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Running Scared

de Brenda Chapman

Feeling somehow to blame for her father's absence, thirteen-year-old Jennifer Bannon struggles to hang on to her dream that he will return and they can be a family again. However, hope quickly turns to horror...

The Busybody Buddha

de Margie Rutledge

In the sequel to The Great Laundry Adventure, the three Lawrence children, Abigail, Jacob and Ernest (from oldest to youngest) again embark on a mysterious adventure, but this time, the adventure is initiated,...

Pioneer Poltergeist: An Alan Nearing Mystery

de Mel Malton

Something is haunting the Laingford Pioneer Village Park, a mysterious presence that seems determined to get Alan and his two friends in trouble. They are spending the tail-end of the summer working as costumed...

Broken Circle

de Christopher Dinsdale

Jesse, a twelve-year-old boy of Native American descent, grudgingly follows through with his deceased father's request that he join his uncle on a special camping trip. During their first night around the campfire,...

Dead Cow in Aisle Three: A Polly Deacon Mystery

de H. Mel Malton

The third Polly Deacon novel finds our heroine in the unlikely (and uncomfortable) job of designing a mascot (Kountry Kow) for a new mega-grocery store, despite vitriolic opposition by local merchants, including...

Trouble on the Voyage

de Bob Barton

The Henrietta Maria has been trapped in the Hudson Strait for two months finally breaking free August 6, 1631 to search for a northwest passage. The crew knows it must leave Hudson Bay by early October to avoid...

The Real Life Body Book: A Young Woman's Complete Guide to Health and Wellness

de Hope Ricciotti & Monique Doyle Spencer

When you have questions about your health, you want answers from a trustworthy source. In The Real Life Body Book, a Harvard ob-gyn has joined forces with a humor writer to explain the full range of health issues...

Cut Off His Tale: A Hollis Grant Mystery

de Joan Boswell

The starter's gun explodes, and Hollis Grant excitedly begins her first marathon, only to stumble over a body lying in the road, the body of the Reverend Paul Robertson, her soon-to-be ex-husband. When the crush...

Stolen Away

de Christopher Dinsdale

Keira, kidnapped from Ireland by Vikings, is a slave living in legendary Vinland. Two native bands, the Beothuck and the Thule, are also fighting over the land, thrusting the Norsemen into war. While the Vikings...

Blackflies Are Murder: A Belle Palmer Mystery

de Lou Allin

Its high summer in Northern Ontario, where everyone is bear bait, even the bears. Gunshots chase Belle Palmer from her quiet forest paths. Then, on her remote lakeside road, the savage and unexplainable murder...

Murder, Eh?: A Belle Palmer Mystery

de Lou Allin

Northern Ontario realtor Belle Palmer is showing the lakefront mansion of a prominent businesswoman when she discovers the lady strangled in her bathtub. Could this third break-and-enter death reveal a serial...

Bush Poodles Are Murder: A Belle Palmer Mystery

de Lou Allin

Belle Palmers employee discovers her boyfriend bludgeoned to death in his condo. Miriam is eventually charged with second-degree murder and a stalker now has Belle watching her back in the Northern Ontario bush...

Bone Dance: A Ladies Killing Circle Anthology

de Joan Boswell & Sue Pike

Music may soothe the savage breast, but in this fifth collection of witty and wicked crime fiction from the Ladies' Killing Circle, music provides the background for tales of murder and mayhem.

The Minstrel Boy

de Sharon Stewart

David Baird, a talented young rock musician, accompanies his estranged father to Wales. Fleeing after a quarrel, David has a bizarre motorcycle accident which hurls him back in time to medieval Prydein.

The Drowned Violin: An Alan Nearing Mystery

de Mel Malton

There was something floating in the water ahead of the canoe. It looks dead, whatever it is, someone said. Thats where the mystery begins, and eleven-year-old Alan and his friends are determined to solve it...

The River Runs Orange: A Meg Harris Mystery

de R.J. Harlick

Meg Harris discovers the skull and bones of a woman whose very existence takes the archeological world by storm. But when her neighbours, the Migiskan Algonquin, declare their rights to the ancient remains,...

Homeopathic Color and Sound Remedies, Rev

de Ambika Wauters

Homeopathic pioneer Ambika Wauters explores the electromagnetic spectrum in relation to the chakras, detailing the use of colors and sounds as potentized remedies for emotional and physical ailments. Charting...

Dragon in the Clouds

de Rosemary Nelson

The Okanagan summer stretches out in front of twelve-year-old Nikki like a sparkling rainbow, with lots of time to spend at the beach and with her horse, Ginger. When her cousin Trevor arrives in his wheelchair,...

Honour Among Men: An Inspector Green Mystery

Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel 2007

de Barbara Fradkin

Inspector Green is coping with an office job, still eager to get back into the day-to-day fray of policing. His chance comes when an unidentified woman is drowned in the Ottawa River. In her possession is a...

Orlando: A Biography

de Virginia Woolf

In her most exuberant, most fanciful novel, Woolf has created a character liberated from the restraints of time and sex. Born in the Elizabethan Age to wealth and position, Orlando is a young nobleman at the...