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Hindu Psychology: Its Meaning for the West

de Swami Akhilananda

The six volume Psychology ann Religion set of the International Library of Psychology explores the interface between psychology and religion, looking at aspects of religious belief and mysticism as related to...

Politics and Society in the Developing World

de Mehran Kamrava

This book is a welcome new edition, which completely updates and revises the very popular first edition, Politics and Society in the Third World. Mehran Kamrava has brought the book in line with the major changes...

Journalism and Democracy: An Evaluation of the Political Public Sphere

de Brian McNair

The public sphere is said to be in crisis. Dumbing down, tabloidisation, infotainment and spin are alleged to contaminate it, adversely affecting the quality of political journalism and of democracy itself....

Spain 1914-1918: Between War and Revolution

de Francisco J. Romero Salvado & Francisco Jose Romero Salvado

This work analyses the Spanish experience of the First World War in terms of the general crisis in Europe at this time. In Spain, as elsewhere, the impact of four years of devastating conflict resulted in ideological...

Introduction to Social Security: Policies, Benefits and Poverty

de John Ditch

Social Security forms a major area of government policy and social expenditure. Government activity in this area impacts directly on all citizens, and consequently social security policy is the focus for much...

Naval Warfare, 1815-1914

de Lawrence Sondhaus

This book looks at the transition of wooden sailing fleets to the modern steel navy. It details the technological breakthroughs that brought about this change - steampower, armour, artillery and torpedoes, and...

Gender, State and Society in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia

de Sarah Ashwin

One of the few English language studies to focus on the male experiences, this book addresses the important questions raised by the rise and fall of the Soviet experiment in transforming gender relations. Issues...

Teaching and Learning Using Ict in the Primary School

de Marilyn Leask & John Meadows

Teaching and Learning with ICT in the Primary School introduces teachers to the range of ways in which ICT can be used to support and extend the teaching and learning opportunities in their classrooms. Chapters...

Gender and Archaeology: Contesting the Past

de Roberta Gilchrist

Gender and Archaeology is the first volume to critically review the development of this now key topic internationally, across a range of periods and material culture. ^l Roberta Gilchrist explores the significance...

Naturalization of the Soul: Self and Personal Identity in the Eighteenth Century

de John Barresi & Raymond Martin

Naturalization of the Soul charts the development of the concepts of soul and self in Western thought, from Plato to the present. It fills an important gap in intellectual history by being the first book to...

Rethinking Pastoral Care

de Úna M. Collins & Jean McNiff

The issue of pastoral care and how a teacher effectively provides it is currently a topic of great debate in the media. With teachers increasingly bearing the brunt of their pupils' difficult personal lives,...

Organisational Change and Retail Finance: An Ethnographic Perspective

de Richard Harper, David Randall & Mark Rouncefield

Financial organizations, like many others, are undergoing radical change. This is affecting both their organizational processes and the technology that supports those processes. This book reports on the use...

Thinking about Management: A Reflective Practice Approach

de David Currie & David Golding

This book invites the reader to explore the more puzzling aspects of those processes called 'management'. It provides a focused collection of readings to support and encourage wider consideration of alternative...

The Spanish Civil War: A Modern Tragedy

de George R. Esenwein

This exciting collection of primary sources on the Spanish Civil War uses military and political documents, media accounts, and contemporary propaganda to create a representative and illuminating survey of...

Improving Schools and Governing Bodies: Making a Difference

de Michael Creese & Peter Earley

This book provides school governors with a blueprint for working effectively and enthusiastically to bring about positive change in their schools, for the benefit of all those concerned.

Politics and Globalisation: Knowledge, Ethics and Agency

de Martin Shaw

Globalisation is widely understood as a set of processes driven by technological, economic and cultural change. Few have successfully defined the changing character and role of politics in global change. Political...

Social Cognition

de Donald C. Pennington

Social Cognition looks at the way in which humans interpret, analyse and remember information about the social world. Topics covered include: attribution, social schemas and social representations, prejudice...

Intensifiers in English and German: A Comparison

de Peter Siemund

This book deals with expressions like English myself, yourself, himself and so on, and German selbst from a perspective of language comparison. It is the first book-length study of intensifiers ever written....

The Royalist War Effort 1642-1646

de Ronald Hutton

The English Civil War remains the most prolonged and traumatic example of internal violence in the history of the state. The Royalist War Effort, 1642-1646 shows the build up to the outbreak of the war, detailing how...

Sex Work in Southeast Asia: The Place of Desire in a Time of AIDS

de Lisa Law

Southeast Asian sex workers are stereotypically understood as passive victims of the political economy, and submissive to western men. The advent of HIV/AIDS only compounds this image. Sex Work in Southeast...