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Mr. Emerson's Revolution

de Jean McClure Mudge (editor)

This volume traces the life, thought and work of Ralph Waldo Emerson, a giant of American intellectual history, whose transforming ideas greatly strengthened the two leading reform issues of his day: abolition...

Urban Landscape Strategies

de Giuseppe Marinoni

The projects illustrated here exemplify the way contemporary urban planning is moving in practice, and how it is precisely in the effective transformation of cities and landscapes that it is finding the theoretical...

Song To Kill A Giant

de Sandra Kalniete

 25 years ago, the people of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania united under broad democratic movements to demand from the Soviet Union the freedom which was taken from them in 1940. One can only admire the courage...

Tessa B. Dick: an Interview

de Tessa B. Dick

The 2014 Interview with Tessa, the wife of Philip K. Dick, in which you will discover little-known aspects of the great science-fiction writer. ENGLISH & ITALIAN TEXT Intervista del 2014 a Tessa, moglie di Philip...