltz

Largest collection of decorated artifacts, all in line; prehistoric, Egyptian, Islamic, Baroque, Victorian, other areas, times. 3,700 illustrations.

Handbook of Ornament

de Franz Sales Meyer

This excellent collection of historic decorative ornament contains 3,000 examples ranging from the cultures of the Greeks and Romans through the Victorians: chairs, thrones, crowns, heraldic emblems, altars,...

Snow Crystals

de W. A. Bentley & W. J. Humphreys

Over 2,000 clear photomicrographs printed on black background of snow crystals. Also frost, rime, hail, and more. Brief text on methodology of research. Absolutely inexhaustible source of design. 202 plates....

Decorative Art of the Southwestern Indians

de Dorothy S. Sides

Nearly 300 royalty-free examples, ranging from 13th-century geometric art of Pueblo to contemporary designs, include motifs from pottery, basketry, beadwork, masks, dolls, sand paintings, and blankets. 50 plates....

Art Forms in Nature

de Ernst Haeckel

Multitude of strangely beautiful natural forms: Radiolaria, Foraminifera, Ciliata, diatoms, calcareous sponges, Tubulariidae, Siphonophora, Semaeostomeae, star corals, starfishes, much more. All images black-and-white....

California Bungalows of the Twenties

de Henry L. Wilson

Reprint of rare architects' catalog includes elevations, floor plans, interior sketches for dozens of authentic bungalow designs. Detailed descriptions of special features, dimensions, costs, etc. 231 black-and-white...

101 Great Samurai Prints

de Utagawa Kuniyoshi & John Grafton

Kuniyoshi was a master of the warrior woodblock print — and these 18th-century illustrations represent the pinnacle of his craft. Full-color portraits of renowned Japanese samurais pulse with movement, passion,...

The Codex Borgia: A Full-Color Restoration of the Ancient Mexican Manuscript

de Gisele Díaz & Alan Rodgers

First republication of remarkable repainting of great Mexican codex, dated to ca. AD 1400. 76 large full-color plates show gods, kings, warriors, mythical creatures, and abstract designs. Introduction.

The Art of the Cinematographer

de Leonard Maltin

Survey and anecdotal interviews with 5 masters — Arthur Miller, Hal Mohr, Hal Rosson, Lucien Ballard, and Conrad Hall. 105 photographs. Filmographies.

American Drawings and Prints: From Benjamin West to Edward Hopper

de Evan Bates

This handsome retrospective offers an affordable treasury of works by the nation's best and most popular artists, including Copley, Whistler, Eakins, Benton, Wood, and many others. 90 black-and-white illustrations....

Paris Mansions and Apartments 1893: Facades, Floor Plans and Architectural Details

de Pierre Gelis-Didot

Selected from a very rare portfolio, this collection of exquisitely detailed drawings features 100 plates depicting 50 buildings. Full-page engravings of facades appear alongside floor plans and images of architectural...

600 Decorative Floral Designs

de F. B. Heald

Exquisitely detailed and stylistically rare, 72 pages of decorative floral motifs — gathered from a stunning 19th-century collection — depict lush blossoms and plants surrounded by magnificent design elements....