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Nexus 7 for Dummies (Google Tablet)

de Dan Gookin

Friendly advice on leveraging the power of the new Nexus 7Google tablet!

The arrival of the new Nexus 7 Google tablet is eagerly awaited,thanks to its cutting-edge software, top-notch hardware,unprecedented abilities,...

Word 2007 For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

  • Dan Gookin's For Dummies guides to Word haveconsistently led the pack, selling more than 1.7 million copies inprevious editions
  • The author's irreverent sense of humor and crystal-clear prosemake getting up to...

DOS For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Windows may rule the world of popular computing on PCs around theglobe, but DOS still has a place in the hearts and minds ofcomputer users who vaguely remember what a C prompt looks like.Even if DOS (with all...

Parenting For Dummies

de Sandra Hardin Gookin & Dan Gookin

We humans are pretty clever. We’ve mastered fire, inventedthe wheel, calculated the age of the Universe, sent people to theMoon, built machines that think, and cracked the genome. Soyou’d think that with...

C All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

  • Covers everything users need to get up to speed on Cprogramming, including advanced topics to take their programmingskill to the next level
  • Walks C programmers through the entire development cycle of a Cprogram-designing...

PCs For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Over the 15 years since the first edition of PCs For Dummies, PCs have become immensely faster and more powerful. They have also sprouted new and wondrous capabilities at a dizzying pace. This 11th Edition of...

Word 2003 For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Want to write great looking documents but can’t seem to get ahandle on paragraph structuring? Unfamiliar with some of thebuttons and functions on your menu bar? Need to add page numbersfor a paper but can’t...

Word 2010 For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Dan Gookin gets you up to speed so you can get down to work with all the new features of Word 2010!

Bestselling and quintessential For Dummies author Dan Gookin employs his usual fun and friendly candor while...

Amazon Fire Phone For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Fire up your Amazon Fire Phone and get to know the hottestnew smartphone around with ForDummies!

The Amazon Fire Phone is here, and the first smartphonedesigned by Amazon does not disappoint. Loaded with innovativefeatures...

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Learn how to use your new Samsung Galaxy Note 3—the easyway!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest in Samsung'srevolutionary line of phablet devices. But what is a phablet? InSamsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies...

Android Tablets For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Make your Android do your bidding with help from bestsellingauthor Dan Gookin

Congratulations on your new Android tablet! Whether you're newto Android or new to tablets altogether, you're about to experiencemobile...

Android Phones For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

A colorful guide to make your Android phone do yourbidding

The popularity of Android phones is simply exploding, so it's aperfect time for popular For Dummies author Dan Gookin toupdate his bestselling guide...

Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

A colorful, entertaining, and informative guide to theSamsung Galaxy family of tablets

Samsung's bestselling Galaxy Tabs may come in multiplesizes, but they all share the wildly popular Androidoperating system...

Nexus Tablets For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Leverage the power of Google's revolutionary Nexus tabletwith help from Dan Gookin and For Dummies

Google's Nexus tablet is gaining market share at a rapid rateand offers a fantastic feature set at a price that...

Beginning Programming with C For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Learn the basics of programming with C with this fun and friendly guide!

C offers a reliable, strong foundation for programming and serves as a stepping stone upon which to expand your knowledge and learn additional...

PCs For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Get the latest edition of the bestselling PC book on theplanet!

What better way to make friends with your new PC than with thisnew edition of the bestselling PC book in the world? PCs ForDummies, Windows 7 Edition...

Android Tablets For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Get the most out of your Android tablet with this full-colorreference

Whether you are one of the millions who already have an Androidtablet, or you are interested in joining the masses with afirst-time purchase,...

Laptops For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

Laptops For Dummies, 3rd Edition shows you how to use yourlaptop to its fullest potential, from how to purchase a laptop andwhat to do when you first open the box to how to keep your laptopsafe and running smoothly....

Word 2013 For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

This bestselling guide to Microsoft Word is the first andlast word on Word 2013

It's a whole new Word, so jump right into this book and learnhow to make the most of it. Bestselling For Dummies authorDan Gookin...

PCs For Dummies

de Dan Gookin

The all-time bestselling PC reference, fully updated for thenewest technologies!

Previous editions of this fun and friendly PC guide have soldmore than three million copies, making it the bestselling PCreference...