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Rick Stein Starters

de Rick Stein

Rick Stein has handpicked 12 of his favourite recipes for Starters from his entire collection to appear in this charming gift book.

From the chef famed for his championing of home-produced fresh ingredients,...

Rick Stein Main Courses

de Rick Stein

This charming gift book contains 12 of Rick Stein's favourite recipes for main courses, hand-picked by Rick from his entire recipe collection.

From the chef famed for his championing of home-produced fresh ingredients,...

Rick Stein Puddings

de Rick Stein

Rick Stein has handpicked 12 of his favourite dessert recipes from his entire collection to appear in this charming gift book.

From the chef famed for his championing of home-produced fresh ingredients, this...

Rick Stein's French Odyssey

de Rick Stein

Rick Stein embarks on a journey of gastronomic discovery from Padstow to Bordeaux and then to Marseille. The book is divided into a diary section and recipe chapters. Featuring starters, light lunches, main...

The Boy Who Wasn't There

de K M Peyton

Thirteen-year-old Arnold is always getting into trouble - but nowhere near as serious as when he sees a dead body, floating in a lake. He's the only witness to this crime - and now, someone is trying to kill...

Searching For Venus

de Ella Broussard

Spirited and impulsive Louise is in the final year of her art history degree. For her dissertation she intends to track down a lost painting - the Venus of Collioure - whose disappearance is one of the mysteries...


de Ruth Dudley Edwards

They were 'Cudlipp' and 'Mr King' when they met in 1935. At 21, gregarious, extrovert and irreverent Hugh Cudlipp had many years of journalistic experience: at 34, shy, introspective and solemn Cecil Harmsworth...

Love Lives

de Emlyn Rees & Josie Lloyd

Two men. Two women. And every emotion you've ever felt...

In 1871 Appleforth House was burned to the ground. Now, over a hundred years later, the house is being rebuilt - and so the lives of four very different...

The Boy Next Door

de Emlyn Rees & Josie Lloyd

Is it true what they say about first loves being forever?

As the 1980s dawn in the sleepy English village of Rushton, Mickey and Fred are next-door neighbours and best friends, in and out of scrapes from the...

The Seven Year Itch

Jack & Amy #3

de Emlyn Rees & Josie Lloyd


Dadness. Women have a sixth sense for it. To them, you're like an old bull in a field at the side of the motorway, harmlessly chewing the cud, watching the world race by, nothing like the wild buffalo...

The Three Day Rule

de Emlyn Rees & Josie Lloyd

No phone. No electricity. Snowed in with your family. Welcome to one hell of a Christmas.

When the Thorne family gather for the annual Christmas festivities - the arguments, jealousies and long-held enmities...

Come Together

Jack & Amy #1

de Emlyn Rees & Josie Lloyd

Meet Jack

Jack Rossiter. I'm twenty-seven years old, single, and live with my best mate Matt. Matt and I started hanging out when we were eight. Life was simpler then. Our idea of fashion was polyester. I told...

Come Again

Jack & Amy #2

de Emlyn Rees & Josie Lloyd

Friends. You can't live with them - and you can't live without them.

Or so Matt is discovering. His best mate is getting married, leaving him high and dry. No flat-mate - and no girlfriend.

Then he remembers...

We Are Family

de Emlyn Rees & Josie Lloyd

In affairs of the heart, how far can family loyalties be stretched before they snap?

When Laurie Vale receives a phone call out of the blue from an aunt she never knew existed, she soon discovers that everything...

125 Years of the British and Irish Lions

de Clem Thomas & Greg Thomas

The British & Irish Lions are one of the most famous and feted teams in the world of rugby. Every four years, the Lions – selected from the national sides of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland – head to...

No. 1 Mum

de Alison Maloney

For No. 1 Mums everywhere, this is the perfect celebration of motherhood, filled with inventive ideas and clever tips and bubbling with joyful things. From chicken soup to Sunday roasts, bubble bath to balloons,...

Four Last Things

de William Palmer

"Do you know what the last four things are? In the

Christian catechism they are Death, Judgment, Heaven

and Hell. But in our secular age they should perhaps be

changed. I suggest - First Love, Friendship, Betrayal...

Common Sense

de Andrew Hood & Tony Benn

Do we need a Monarchy? Or does it represent everything that is hidebound and stifling about Britain? The headlines tell the story: every British Institution is in crisis As a nation we have lost our way, What...

Wise Women

de Carole McKenzie

'A woman is like a teabag - only when in hot water do you realise how strong she is' - Nancy Reagan

Women are never at a loss to express themselves, and smart women will have something to say for every occasion....


de K M Peyton

Darkling is ragged and wild, but Jenny can't help falling for him. As soon as her grandfather buys the chestnut colt, she is thrilled. But a racing colt turns out to be a frightening responsibility - especially...