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Saxon: The Emperor's Elephant

Saxon #2

de Tim Severin

The second book in Tim Severin's thrilling historical adventure series set in Saxon times

Viking 2

de Tim Severin

London, 1019: a few months have passed since Thorgils has escaped the clutches of the Irish Church only to find himself at the centre of a capricious love affair with Aelfgifu, wife of Knut the Great, ruler...

Viking 3

de Tim Severin

Constantinople, 1035: Thorgils has become a member of the Varangian lifeguard and witnesses the glories of the richest city on earth but also the murderous ways of the imperial family. Under the leadership of...

Viking 1

de Tim Severin

Our story begins in the year 1001 and the toddler, Thorgils Leiffson, son of Leif the Lucky and Thorgunna, arrives on the shores of Brattahlid in Greenland to be brought up in the fostercare of a young woman...

In Search Of Robinson Crusoe

de Tim Severin

With his signature approach to literary sleuthing, Tim Severin retraces the footsteps of castaways and pirates to discover the inspiration behind Daniel Defoe's brilliant creation, Robinson Crusoe.