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Regional Integration in East Asia and Europe: Convergence or Divergence?

de Bertrand Fort & Douglas Webber

A fascinating insight into how regional organizations in Europe and East Asia are currently grappling with a striking number of essentially similar challenges.

This issue-based overview of political integration...

Morality and Nationalism

de Catherine Frost

This book takes a unique approach to explore the moral foundations of nationalism.

Drawing on nationalist writings and examining almost 200 years of nationalism in Ireland and Quebec, the author develops a theory...

Attending Krishna's Image: Chaitanya Vaishnava Murti-Seva as Devotional Truth

de Kenneth Russell Valpey

There is a steady and growing scholarly, as well as popular interest in Hindu religion - especially devotional (bhakti) traditions as forms of spiritual practice and expressions of divine embodiment. Associated...

Confucius Lives Next Door: What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West

de T.R. Reid

Those who've heard T. R. Reid's weekly commentary on National Public Radio or read his far-flung reporting in National Geographic or  The Washington Post know him to be trenchant, funny, and cutting-edge,...

From the Dragon's Mouth: 10 True Stories that Unveil the Real China

de Ana Fuentes


Through on-the-ground interviews, Ana Fuentes uncovers the real China and offers a panoramic look at Chinese culture from the point of view of its citizens. She spent nearly 4 years living...

Culture of Opportunity: Obama's Chicago

de Rebecca Janowitz

Rebecca Janowitz's portrait of Hyde Park-the Chicago South Side neighborhood long noted for its progressive politics-offers an expert, insider's social and political perspective on this intriguing community...

From the Secret Files of J. Edgar Hoover

de Athan Theoharis

Documents from the late FBI director's secret files reveal for the first time the shocking extent of FBI activities in spying on prominent Americans and political groups. "A grimly fascinating-and profoundly...

How the Other Half Dies

de Susan George

To find more information about Rowman and Littlefield titles, please visit

Elderescence: The Gift of Longevity

de Jane Thayer & Peggy Thayer

Thirty-five million Americans are living beyond the age of sixty-five, a twenty-five year increase in life expectancy since 1900. This longevity, once the gift of a few, has become the destiny of many. This...

The New Member States and the European Union: Foreign Policy and Europeanization

de Michael Baun & Dan Marek

This book examines the impact of EU membership on the foreign policies of the 12 new member states that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007.

Among scholars of European politics there is a general consensus that membership...

Human Behavior in the Social Environment

de Anissa Rogers

This bestseller is ideal for use in either one-semester or year-long generalist human behavior courses. Why? Because the text is concise and easily used in a one-semester course. But the text also comes with...

Words Over War: Mediation and Arbitration to Prevent Deadly Conflict

de Melanie Greenberg, John H. Barton & Margaret E. McGuinness

The international community can creatively and aggressively address deadly conflict through mediation, arbitration, and the development of international institutions to promote reconciliation. The editors of...

Poverty Reduction in a Changing Climate

de Hari Bansha Dulal, Luis F. López-Calva & Nora Lustig

Poverty Reduction in a Changing Climate, edited by Hari Bansha Dulal, is a work which discusses the new innovations and funding mechanisms which have emerged in response to the rise of climate-related challenges...

Chinese History in Geographical Perspective

de Jeff Kyong-McClain & Yongtao Du

This volume treats “China” first and foremost as an evolving and imagined geographical entity. The contributors explore China’s last five hundred years of history using geography as a lens through which...

The Sports Franchise Game: Cities in Pursuit of Sports Franchises, Events, Stadiums, and Arenas

de Kenneth L. Shropshire

Kenneth Shropshire describes the franchise warfare that pits city against city in the bidding competition to capture a major league team, using interviews with major players to present an insider's perspective...

The Writing on the Wall: How Asian Orthography Curbs Creativity

de William C. Hannas

Based on the latest scholarship in cognitive science and linguistics, and the author's intimate experience with East Asian languages, The Writing on the Wall provides a balanced and thoughtful account of one...

Women as Unseen Characters: Male Ritual in Papua New Guinea

de Pascale Bonnemere

Rituals have always been a focus of ethnographies of Melanesia, providing a ground for important theorizing in anthropology. This is especially true of the male initiation rituals that until recently were held...

China's New Urbanization Strategy

de China Development Research Foundation

Urbanization is one of the major challenges facing China. Of China's 1.3 billion people, around half still live in rural areas. There has been huge migration from rural areas to cities in recent years, a trend...

New Agendas in Statebuilding: Hybridity, Contingency and History

de Robert Egnell & Peter Haldén

This volume connects the study of statebuilding to broader aspects of social theory and the historical study of the state, bringing forth new questions and starting-points, both academically and practically,...

Domesticity and Consumer Culture in Iran: Interior Revolutions of the Modern Era

de Pamela Karimi

Examining Iran's recent history through the double lens of domesticity and consumer culture, Domesticity and Consumer Culture in Iran demonstrates that a significant component of the modernization process in...