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The Genius

de Eliyahu Stern

Elijah ben Solomon, the "Genius of Vilna,” was perhaps the best-known and most understudied figure in modern Jewish history. This book offers a new narrative of Jewish modernity based on Elijah's life and...

Dummy: A Memoir

de David Patten

DUMMY From his birth in 1954, David Patten was unbearably sensitive to the world around him. Overwhelmed with confusing and disorienting stimuli, he withdrew into an inner world. Unable to concentrate or learn...

Kernels of Hope

de Bob Kaku, Gail Kaku & other contributors

Kernels of Hope: Real People, Real Stories are riveting stories about triumphs over terminal illness, overcoming money problems, breaking free of addictions, saving a marriage and more. For a comprehensive overview,...

Norah's Secrets

de Norah Shariff & Jennifer Makarewicz

Norah Shariff’s autobiography is likely to cause some turmoil as she takes the reader into a harsh world created by her immediate family; a world filled with obstacles preventing her from gaining precious...

Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens

de Richard Seymour

Among the forgettable ranks of ex-Leftists, Christopher Hitchens stands out as someone determined to stand out. Rejecting the well-worn paths of hard-right evangelism and capitalist “realism,” he identified...

Davis McCaughey: A Life

de Sarah Martin

A fascinating and enigmatic man, Davis McCaughey was a theologian equally at home in the secular world. As governor of Victoria, deputy chancellor of Melbourne University, and master of the prestigious Ormond...

Here Lies: An Autobiography: An Autobiography

de Eric Ambler

Winner of the Edgar Award, Eric Ambler’s autobiography Here Lies is an intriguing look inside the mind of one of our greatest thriller writers. Here the famously recalcitrant Ambler peels back the layers of...

Never Give Up on Your Dream: My Journey

de Warren Moon & Don Yeager

The inspiring life story of Warren Moon, the only player inducted into both the Pro Football and Canadian Football Halls of Fame

The Undefeated

de George Paloczi-Horvath & Agi Argent

George Paloczi-Horvath was born in 1908 into the feudal nobility of Hungary. Despite his privileged background, he came to realize that his family’s wealth was based on the exploitation of a brutalized peasantry....

Blood in My Coffee: The Life of the Fight Doctor

de Ferdie Pacheco & Budd Schulberg

Best known as the Fight Doctor, Ferdie Pacheco has lived a dreamer’s life. Instead of finding success in just one career, Pacheco has excelled in numerous fields. He’s been a successful pharmacist, doctor,...

100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do: A Memoir

de Kim Stafford

Bret and Kim Stafford, the oldest children of the poet and pacifist William Stafford, were pals. Bret was the good son, the obedient public servant, Kim the itinerant wanderer. In this family of two parent teachers,...

Jane Austen - Her Life and Letters - A Family Record

de , William Austen-Leigh

A beautiful biography, thoroughly researched from family records, this biography looks past the success of her books to see the real women. Studying her personal correspondence to friends and family. Many of...

The Pragmatics of Literary Testimony: Authenticity Effects in German Social Autobiographies

de Chantelle Warner

In this book, Warner examines a number of German-language literary autobiographies that are connected to diverse social movements of the last forty years. These books have all received critical attention from...

Hops and Dreams: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

de Robert Stacey Burton

On November 15, 1980, two young homebrewers opened a microbrewery in northern California, naming it after a nearby mountain range. Thirty years later, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is widely recognized as a leader...

Oral Pleasure: Kosinski as Storyteller

de Jerzy Kosinski & Barbara Tepa Lupack

Oral Pleasure: Kosinski as Storyteller is a collection of interviews, lectures, and transcriptions of media appearances from the legendary literary figure, Jerzy Kosinski. Compiled by his late widow, Kiki, most...

Soldier: A Poet's Childhood

de June Jordan

Written with exceptional beauty throughout, Soldier stands and delivers an eloquent, heart-breaking, hilarious and hopeful, witness to the beginnings of a truly extraordinary, American life.

Stories I'd Tell My Children (But Maybe Not Until They're Adults)

de Michael N. Marcus

Stories I'd Tell My Children (but maybe not until they're adults) is mostly hysterically funny, sometimes poignant and profound, often bawdy and always delightful.

The book includes more than 100 stories that...

From the Plains of Africa to the Jungles of Parliament

de Barry Turner

In the first part of the book, the author regales us with real-life adventures as a Game Warden in the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Northern Tanzania. The work chronicles encounters with such luminaries as Patrick...

On the Border with Crook

de , John G. Bourke

General Crook fought and ended the Apache wars in the American Southwest and travelling and fighting with him was John Gregory Bourke. This is a fascinating account of war first hand and is a must read for anybody...

When It Was Our War: A Soldier's Wife on the Home Front

de Stella Suberman

When Stella Suberman wrote her first memoir, The Jew Store, at the age of seventy-six, she was widely praised for shedding light on a forgotten piece of American history--Jewish life in the rural South. In...