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Unconditional?: The call of Jesus to radical forgiveness

de Brian Zahnd

If Christianity is to be a compelling and relevant voice in the 21st Century, it needs a fresh message—not a new innovation or novel interpretation, but a return to our roots. And what are our roots?

Trusting God to Get You Through: How to Trust God Through the Fire--Lessons I've Learned about Grace, Loss, and Love

de Jason Crabb

More than anything else, this book is about an amazing God who reaches down and touches ordinary lives. It is a testimony of all He has done for Jason Crabb’s family and for the people he has been privileged...

The Art of War for Spiritual Battle: Essential Tactics and Strategies for Spiritual Warfare

de Cindy Trimm

This new book by best-selling author Cindy Trimm, The Art of War for Spiritual Battle will become the “go-to” manual for preparing Christians to have victory in today’s spiritual battles with the enemy...

Secrets from Beyond The Grave: The Amazing Mysteries of Eternity, Paradise, and the Land of Lost Souls

de Perry Stone

From books, to movies, to TV shows, heaven, hell, and the afterlife are popular subjects today. Perry Stone brings his unique blend of Bible knowledge, prophecy, and spiritual insight to the topic in this comprehensive...

The Threshing Floor: How to Know Without a Doubt That God Hears Your Every Prayer

de Juanita Bynum

Discover how the seed of true prayer is separated from the chaff of selfish desires. Encouraging you to carry the needs of others to the Lord, Bynum offers practical advice on becoming a "doer" of the Word and...

The New Economic Disorder: Strategies for Weathering any Crisis While Keeping your Finances Intact

de Larry Bates

America is in the midst of a serious financial crisis—unemployment is up, homes are going into foreclosure, and every day it costs more and more just to get by. Economist Larry Bates understands the serious...

The Fear Of The Lord: Discover the Key to Intimately Knowing God

de John Bevere

Unlock the treasures of salvation

It is time to give God His due honor and reverence in a way that will revolutionize your life in your worship, prayers, and per

Waggoner on the Gospel of John

de Ellet Joseph Waggoner

A Heart-warming "Commentary" on the Gospel of John. Let the Holy Spirit bind you closer to "the disciple whom Jesus loved" as you read these unusual meditations on the Fourth Gospel. Written by an author who...

Catholic Christmas Prayers

de Marie Noel

As Christmas approached, I began thinking about how much Jesus is missing from Christmas. I've noticed in a personal way since my name is Noël as well as from my point of view as a Catholic. Since my youth,...

Welcome to the Big Leagues: Every Man's Journey to Significance, the Darrel Chaney Story

de Dan Hettinger & Darrel Chaney

Darrel Chaney made it to the Big Leagues. He played for 7 years on one of the best teams ever to take the field, the Cincinnati Reds-the Big Red Machine. He played in 4 National League Championship Series and...

On Repentance: The Thought and Oral Discourses of Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik

de Pinchas H. Peli

For five decades prior to his death in 1993, Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik was the unchallenged leader of modern Orthodox Judaism in the United States. His understanding of both traditional Judaism and secular...

Jewish Insights on Death and Mourning

de Jack Riemer

Forward by Sherwin B. Nuland

As Jack Riemer demonstrates in this collection of Jewish resources for mourning and healing, the Jewish tradition has much to offer those who seek its help in time of need. Here are...

The Wisdom of Compassion: Stories of Remarkable Encounters and Timeless Insights

de H.H. Dalai Lama & Victor Chan

The Wisdom of Compassion offers rare insights into the Dalai Lama’s life and his efforts to translate compassion into action through deeply engaging, behind-the-scene stories about his interactions with remarkable...

After You Believe

de N. T. Wright

From the author of the acclaimed Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope comes a book that addresses the question that has plagued humans for centuries—what is our purpose? As Christians, what are we to do...

If You See A Rainbow - Miracles, Signs, Science and Nature

de W. Graham Monteith

This book is the last of three on the miracles of Jesus and concentrates on the nature miracles. It’s purpose is to place them in the context of our demand for signs and our scepticism about science and our...

A 12-Month Guide to Better Prayer

de Inc. Barbour Publishing

Prayer is simply talking with God - yet even the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. This book will help you develop the prayer life you want!

Prayers and Promises for Mothers

de Inc. Barbour Publishing

Prayers and Promises for Mothers is the perfect gift, saying “I love you” every time she picks it up.



Prayers and Promises for Grads

de Inc. Barbour Publishing

For high school or college. . . Prayers and Promises for Grads is the perfect gift, saying “I care” every time the graduate picks it up.



Every Point Counts: How the Bible Makes You a Winner in the Match of Life

de Andreas Andersson

Know your opponent. Study the rulebook. Win the match.

The Real Kosher Jesus: Revealing the Mysteries of the Hidden Messiah

de Michael L. Brown


The most influential Jew who ever lived. The most controversial Jew who ever lived.

He has been called a rabbi, a rebel, a reformer, a religious teacher, a reprobate sinner, a revolutionary, a...