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Más opciones

Politics and the Bomb: The Role of Experts in the Creation of Cooperative Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreements

de Sara Z. Kutchesfahani

Epistemic communities represent networks of knowledge-based experts that help articulate cause-and-effect relationships of complex problems, define the self-interests of a state, or formulate specific policies...

A Global Standard for Reporting Conflict

de Jake Lynch

A Global Standard for Reporting Conflict constructs an argument from first principles to identify what constitutes good journalism. It explores and synthesises key concepts from political and communication theory...

The Mobile Story: Narrative Practices with Locative Technologies

de Jason Farman

What happens when stories meet mobile media? In this cutting-edge collection, contributors explore digital storytelling in ways that look beyond the desktop to consider how stories can be told through mobile,...

Democracy, Intelligent Design, and Evolution: Science for Citizenship: Science for Citizenship

de Susan P. Liebell

Should alternatives to evolution be taught in American public schools or rejected as an establishment of religion? Democracy, Intelligent Design, and Evolution argues that accurate science education helps shape...

Transatlantic Politics and the Transformation of the International Monetary System

de Michelle Frasher

With original archival documents and interviews from the US and Europe, Michelle Frasher brings the reader into the negotiating room with American, German, and French officials as they confronted the collapse...

Restorative Justice in Transition

de Kerry Clamp

This book explores how restorative justice is used and what its potential benefits are in situations where the state has been either explicitly or implicitly involved in human rights abuses. Restorative justice...

Online File Sharing: Innovations in Media Consumption: Innovations in Media Consumption

de Jonas Andersson Schwarz

It is apparent that file sharing on the Internet has become an emerging norm of media consumption-especially among young people. This book provides a critical perspective on this phenomenon, exploring issues...

Impact of Extreme Right Parties on Immigration Policy: Comparing Britain, France and Italy

de Joao Carvalho

Drawing on a mixed research methodology with a strong qualitative character, this book traces the political impact of the British National Party in the UK, the Front National in France and the Lega Nord in Italy...

Nations, National Narratives and Communities in the Asia-Pacific

de Norman Vasu, Yolanda Chin & Kam-yee Law

Many states in the Asia Pacific region are not built around a single homogenous people, but rather include many large, varied, different national groups. This book explores how states in the region attempt to...

International Orders in the Early Modern World: Before the Rise of the West

de Shogo Suzuki, Yongjin Zhang & Joel Quirk

This book examines the historical interactions of the West and non-Western world, and investigates whether or not the exclusive adoption of Western-oriented 'international norms' is the prerequisite for the...

Routledge Companion to Intelligence Studies

de Robert Dover, Michael S. Goodman & Claudia Hillebrand

The Routledge Companion to Intelligence Studies provides a broad overview of the growing field of intelligence studies.

New Democracies in Crisis?: A Comparative Constitutional Study of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia

de Paul Blokker

This book considers whether the potential of democracy following the end of the Cold War was diminished by technocratic, judicial control of politics in the new democracies of Central and Eastern Europe. It...

Politics of Empathy: Ethics, Solidarity, Recognition

de Anthony M. Clohesy

The Politics of Empathy argues that empathy is a necessary condition for ethical subjectivity and the emergence of a more compassionate world.

One of the reasons empathy is important is because it gives us a...

Technology Transfers and Non-Proliferation: Between Control and Cooperation

de Oliver Meier

This edited volume examines the issue of the proliferation of dual-use technology and the efforts of the international community to control these technologies.

Efforts to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction...

Digital Media Sport: Technology and Power in the Network Society: Technology, Power and Culture in the Network Society

de Brett Hutchins & David Rowe

Live broadband streaming of the 2008 Beijing Olympics accounted for 2,200 of the estimated 3,600 total hours shown by the American NBC-Universal networks. At the 2012 London Olympics, unprecedented multi-platforming...

China-Saudi Arabia Relations, 1990-2012: Marriage of Convenience or Strategic Alliance?: Marriage of Convenience or Strategic Alliance?

de Naser M. Al-Tamimi

This book focuses on the relationship established between China, the world's second largest economy, and Saudi Arabia, the world's top oil exporter. Due to Saudi Arabia's dominance of the world oil market, China...

The Myth of America's Decline: Politics, Economics, and a Half Century of False Prophecies

de Josef Joffe

“A bracing and intelligent reminder that, for all its woes, America remains extraordinarily dynamic, innovative, and resilient.”—Fareed Zakaria Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as one of the best books...

Why States Matter: An Introduction to State Politics

de Gary Moncrief & Peverill Squire

When it comes to voting, taxes, environmental regulations, social services, education, criminal justice, political parties, property rights, gun control, marriage and divorce and just about anything else other...

Uneasy Neighbors: Israel and the European Union

de Sharon Pardo & Joel Peters

This book offers an analysis of the dynamics of Israeli-European relations and discusses significant developments in that relationship from the late 1950s through to the present day. The emphasis is placed on...

Grassroots and Coalitions: Exploring the Possibilities of Black Politics

de Michael Mitchell & David Covin

The main focus of this volume is an exploration of the patterns of competition for political power at the state and local levels in American politics. This volume looks at institutionalized patterns of black...