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Más opciones

English Women, Religion, and Textual Production, 1500-1625

de Micheline White

Focusing on Tudor and Jacobean women's religious literary activities, this volume explores the complex ways in which texts, authors and patrons responded to key religious, political, social and literary developments....

Religion and Conflict Resolution: Christianity and South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission

de Megan Shore

This book examines the ambiguous role that Christianity played in South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). It has two objectives: to analyse the role Christianity played in the TRC and to highlight...

Drama and the Succession to the Crown, 1561-1633

de Lisa Hopkins

Hopkins argues the succession to the throne was a burning topic not only in the final years of Elizabeth but well into the 1630s, and drama, with its disguised identities and oblique relationship to reality,...

Poetics of the Iconotext

de Liliane Louvel & edited by Karen Jacobs

Poetics of the Iconotext makes available the theories of the respected French text/image specialist Professor Liliane Louvel and introduces English readers to the most current thinking in French text/image theory...

Playwright, Space and Place in Early Modern Performance: Shakespeare and Company

de Tim Fitzpatrick

Analyzing Elizabethan and Jacobean play texts for their spatial implications, this innovative study discloses the extent to which the resources and constraints of public playhouse buildings affected the construction...

Religion and Drama in Early Modern England: The Performance of Religion on the Renaissance Stage

de Jane Hwang Degenhardt & Elizabeth Williamson

Reassessing the relationship between religion and drama in early modern England, this collection explores the commercial theater's reframing of religious culture. Essays foreground the material conditions of...

Motherhood and Patriarchal Masculinities in Sixteenth-Century Italian Comedy

de Yael Manes

Exploring individual and collective formation of gender identities, this book analyses plays in the genre of 'erudite comedy' (commedia erudita), which was extremely popular among elite sixteenth-century Italians....

Transgressive Theatricality, Romanticism, and Mary Wollstonecraft

de Lisa Plummer Crafton

Lisa Plummer Crafton argues that, throughout her works, Mary Wollstonecraft engages with early Romantic notions of the theatrical and contributes to contemporary debates on theater. Within the context of the...

Working Subjects in Early Modern English Drama

de Michelle M. Dowd & Natasha Korda

Working Subjects in Early Modern English Drama investigates the ways in which work became a subject of inquiry on the early modern stage and the processes by which the drama began to forge new connections between...

America in Literature and Film: Modernist Perceptions, Postmodernist Representations

de Ahmed Elbeshlawy

Utilizing Lacan's psychoanalytic theory and Žižek's philosophical adaption of it, this book brings into dialogue a series of literary works, films and critical theory that are concerned with defining America....

Europe's Languages on England's Stages, 1590-1620

de Marianne Montgomery

Exploring issues of culture and performance raised by presentations of European languages-Welsh, French, Dutch, Spanish, Irish and Latin-on the stage, this book treats sound and performance as essential to understanding...

The Mother's Legacy in Early Modern England

de Jennifer Heller

Reading twenty printed and manuscript texts composed between 1575 and 1672, Heller defines the genre of the mother's legacy as a distinct branch of the advice tradition in early modern England. Attending to...

A Creative Guide to Exploring Your Life: Self-Reflection Using Photography, Art, and Writing

de Graham Ramsay & Holly Sweet

A Creative Guide to Exploring Your Life brims with imaginative exercises and examples that use the power of photography, art, and writing as tools for self-discovery. Exercises are accompanied by searching questions...

The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater

de Fran Mason

The A to Z of Postmodernist Literature and Theater examines the different areas of postmodernist literature and the variety of forms that have been produced. This is accomplished through a chronology, an introductory...

African American Folksong and American Cultural Politics: The Lawrence Gellert Story

de Bruce M. Conforth

In African American Folksong and American Cultural Politics: The Lawrence Gellert Story, scholar and musician Bruce Conforth tells the story of one of the most unusual collections of African American folk music...

Reading Mystery Science Theater 3000: Critical Approaches

de Shelley S. Rees

First broadcast in the not too distant past on a television station in Minnesota, Mystery Science Theater 3000 soon grew out of its humble beginnings and found a new home on cable television. This simple show...

The Invisible Art of Film Music: A Comprehensive History

de Laurence E. MacDonald

In this updated and expanded edition of The Invisible Art of Film Music, Laurence MacDonald provides a comprehensive introduction to film music for the general student, the film historian, and the aspiring cinematographer....

Gauguin's Paradise Lost

de Wayne Andersen

A new edition of the 1971 classic that for weeks was a New York Times "Book of the Times." Reviewed extensively and favorably across the US and the UK, this book soon became out of print. This new edition changes...

Post Cinematic Affect

de Steven Shaviro

Post-Cinematic Affect is about what it feels like to live in the affluent West in the early 21st century. Specifically, it explores the structure of feeling that is emerging today in tandem with new digital...

Marionettes at Home

de C. S Forester

Inspired by a marionette show he saw, C.S. Forester, a novelist and theatre lover, decided to create his own puppet theatre at home. In Marionettes at Home, first published in 1936, he shares his experience...