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Sandra's New School

de Yolanda Celbridge

Nude sunbathing and spanking with a submissive girlfriend lead hedonistic Sandra Shanks to the rigors of Quirke's School, where adult schoolgirls are taught old-fashioned submission, in the stern modesty of...

Madam Lydia

de Philippa Masters

Victorian London. Lydia, now a fully-fledged working girl, is in great demand, both at the Silken Web bordello and for lucrative 'private engagements.' She also finds herself becoming a mentor to her alluring...

Julie At The Reformatory

de Angela Elgar

Bondage, discipline and corporal punishment are the key to reforming the character of wayward girls, according to the writings of the fanatical Order of the Righteous Sisters on which Roughton Hall - a remote...

Riding the Line: A Rouge Erotic Romance

de Kate Pearce

Rodeo cowboy, Dakota Scott, has a problem. His truck has broken down and he's stranded in small-town New Mexico. To complicate matters he's picked up another stray, this time a woman who needs his help.


Words Made Flesh

de Thom Wolf

Best-selling novelist Glenn Holden has an appreciation for the rougher side of sex. But when a handsome stranger breaks into his house claiming to be a character from one of Glenn's own thrillers, the author...

A Gentleman's Wager

de Madelynne Ellis

When eighteenth-century young lady Bella Rushdale finds herself fiercely attracted to handsome landowner Lucerne Marlinscar, she does not expect the rival for her affections to be another man. However, the handsome...

Her New Boss: A Rouge Erotic Romance

de Michelle M Pillow

If you can't stand the heat...

Aspiring chef Zoe Matthews has lost her job and all hopes of a satisfying future. If that wasn't bad enough, she's just publicly shot down her one and only chance at culinary redemption....

Black Lace Quickies: Girls on Top

de Emma Hawthorne

This new collection of sensational, sexy stories from Emma Hawthorne that will arouse and, occasionally, even shock you. This volume contains brand new stories from women who ignore the rules, unleash their...

Degrees of Passion: A Rouge Erotic Romance

de Michelle M Pillow

As soon as college student Sasha Matthews spotted Trevor Kingston she knew it was fate. He's everything a girl could want – handsome, charming and rich. But Mr Perfect's façade crumbles when he breaks her...

Where Have all the Cowboys Gone?: A Rouge Erotic Romance

de Kate Pearce

What happens in Vegas…

It’s one thing to have a one night stand with a sexy stranger …it’s quite another to marry him.

But that’s what city-slicker Lauren Redstone does, waking up the morning after with...

The Name of an Angel

de Laura Thornton

Clarissa Cornwall is a respectable university lecturer who has little time for romance until she encounters the insolently sexy Nicholas St Clair in her class on erotic literature. Suddenly her position –...

Fierce Competition: A Rouge Erotic Romance

de Michelle M Pillow

With a dream job, great roommates and a wonderful boyfriend, Jane Williams has everything her heart desires – that is until her vicious social rival, Vanessa, finds out her most humiliating secret and sets...

Jasmine Blossoms

de Sylvie Ouellette

When Joanna is sent away on business to Japan, she anticipates nothing unusual. However, the timing couldn't be worse: she senses that someone at work is scheming behind her back and she cannot afford to be...

Healing Passion

de Sylvie Ouellette

Judith is an inexperienced young nurse, fresh out of college, when she is hired to work at the exclusive Dorchester Clinic, specialising in cosmetic care for its very wealthy clients. It isn't long before she...

The King's Girl

de Sylvie Ouellette

In the early 1600s, France has established a bustling new colony

in North America. New trade, exploration and agriculture attract many

rugged men in search of adventure and fortune. French women

are being sent...

Opposites Attract: A Rouge Erotic Romance

de Michelle M Pillow

Two girls, two guys

Susan and Ted might make a happy couple, but the conflict begins immediately between bankrupt socialite Alexis and tattoo artist Ethan.

and a long road trip...

Ethan has 'bad boy' written all...

Lake Of Lost Love

de Mercedes Kelly

Princess Angeline lives on a paradise island in the South Seas. Married to Prince Hari and accepted into the native culture, she has a life of sensual fulfilment which she shares with her hedonistic friends....


de Kendal Grahame

Demonia and Sinitia are vampires and can only drink from sexually aroused young humans. When they meet Alex, a descendant of the man who destroyed their coven, they fear a battle. But, Alex is more enlightened...

Candida's Secret Mission

de Virginia Lasalle

Candida has a new job at a secret government establishment high in the Bavarian Alps. But this is no ordinary mission, and her terms of employment are most irregular. Top-secret investigations are being conducted...

Pyramid Of Delights

de Kendal Grahame

In Ancient Egypt the pharaoh was seen as God. Able to indulge his every whim, the omnipotent ruler and his court enjoyed many and varied lascivious diversions, bound only by the extent of their imaginations....