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Religion and the Individual: Belief, Practice, Identity

de Abby Day

What does religion mean to the individual? How are people religious and what do their beliefs, practices and identities mean to them? The individual's place within studies of religion has tended to be overlooked...

Entering the New Theological Space: Blurred Encounters of Faith, Politics and Community

de John Reader & Christopher R. Baker

This book presents theological reflections on the changing nature of church mission and Christian identity within a theology of 'blurred encounter' - a physical, social, political and spiritual space where once...

Dialectical Practice in Tibetan Philosophical Culture: An Ethnomethodological Inquiry into Formal Reasoning

de Kenneth Liberman & Harold Garfinkel

Tibetan Buddhist scholar-monks have long engaged in face-to-face public philosophical debates. This original study challenges Orientalist text-based scholarship, which has missed these lived practices of Tibetan...

Vital Merger: A New Church Start Approach that Joins Church Families Together

de Dirk Elliott

Do you feel restless about your church's ministry and wonder whether joining with another church (or churches) could increase your missional impact on the community? If so, you may want to learn more about Vital...

Historical Dictionary of the Ismailis

de Farhad Daftary

This comprehensive new reference work is the first of its kind on the Ismailis and presents a summary of the findings of modern scholarship on the Ismaili Shia Muslims and different facets of their heritage....

Winning the Battle Against Sin: Hope-Filled Lessons from the Bible

de Fr. Mitch Pacwa SJ

What is sin, why did it happen, and how can we overcome it? Popular EWTN host and speaker Fr. Mitch Pacwa uses his extensive knowledge of the Scriptures to take us on a tour of the Bible to help us understand...

Historical Dictionary of the Crusades

de Corliss K. Slack

The second edition of Historical Dictionary of the Crusades is an accessible one-volume overview of the medieval crusades to the Middle East between 1095 and 1291, with substantial information on crusades in...

Planet X - God's Endgame

de David Meade

Planet X was the subject of free and open debate among astronomers and scientists decades ago. Harrington searched for the same object that famous astronomers such as Percival Lowell also searched for. He published...

Aware In A World Asleep: A Principled Wa

de Jim Young

If you want to activate the fullness of spiritual being in everyday life, this is the source for you!

Islam in China: Religion, Ethnicity, Culture, and Politics

de Raphael Israeli

'Are they really Muslims?' Islam in China reveals the struggle for identity of the small yet vital Muslim community of China, a little-studied minority on the fringes of the Islamic world now thrust into the...

The Amazing Word of God: A Refreshing, Uncomplicated Reading of the Most Popular Books of the Bible, Including Prophecy

de Penny Zee

The Amazing Word of God presents 51 Bible stories in an entertaining, easy to understand package that will ignite readers’ passion for God’s Word and make even the most familiar accounts come alive in a...

Touched by a Vampire: Discovering the Hidden Messages in the Twilight Saga

de Beth Felker Jones


People around the world are asking the same question, enraptured with Edward and Bella’s forbidden romance in the Twilight Saga, a four-book serial phenomenon written...

Christian Cell Phone Godly Wisdom

de Grace Dola, None, None Balogun & Lisa, None, None Hainline

Spirit of God is Love. On the day of Pentecost Spirit of God come down to dwell in the heart of all

Christian Cell Phone God's Anointing

de Grace Dola, None, None Balogun & Lisa, None, None Hainline

God anointed His children. The power of the Spirit of God empower the children of God. God anointing power of the Holy Spirit. Christian living

Rubble Nation: Haiti's Pain, Haiti's Promise

de Chris Herlinger

As in their previous book, Where Mercy Fails: Darfur's Struggle to Survive, Chris Herlinger and Paul Jeffrey fuse narrative and photographs to put a human face on the massive suffering that Haiti has experienced...

Baal's Priests: The Loyalist Clergy and the English Revolution

de Fiona McCall

The English Civil War was a time of disruption, suffering and persecution for many people, not least the clergy of the established church, who found themselves ejected from their livings in increasing numbers...

Society Shaped by Theology: Sociological Theology Volume 3

de Robin Gill

Society Shaped by Theology explores the possibility that theological concepts may sometimes still be influential in the modern world. It follows in the tradition of Max Weber, arguing that theological virtues...

Prophecy in the New Millennium: When Prophecies Persist

de Sarah Harvey & Suzanne Newcombe

This volume gives a concise but comprehensive overview of the rich diversity of prophecy, its role in major world religions as well as in new religions and alternative spiritualties, its social dynamics and...

Ways of Meeting and the Theology of Religions

de David Cheetham

Exploring the different points of view and 'tones of voice' adopted in theology for the meeting of religions, this book presents a contemporary philosophical and theological engagement with key issues of how...

Contesting Secularism: Comparative Perspectives

de Anders Berg-Sørensen

Drawing together contributions from leading scholars from across the world Contesting Secularism analyses how secularism functions as a political doctrine in different national contexts put under pressure by...