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The U.S. Women's Movement in Global Perspective

de Lee Ann Banaszak, Maryann Barakso & Lisa Baldez

This ambitious volume brings together original essays on the U.S. women's movement with analyses of women's movements in other countries around the world. A comparative perspective and a common theme-feminism...

Science and International Environmental Policy: Regimes and Nonregimes in Global Governance

de Radoslav S. Dimitrov

The proliferation of environmental agreements is a defining feature of modern international relations that has attracted considerable academic attention. Typically focusing on happy-end stories of policy creation,...

The Orders of Discourse: Philosophy, Social Science, and Politics

de John G. Gunnell

In this insightful book, distinguished political scientist John G. Gunnell explores the relationship between social science and philosophy, and the range of problems that have attended this relationship. Gunnell...

Privilege and Liberty and Other Essays in Political Philosophy

de Aurel Kolnai, Daniel J. Mahoney & Pierre Manent

We are currently witnessing an increasingly influential counterrevolution in political theory, evident in the dialectical return to classical political science pioneered most prominently by Leo Strauss and Eric...

On the Science of Uncertainty: The Biographical Method in Social Research

de Franco Ferrarotti

Franco Ferrarotti hopes to lead sociologists away from overly reductionistic, technical measurement of their subjects_an approach that has increasingly been problematized by the natural sciences_toward a rediscovery...

Remaking Turkey: Globalization, Alternative Modernities, and Democracies

de Fuat E. Keyman

In recent years there has been an upsurge of interest in Turkey's ability to create a secular, constitutional democracy within a predominantly Muslim population.Remaking Turkey provides a comprehensive and detailed...

Lost in the Long Transition: Struggles for Social Justice in Neoliberal Chile

de William L. Alexander, Joan E. Paluzzi & Jessica Budds

Presenting case studies by anthropologists, historians, political scientists, and environmental specialists,Lost in the Long Transition critically examines the impact of neoliberal economic and social policies...

Italy in the European Union: Redefining National Interest in a Compound Polity

de Simona Piattoni, Sergio Fabbrini & Marco Brunazzo

Based on an analytical evaluation of both the weaknesses and strengths of the Italian political system, Italy in the European Union is the first book to offer a detailed and comprehensive description of Italy's...

Justice in the United States: Human Rights and the Constitution

de Judith Blau & Alberto Moncada

All populations, including people living in the United States experience new vulnerabilities with globalization. Peoples' jobs are threatened; there are pressures to migrate; and environmental degradation is...

Muslim Europe or Euro-Islam: Politics, Culture, and Citizenship in the Age of Globalization

de Nezar AlSayyad & Manuel Castells

Five centuries after the expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain, Europe is once again becoming a land of Islam. At the beginning of a new millennium, and in an era marked as one of globalization, Europe continues...

Ethics of Scientific Research

de Kristin Shrader-Frechette

Challenging long-held theories of scientific rationality and remoteness, Kristin Shrader-Frechette argues that research cannot be 'value free.' Rather, any research will raise important moral issues for those...

Planetary Politics: Human Rights, Terror, and Global Society

de Stephen Eric Bronner, Ulrich Beck & Alba Alexander

Global society has been analyzed in any number of ways: books dealing with its economic and cultural implications flood the market. But Planetary Politics highlights something unique. It explores globalization...

Gender and Social Movements

de Bahati M. Kuumba

In this brief text examining gender roles in social movements, M. Bahati Kuumba shows how liberation struggles are viewed through women's eyes and how gender affects women's mobilization, strategies, and outcomes...

Quick Ethnography: A Guide to Rapid Multi-Method Research

de Penn W. Handwerker

Quick Ethnography takes traditional anthropological fieldwork techniques and applies them to contemporary applied research problems. For most applied projects, time is of the essence, and QE shows how ethnographic...

Human Rights: Beyond the Liberal Vision

de Judith Blau & Alberto Moncada

This book analyzes the complex relationship between human rights and liberalism as two different worldviews, and how American liberalism impedes the recognition of human rights. In order to achieve democratic,...

Governance in China

de Jude Howell, John P. Burns & Marc Blecher

Crucial to the success of any further economic reform, good governance is the Chinese Communist Party's greatest challenge as it plans for the future. This groundbreaking book explores the key dimensions of...

Poststructuralism, Marxism, and Neoliberalism: Between Theory and Politics

de Michael A. Peters

This introduction to the politics of poststructuralism focuses on two interrelated themes: the culture of Western Marxism and contemporary neoliberal capitalism. Poststructuralism is not a form of anti-Marxism,...

John Foster Dulles: Piety, Pragmatism, and Power in U.S. Foreign Policy

de Richard H. Immerman

John Foster Dulles was one of the most influential and controversial figures in the history of twentieth-century U.S. foreign relations. Active in the field for decades, Dulles reflected and was a reflection...

Leaving China: Media, Migration, and Transnational Imagination

de Wanning Sun

This fascinating book offers fresh insight into contemporary China and the Chinese diaspora experience and consciousness through a lively and innovative examination of media old and new. Exploring the relationship...

Theories of Culture in Postmodern Times

de Marvin Harris

Marvin Harris is arguably the most influential, prolific anthropological theorist of our time. This book brings together many of the strands of his work of the past two decades into a unified, contemporary statement...