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Happy Hours

de Devon Jersild

Did You Know

  • Female alcoholics are twice as likely to die as male alcoholics in the same age group
  • Women metabolize alcohol differently from men, more quickly developing such physical complications as liver disease,...


de Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan in October 2007, after eight years of exile, hopeful that she could be a catalyst for change. Upon a tumultuous reception, she survived a suicide-bomb attack that killed nearly...

The Cold Counsel: The Women in Old Norse Literature and Myth

de Sarah M. Anderson & Karen Swenson

Cold Counsel is the only collection devoted to the place of women in Old Norse literature and culture. It draws upon the disciplines of history, sociology, feminism, ethnography and psychoanalysis in order to...

Current Concepts in Transgender Identity

de Dallas Denny

This collection will present works that offer illuminating perspectives on the remarkably diverse Asian American populations of the United States. As a population that is neither black nor white, the range of...

Sanctity and Motherhood: Essays on Holy Mothers in the Middle Ages

de Anneke Mulder-Bakker

Increasingly, recent scholarship has focused on those married women and mothers in the Middle Ages who achieved holiness. The Merovingian Waldetrudis and Rictrudis; Ida, mother of the crusader king Godfrey of...

Anthropological Resources: A Guide to Archival, Library, and Museum Collections

de Lee S. Dutton

This work provides access to information on the rich and often little known legacy of anthropological scholarship preserved in a diversity of archives, libraries and museums. Selected anthropological manuscripts,...

In Defense of Our America

de Anthony D. Romero, Dina Temple-Raston & Anthony Romero

Executive Director of the ACLU Anthony D. Romero and award-winning journalist Dina Temple-Raston present stories of real Americans at the front lines of the fight for civil liberties at a time when our most...

Sex Equality Policy in Western Europe

de Frances Gardiner

This book presents a wide-ranging comparative analysis of the development of sex-equality policies within Europe. The contributors, comprising both European and US-based scholars, address a very current political...

A Letter Concerning Toleration and Other Writings

de John Locke

A Letter Concerning Toleration and Other Writings brings together the principal writings on religious toleration and freedom of expression by one of the greatest philosophers in the Anglophone tradition: John...

Civil War Ghost Stories & Legends

de Nancy Roberts & Bruce Roberts

Few events have sparked more legends and stories of the supernatural than America's Civil War. The accounts of gallantry and heroism have spread far and wide. Nancy Roberts grew up listening to her father's...

The New York Review Abroad: Fifty Years of International Reportage

de Robert B. Silvers & Ian Buruma

For the past fifty years, The New York Review of Books has covered virtually every international revolution and movement of consequence by dispatching the world’s most brilliant writers to write eyewitness...

Early Hominin Paleoecology

de Matthew Sponhiemer, Julia A. Lee-Thorp & Kaye E. Reed

An introduction to the multidisciplinary field of hominin paleoecology for advanced undergraduate students and beginning graduate students, Early Hominin Paleoecology offers an up?to?date review of the relevant...

Young People, Place and Identity

de Peter E. Hopkins

The textbook is one of the first books to map out the scales, themes and sites engaged with by young people on a daily basis as they construct their multiple identities. The scales explored here include the...

Ethnicity and the Dementias Second Edition

de Gwen Yeo & Dolores Gallager-Thompson

In recent years, the literature on the topic of ethnic and racial issues in Alzheimer's disease and other dementias has increased dramatically. At the same time, the need for cultural competence in all of geriatric...

Marxist Aesthetics (Routledge Revivals)

de Pauline Johnson

Originally published in 1984, this study deals with a number of influential figures in the European tradition of Marxist theories of aesthetics, ranging from Lukacs to Benjamin, through the Frankfurt School,...

Arms on the Market: Reducing the Risk of Proliferation in the Former Soviet Union

de Suzette Grillot R

First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Ethiopia Photographed: Historic Photographs of the Country and its People Taken Between 1867 and 1935

de Richard Pankhurst

Following the very successful Ethiopia Engraved, an illustrated book of engravings by foreign travellers from 1681 to 1900, Ethiopia Photographed covers the period from the inception of photography in the country...

Information Sources on Islamic Banking and Economics: 1980-1990

de S Ali Nazim

Islamic banking and economics (IBE) is a fast-growing subject of vital interest in both East and West as Muslims change their attitudes towards investments and find ways to invest their funds according to the...

Planning Armageddon: Britain, the United States and the Command of Western Nuclear Forces, 1945-1964

de Len Scott

Planning Armageddon provides the first detailed account of Britain's Command, Control, Intelligence and Communications infrastructure. A central theme of the book is the British-American atomic relationship...

The History of the Seljuq Turks: The Saljuq-Nama of Zahir Al-Din Nishpuri

de Edmund Bosworth

Nishapuri flourished in the 12th century and wrote a succinct history in Persian of the Saljuq Turks, a tribal group from Central Asia who in the 11th century established a vast empire, enduring for some century...