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A Girl Next Door

de Mary Jane Staples

Boots Adams celebrates his 60th birthday in style with an old-fashioned Cockney knees-up, even if Gemma, James and the rest of the younger people insist that the music has to be rock and roll. The new generation...

A Family Affair

de Mary Jane Staples

1926 was the year of the General Strike, but Adams Enterprises, under the wily management of Sammy Adams, youngest entrepreneur in Walworth and Lambeth, was doing very well. All the Adams brothers worked in...

The Summer Day is Done

de Mary Jane Staples

When young British agent John Kirby comes to Russia in 1911 he is there to work and to explore a new and exciting country. He does not expect to fall in love, but an invitation to a ball from the Tsar changes...

The Longest Winter

de Mary Jane Staples

When Baroness Sophie von Korvacs meets British painter James Fraser one hot summer's day in Vienna, the attraction is instant. A whirlwind romance follows, with Vienna bathed in the brilliance of the last days...

The Price Of Freedom

de Mary Jane Staples

South London in the 1930s ...and Mrs Hilda Jones is fed up with her dull husband. She thought marrying would liven him up, but after twenty-five years he's just as boring as the day she married him , and now...

The Pearly Queen

de Mary Jane Staples

The Pearly Queen was really Aunt Edie. She was thirty-nine, had a good job in a factory, lived in a flat off Camberwell Green, and had never married. Her fiancé had drowned in the Thames when she was a girl...

The American Girl

de Monika Fagerholm & Katarina Tucker

In 1969, a young girl makes a trip from Coney Island to the swampy coastland on the rural outskirts of Helsinki, Finland. There, her death will immediately become part of local mythology, furnishing boys and...

The IBS Low-Starch Diet

de Carol Sinclair

Twenty per cent of the UK population - 12 million people - suffer IBS-related symptoms, but they may be unaware that the simple elimination of starch from their diet can bring dramatic relief from pain and discomfort....


de Tristan Hogg & Jon Simon

Everyone loves a pie. Pies are part of our food culture and heritage, as British as ... pork pie. Pieminister - the creation of Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon - have led the way in reinventing this great British...

A Portrait Of Leni Riefenstahl

de Audrey Salkeld

Leni Riefenstahl will always be remembered for her brilliant film of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin - still rated as one of the best documentaries ever made. Before that she was acclaimed for her roles in...

A Girl Called Dog

de Nicola Davies

Dog wasn't really a dog, she was a human girl. But she was called Dog because that is what Uncle had always called her.

Dog has never been outside of nasty Uncle's pet shop. She sleeps in a box on a floor and...

A Mother's Gift

de Maggie Hope

Taken in by her grandparents to ease the pressure on her poverty-stricken family, Katie Benfield knows she's one of the lucky ones. Even so, she dreams of a better life and of pursuing a nursing career. Despite...

Crossing the Boundary

de Kevin Pietersen

Described by the media as 'the David Beckham of cricket', Kevin has become the poster boy for English cricket. But he is also in possession of a prodigious talent - fearless, bold and with unflappable nerves....

Spanish Fly

de Neil Rollinson

Continuing where he left off with A Spillage of Mercury, Neil Rollinson's eagerly awaited new collection delves again into the dark, moist, unexpected bag of human experience. Taking the themes of love, sex,...

You Can't Bring That In Here!

de Pat Thomson

There's something for everyone in this collection of funny short stories. It's packed full of talking pigs, UFOs, gorillas, witches, mischievous house elves, flying postmen and lots more! Find out how Bozo the...

Tears of a Clown: Glenn Beck and the Tea Bagging of America

de Dana Milbank

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank takes a fair and balanced look at the unsettling rise of the silly Fox News host Glenn Beck.

Thomas Jefferson famously wrote that “the tree of Liberty must be refreshed...

Tongues Of Flame

de Tim Parks

The gift of tongues, prophecy exorcism. . . what might such concepts mean in a complacent backwater of North London? For Richard Bowen, adolescence becomes a nightmare when his parents join the charismatic movement...


de Emily Smith

James's mum is a real computer whizz. She designs computers that can launch space missions. But she's not quite so good at ordinary, boring mum stuff! James is forever turning up at school without his dinner...

Rick Stein's Spain

de Rick Stein

'I've wanted to make a series in Spain for a long time. I love Spanish food, I've been going there since I was a young boy - but until quite recently I don't think people really took the food seriously. Thanks...

Tom Aikens: Easy

de Tom Aikens

Tom Aikens is undoubtedly one of the UK's most talented chefs. His first restaurant, Tom Aikens, has received huge critical acclaim and was awarded a Michelin star a year after opening, sealing Tom's reputation...