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Más opciones

Determined to Matter: A Family Facing Inoperable Brain Cancer

de Jen O'Hara & Dan O'Hara

Shannon O'Hara, skating down the ice chasing after the puck, comes face to face with a larger-than-life opposing team player. Never one to back down from anything, barely five feet fall, Shannon tangles with...

Toronto: Transformations in a City and Its Region

de Edward Relph

Toronto describes the diverse and remarkable transformations that have occurred in the urban landscapes of Toronto, especially over the last fifty years as it has grown from a provincial industrial city into...

Fairy Godfather: Straparola, Venice, and the Fairy Tale Tradition

de Ruth B. Bottigheimer

"Fairy Godfather: Straparola, Venice, and the Fairy Tale Tradition makes the case that the fairy tale, far from rising from the ground as a rural folk tradition, was invented by a city-bound sixteenth-century...

The Saving Lie: Truth and Method in the Social Sciences

de F. G. Bailey

This book explores the distinction between selflessness and self-interestedness, between acting for one's own advantage and acting, even when disadvantageous, for reasons of duty or conscience. This apparently...

Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel

de Max Blumenthal

An explosive exposé into the radical right-wing state of Israeli politics from bestselling author of Republican Gomorrah.

The Train Driver and Other Plays

de Athol Fugard

The latest works by one of the world’s foremost playwrights.

Among the White Moon Faces: An Asian-American Memoir of Homelands

de Shirley Geok-lin Lim

"Lim recounts her journey with a poet's eye for detail and a storyteller's gift for narrative."--Ms.

Vertigo: A Memoir

de Louise DeSalvo & Edvige Giunta

Grippingabout how 'a working-class Italian American girl' became a critic and writer.--Kirkus Reviews

Naphtalene: A Novel of Baghdad

de Alia Mamdouh, Peter Theroux & Helene Cixous

The first novel by an Iraqi woman published in the United States now available in paperback.

That Floating Bridge

de Benj DeMott

Alive to history in the making, this volume examines Barack Obama’s and Lyndon Johnson’s presidency, the killing of Trayvon Martin and the death of Andrew Breitbart, Occupy Wall Street and “America...

Politics, Values, and National Socialism

de Aurel Kolnai, Francis Dunlop & Graham McAleer

The essays in this collection, spanning 1925 to 1970, confirm Aurel Kolnai’s place as one of the great conservative theorists of the twentieth century. Kolnai carefully analyzes the leading intellectual...

Empowerment as Ceremony

de William M. Epstein

This volume challenges the notion that empowerment is a magic bullet that can liberate the oppressed through self-organization, self-motivation, self-invention, and even self-clarity. The social sciences have...

The Country Railway

de Tim Bryan

While the coming of the railways to Britain's towns and cities in the nineteenth century transformed their fortunes and gave urban dwellers new opportunities to travel across the country, the effect on the largely...

New Approaches to Human Security in the Asia-Pacific: China, Japan and Australia

de William T. Tow & David Walton

Offering a distinctly Asia-Pacific-oriented perspective to one of the most discussed components of international security policy, human security, this volume of essays by internationally renowned experts assesses...

Critical Reflections on Indigenous Religions

de James L. Cox

The study of indigenous religions has become an important academic field, particularly since the religious practices of indigenous peoples are being transformed by forces of globalization and transcontinental...

New Tools, Old Tasks: Safety Implications of New Technologies and Work Processes for Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry

de Torgeir K. Haavik

New Tools, Old Tasks explores how Integrated Operations (IO) will influence the safety of offshore drilling operations. The book is based on several years of practical experience combined with a research study...

Stories of Our Lives: Memory, History, Narrative

de Frank de Caro

In Stories of Our Lives Frank de Caro demonstrates the value of personal narratives in enlightening our lives and our world. We all live with legends, family sagas, and anecdotes that shape our selves and give...

National Security and Arms Control in the Age of Biotechnology: The Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention

de Daniel M. Gerstein

Daniel M. Gerstein, a former Army Colonel and current Under Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, traces the origins of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention while prescribing ways for the...

Many Voices, One Vision: The Early Years of the World Heritage Convention

de Christina Cameron & Mechtild Rössler

This book examines the World Heritage system and its global impact through diverse prisms, including its normative frameworks, constituent bodies, programme activities, personalities and key issues. Concentrating...

Questions of Gender in Byzantine Society

de Bronwen Neil & Lynda Garland

Gender was a key social indicator in Byzantine society, as in many others. While studies of gender in the western medieval period have appeared regularly in the past decade, similar studies of Byzantium have...