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Avoiding the Hatchet Man: Practical Advice for the Employed and Unemployed

de Patrick Connor

With unemployment at its highest in decades, employees are in need of an ally. Avoiding the Hatchet Man fills this role by offering simple but proven techniques to help employees save their jobs. For those who...

The Perilous Life of Symphony Orchestras: Artistic Triumphs and Economic Challenges

de Robert J. Flanagan

This book analyzes the economic challenges facing symphony orchestras and contrasts the experience of orchestras in the United States (where there is little direct government support) and abroad (where governments...

Good in a Room

de Stephanie Palmer

Whether you work in Hollywood or not, the fact is that selling ideas is really difficult to do. The reason the pitching secrets of the most successful writers and directors are relevant is because these people...

Find a Job Through Social Networking

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With this guide, readers will discover how to launch their social networking efforts and will gain advice for maximizing LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and other sites. They'll also learn how to find jobs, seek advice,...

Expert Resumes for People Returning to Work

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A collection of professionally written resumes aimed at anyone who has left work for a period of time and then wanted to return.

200 Best Jobs for College Graduates

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Discover the 200 jobs with the best pay, fastest growth, and most openings for people with associate’s, bachelor’s, and higher degrees.

Step-by-Step Cover Letters

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An overall framework to help students, job seekers, and career changers easily build outstanding cover letters that will land interviews and score job offers

I Found a Job!

de Marcia Heroux Pounds

This uplifting book explores the most relevant and pressing issues in the current labor market to show readers what job search techniques are working right now.

30-Minute Resume Makeover

de Louise Kursmark

Professional resume writer Louise Kursmark shows you how to add your newest job and accomplishments, make the formatting sparkle, emphasize your accomplishments, convert your resume for use on the Internet,...

Resume Magic

de Susan Britton Whitcomb

All the tricks professional résumé writers use to create eye-catching, results-driven résumés are revealed in this must-have guide.

Expert Resumes for Career Changers

de Louise Kursmark & Wendy Enelow

Features a collection of outstanding professionally written resumes designed for people transitioning into a new career.

150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs

de Editors at JIST & Laurence Shatkin

The detailed job descriptions give helpful facts on pay, growth, openings, tasks, skills needed, education and training required, work environment, job security, highest- and lowest-growth industries for the...

Job Search Magic

de Susan Britton Whitcomb

Includes sample resumes and cover letters, before-and-after interview responses, career-choice guidance, helpful job search Web sites, salary-negotiation tips, job success tips, and much, much more!

Next-Day Job Interview

de Dick Gaither & Michael Farr

Distills JIST's revolutionary and proven interview advice into seven quick chapters covering self-assessment, company research, key questions, a system for answering any question that might come up, unusual...

Cover Letter Magic

de Louise Kursmark & Wendy Enelow

Reveals the inside secrets for creating phenomenal cover letters that get noticed and land interviews.

FBI Careers

de Thomas H. Ackerman

Those looking to start or advance their career with one of the nation’s most exciting employers will find everything they need to know about the FBI hiring process with this enhanced, eye-opening guide.

250 Best-Paying Jobs

de Michael Farr & Laurence Shatkin

Discover the jobs in which almost everyone is well-paid; metropolitan areas and industries that pay more than $100,000 for certain jobs; and jobs in which there is little or no pay gap between men and women!...

Top 100 Careers Without a Four-Year Degree

de Michael Farr & Laurence Shatkin

Many jobs that do not require a four-year degree need workers and are growing quickly. This completely updated edition identifies which of these jobs are most promising and offers extensive information about...

The Quick Resume & Cover Letter Book

de Michael Farr

Teaches job seekers how to master essential steps in the job search process. As the definitive guide to resumes, it offers techniques proven to get results quickly; a friendly, easy-to-follow design; and rock-solid...

The Christian's Career Journey

de Susan Britton Whitcomb

Whether you want to work in the private sector or public sector, business or industry, corporate America or mom-and-pop shop, nonprofit or ministry organization, this book will unveil the deeper significance...