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Modality Mood & Aspect Mon 11

de Mitchell

First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Trade Negotiations In The Oecd

de Blair

First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Saudi Arabian Dialects

de Prochazka

First published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Languages Of Ghana

de Kropp-Dakubu

First published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Role of Governments in Legislative Agenda Setting

de Bjorn Erik Rasch & George Tsebelis

Setting the agenda for parliament is the most significant institutional weapon for governments to shape policy outcomes, because governments with significant agenda setting powers, like France or the UK, are...

Korea and Globalization: Politics, Economics and Culture

de James B. Lewis & Amadu Sesay

Korea faces two challenges in the twenty-first century: unification and globalization. Both entail problems of economic, political and cultural integration. In the past, Koreans successfully 'unified' in various...

The Japanese Community in Pre-War Britain: From Integration to Disintegration

de Keiko Itoh

Explores the origins of the community, and compares the experience of the Japanese to that of other national groups. The book discusses the community's involvement in the arts, religion and sport; intermarriage;...

Society, Politics and Economics in Mazandaran, Iran 1848-1914

de Mohammad Ali Kazembeyki

This book is the first major study of provincial history in the Qajar period. Drawing extensively on unpublished Iranian and British documents, it explores the history of Mazandaran, a province in the Caspian...

The Politics of Economic Liberalization in Indonesia: State, Market and Power

de Andrew Rosser

This book examines the dynamics shaping the economic process of economic liberalisation in Indonesia since the mid-1980's. Much writing on the process of economic liberalisation in developing countries views...

Fertility and Familial Power Relations: Procreation in South India

de Minna Saavala

Describes and analyses the corollaries of declining fertility in Southern India to discover how familial and gender relations are affected by the new situation of women giving birth only to 2-3 children.

Islam Without Allah?: The Rise of Religious Externalism in Safavid Iran

de Colin Turner

This ground-breaking and controversial work locates the antecedents of today's Islamic 'fundamentalism' in 16th and 17th century Iran and the forced conversion of the Sunnite population of Iran to the largely...

Financial Globalization and the Opening of the Japanese Economy

de James P. Malcolm

This book investigates recent changes in Japan's financial system and looks at the implications for Japan's particularistic model of political economy. Drawing on the latest theoretical research, it seeks to...

The Russian Far East and Pacific Asia: Unfulfilled Potential

de M. J. Bradshaw

This major study assesses prospects for economic recovery in the Russian Far East, evaluating foreign trade and investment, political and economic forces, patterns of resource supply and needs in Pacific Asia,...

La Renovation Du Shi'isme Ismaelien En Inde Et Au Pakistan: D'Apres Les Ecrits Et Les Discours de Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan

de Michel Boivin

This French-language book is the first to propose a scientific approach to the Aga Khan's religious thought, placing it in its proper perspective by revealing how the Aga Khan responded to contemporary challenges....

Words - An Integrational Approach

de Hayley G. Davis

Aims to reorient the study of language by taking into serious consideration the perspective on linguistic matters taken by lay speakers themselves, as a response to the now inescapable conclusion that traditional...

Balti-English / English-Balti Dictionary

de R. K. Sprigg

This book is based on the Khapalu and Skardu dialects of Balti, a member of the Tibeto-Burman family, spoken in Baltistan. The work is distinguished by its phonetic acuity, particularly important in the case...

Yeniseian Peoples and Languages: A History of Yeniseian Studies with an Annotated Bibliography and a Source Guide

de Edward J. Vajda

The Kets of Central Siberia are perhaps the most enigmatic of Siberia's aboriginal tribes. Today numbering barely 1,100 souls living in several small villages on the middle reaches of the Yenisei, the Kets have...

Judaism, Philosophy, Culture: Selected Studies by E. I. J. Rosenthal

de Erwin Rosenthal

One of the outstanding interpreters of Jewish culture in the twentieth century has been Erwin Rosenthal. This book contains some of his most influential work, ranging from the nature of Jewish political thought,...

Japan and the Dutch 1600-1853

de Grant K. Goodman

This is the history of Dutch influence on Japan during the so-called 'closed centuries' between 1640 and 1853. Dutch maritime traders provided the only commercial link which Japan maintained with the west, and...

Birth Control in China 1949-2000: Population Policy and Demographic Development

de Thomas Scharping

This comprehensive volume analyses Chinese birth policies and population developments from the founding of the People's Republic to the 2000 census. The main emphasis is on China's 'Hardship Number One Under...