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Babe Didrikson: The Greatest All-Sport Athlete of All Time

de Susan E. Cayleff

A gold medal Olympian, Babe Didrikson was arguably the greatest athlete of the twentieth century, excelling at every sport she tried: running, jumping, javelin throwing, swimming, basketball, golf, and baseball,...

If I Die Before I Wake: A Memoir of Drinking and Recovery

de Barb Rogers

Barb Rogers’ book begins with the tragic death of her teenage son, Jon, and delves into the horror that was her life to that point. Due to a home life fraught with substance and emotional abuse, Barb found...

Get Up: A 12-Step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks, and Weirdos

de Bucky Sinister

As an atheist with a background in fundamentalism, Bucky Sinister was skeptical of 12-step groups when the time came for him to get sober. He was afraid of losing his artistic abilities and had big problems...

Colonel Roosevelt

de Edmund Morris

This biography by Edmund Morris, the Pulitzer Prize– and National Book Award–winning author of The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore Rex, marks the completion of a trilogy sure to stand as definitive....

Mary Lincoln's Insanity Case: A Documentary History

de Jason Emerson

In 1875 Mary Lincoln, the widow of a revered president, was committed to an insane asylum by her son, Robert. The trial that preceded her internment was a subject of keen national interest. The focus of public...

Air Castle of the South: WSM and the Making of Music City

de Craig Havighurst

Started by the National Life and Accident Insurance Company in 1925, WSM became one of the most influential and exceptional radio stations in the history of broadcasting and country music. WSM gave Nashville...

Elliott Carter

de James Wierzbicki

This compact study provides a fresh perspective on one of the most significant American composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. A leading voice of the American classical music tradition and a...

Michelle Obama

de Sarah Parvis

In the incredibly giftable little book Michelle Obama, readers get an inside look at the remarkable First Lady of the United States.

Michelle Obama is a strong role model for women everywhere. She grew up on...

Deadlines Past: Forty Years of Presidential Campaigning: A Reporter's Story

de Walter Mears

For a reporter, a presidential campaign is the Olympics of political coverage, and an assignment to cover it is a front-row ticket from the trial heats to the finals. I had tickets from 1960 until 2000." --Walter...

Islands of Recall

de Louise Cabral

"Every vision is a joke until the first man accomplishes it; once realized, it becomes commonplace." Dr. Robert Goddard, Inventor of the Liquid Fuel Rocket Truer words were never spoken as you will find out!...

Lost and Found in Russia: Lives in the Post-Soviet Landscape

de Susan Richards

After the fall of communism, Russia was in a state of shock. The sudden and dramatic change left many people adrift and uncertain—but also full of a tentative but tenacious hope. Returning again and again...

Intoxicated by My Illness

de Anatole Broyard

"Succeeds brilliantly....He lives as a writer and we are the wealthier for it."


Anatyole Broyad, long-time book critic, book review editor, and essayist for THE NEW YORK TIMES wants...

Did They Mention the Music?: The Autobiography of Henry Mancini

de Henry Mancini & Gene Lees

This is the remarkable autobiography of composer and pianist Henry Mancini, whose more than ninety film scores include The Pink Panther, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Touch of Evil, and Victor/Victoria.

With Reckless Abandon: Memoirs of a Boat Obsessed Life

de Ji Sharp

Here is the inspiring story of a man who overcame childhood polio to live an adventure-filled life as captain of Maine's most famous windjammer, the schooner Adventure, now a National Historic Landmark in Gloucester,...

Sabre the Journey

de Vito Tomasino

There are many books about flying, but perhaps none that so inspire each of us to pursue our individual voyages of discovery as Sabre the Journey. Its unique combination of photography, poetry, and prose virtually...

Phantom Justice

de Young Koo

Stirring memoir combines prison diaries.

This book provides a unique glimpse into what justice of Indiana was like, and describes harrowing experience with Indiana Justice and Judicial Systems.

Eternal Echoes

de Randall E. Secrest


A Journey to Forever'

A superb age, one hundred and twenty, the time will arrive to step off the cliff and 'go home.' Go home to be with 'Eternity,' everything the Creator has promised, everything!!!...

Your Vote Is Magic!

de Lyn Dillies

America's premier female Illusionist, Lyn Dillies, adds another DIMENSION to her sparkling career: YOUR VOTE IS MAGIC!, the book based on the groundbreaking illusion she conjured up to deliver a powerful message...

Shaman's Dream: The Modoc War

de Lu Mattson

Shaman's Dream : the Modoc War is a literary non-fiction account of the 1873 standoff between besieged Modoc Indians and the United States Army on the California/Oregon border. The book – a kaleidoscope of...

Encounter Your Destiny

de David O'Dell

The Author, David O'Dell shares his true story on how he met his "true love", his wife on an international romance tour.

Imagine traveling to an exotic location, like Barranquilla Colombia, located on the Caribbean...