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Best Intentions: The Education and Killing of Edmund Perry

de Robert Sam Anson

An exploration of how Edmund Perry, a 17 year old black honors student from Harlem, was killed soon after graduation by a young white plain clothes policeman in an alleged mugging attempt.

From the Trade Paperback...

Environmental Crisis or Crisis of Epistemology?: Working for Sustainable Knowledge and Environmental Justice

de Bunyan Bryant

The goal of "Environmental Crisis or Crisis of Epistemology?" is to challenge us to think that how we know the world and what we choose to do with what we know is fundamental to our environmental crisis.  "Environmental...

Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal

de Andrew Hacker

Why, despite continued efforts to increase understanding and expand opportunities, do black and white Americans still lead separate lives, continually marked by tension and hostility? In his much-lauded classic,...

Flames After Midnight: Murder, Vengeance, and the Desolation of a Texas Community, Revised Edition

de Monte Akers

What happened in Kirven, Texas, in May 1922, has been forgotten by the outside world. It was a coworker's whispered words, "Kirven is where they burned the [Negroes]," that set Monte Akers to work at discovering...

Caf (C) Con Leche: Race, Class, and National Image in Venezuela

de Winthrop R. Wright

For over a hundred years, Venezuelans have referred to themselves as a café con leche (coffee with milk) people. This colorful expression well describes the racial composition of Venezuelan society, in which...

They Called Them Greasers: Anglo Attitudes Toward Mexicans in Texas, 1821-1900

de Arnoldo De Leon

Tension between Anglos and Tejanos has existed in the Lone Star State since the earliest settlements. Such antagonism has produced friction between the two peoples, and whites have expressed their hostility...

Felix Longoria's Wake: Bereavement, Racism, and the Rise of Mexican American Activism

de Patrick Carroll & José E. Limón

Private First Class Felix Longoria earned a Bronze Service Star, a Purple Heart, a Good Conduct Medal, and a Combat Infantryman's badge for service in the Philippines during World War II. Yet the only funeral...

Remembering the Alamo: Memory, Modernity, and the Master Symbol

de Richard R. Flores

"Remember the Alamo!" reverberates through Texas history and culture, but what exactly are we remembering? Over nearly two centuries, the Mexican victory over an outnumbered band of Alamo defenders has been...

A Bantu in My Bathroom: Debating Race, Sexuality and Other Uncomfortable South African Topics

de Eusebius McKaiser

Why are South Africans so uncomfortable with deep disagreement? Why do is their such a high level of intolerance for people with opposing views? Eusebius McKaiser is on a mission to raise the level of debate...

Burial for a King: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Funeral and the Week that Transformed Atlanta and Rocked the Nation

de Rebecca Burns

In the aftermath of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, riots broke out in 110 cities across the country. For five days, Atlanta braced for chaos while preparing to host King’s funeral. An unlikely alliance...

Street Shadows: A Memoir of Race, Rebellion, and Redemption

de Jerald Walker

Masterfully told, marked by irony and humor as well as outrage and a barely contained sadness, Jerald Walker’s Street Shadows is the story of a young man’s descent into the “thug life” and the wake-up...

Confederacy of Silence: A True Tale of the New Old South

de Richard Rubin

A compelling and vivid portrait of a Deep South community poised between the past and the future, this is the stunning true story of how a young New York writer plunged into a closed Mississippi society, and...

Down to the Crossroads

de Aram Goudsouzian

In 1962, James Meredith became a civil rights hero when he enrolled as the first African American student at the University of Mississippi. Four years later, he would make the news again when he reentered Mississippi,...

No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning

de Abigail Thernstrom & Stephan Thernstrom

Black and Hispanic students are not learning enough in our public schools. Their typically poor performance is the most important source of ongoing racial inequality in America today. Thus, say Abigail and Stephan...

Why Black Men Love White Women: Going Beyond Sexual Politics to the Heart of the Matter

de Rajen Persaud


Why do so many high-profile black men date and marry the most ordinary white women?

Why do so many other black men desire and covet the...

Untouchables: My Family's Triumphant Journey Out of the Caste System in Modern India

de Narendra Jadhav

Every sixth human being in the world today is an Indian, and every sixth Indian is an untouchable. For thousands of years the untouchables, or Dalits, the people at the bottom of the Hindu caste system, have...

The Expo Files: Articles by the Crusading Journalist

de Stieg Larsson, Laurie Thompson & Tariq Ali

Now almost exclusively known as the author of the bestselling Millennium Trilogy, Stieg Larsson was first and foremost a professional journalist and an untiring crusader for democracy and equality.Collected...

Characteristics of the American Negro

de Otto Klineberg

Originally published in 1944, the introduction to this book states "this volume may be described as presenting first the popular views concerning the characteristics of the American Negro, and then a series...

Caste and Class in a Southern Town

de John Dollard

An examination of race and class in a Southern town in the 1930s, this book has evolved into a classic text in both the social sciences and American studies. This digital edition was derived from ACLS Humanities...

The Politics of Rage: George Wallace, the Origins of the New Conservatism and the Transformation of American Politics

de Dan T. Carter

This biography of George Wallace explains how the Alabama governor and presidential candidate was the "most influential loser in 20th century American politics." The author contends that Wallace's "new conservatism"...