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The Masters: Golf, Money, and Power in Augusta, Georgia

de Curt Sampson

The Masters golf tournament weaves a hypnotic spell. It is the toughest ticket in sports, with black-market tickets selling for $10,000 and more. Success at Augusta National breeds legends, while failure can...

Indonesian: A Comprehensive Grammar

de James Neil Sneddon, K Alexander Adelaar & Dwi N. Djenar

This grammar is a complete reference guide to the language of Indonesia as used by native speakers.

The book is organised to promote a thorough understanding of Indonesian grammar. It presents the complexities...

Transforming Pakistan: Ways Out of Instability

de Hilary Synnott

This book argues that any strategy for dealing with Pakistan requires an understanding of the country's complex and turbulent history and of the weaknesses of its political and other institutions. It describes...

Ending Terrorism: Lessons for Defeating Al-Qaeda

de Audrey Kurth Cronin

Like all other terrorist movements, al-Qaeda will end. While it has traits that exploit and reflect the current international context, it is not utterly without precedent: some aspects of al-Qaeda are unusual,...

Godel's Proof

de Ernest Nagel & James R. Newman

'Nagel and Newman accomplish the wondrous task of clarifying the argumentative outline of Kurt Godel's celebrated logic bomb.' - The Guardian

In 1931 the mathematical logician Kurt Godel published a revolutionary...

A Guide to Copyright for Museums and Galleries

de Anna Booy, Robin Fry & Peter Wienand

Written by a team of legal experts on copyright, this user-friendly, comprehensive guide is the essential reference tool for everyone in the world of museums and galleries whose work brings them into contact...

Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation: New Prospects in Cognitive Neurorehabilitation

de Carlo Professor Miniussi & Giuseppe Professor Vallar

Cognitive deficits are a common consequence of neurological disease, and there is evidence that specific cognitive training may be effective in rehabilitation. Behavioural dysfunction following neurological...

Judicial Recourse to Foreign Law: A New Source of Inspiration?

de Basil Markesinis & Jorg Fedtke

Accessible and clearly structured, this is the first book to include examinations of public and private law in the discussion about access to foreign laws. With commentaries by an international collection of...

Offenders or Citizens?: Readings in Rehabilitation

de Philip Priestley & Maurice Vanstone

The punitive prison currently dominates the practice of Anglo-American criminal justice, stigmatising its victims as perpetual 'offenders' and failing to change a majority of them for the better. Books of academic...

Sex Trafficking

de Marie Segrave, Sanja Milivojevic & Sharon Pickering

Trafficking in persons, particularly the trafficking of women into sexual servitude (sex trafficking) has generated much attention over the past decade. This book provides a critical examination of the international...

Criminal Justice: Local and Global

de Deborah Drake, John Muncie & Louise Westmarland

Criminal Justice: Local and Global and its sister text Crime: Local and Global are two new teaching texts that aim to equip the reader with a critical understanding of the globally contested nature of 'crime'...

Recondo: LRRPs in the 101st Airborne

de Larry Chambers

Author Larry Chambers vividly describes the guts and courage it took to pass the though volunteer-only training program in Nha Tarng to be part of the 5th Special Forces Recondo School, the hair-raising graduation...

Violent and Sexual Offenders: Assessment, Treatment and Management

de Jane Ireland, Carol A. Ireland & Philip Birch

This book provides an authoritative overview and analysis of issues of assessment, treatment and management of dangerous offenders. It takes particular account of recent policy and legislative changes such as...

Child Pornography: Crime, Computers and Society

de Ian O'Donnell & Claire Milner

This book explores the enduring appeal of child pornography and its ramifications for criminal justice systems around the world. It is based on an extensive review of academic literature and newspaper coverage,...

The Quantified Process Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment

de Amir M. Poreh

Since the late 1800s psychologists have been interested in discerning the strategies subjects employ to solve psychological tests (Piaget, 1928, Werner, 1940, Gesell, 1941). Much of this work, however, has relied...

Developmental Psychology: A Student's Handbook

de Margaret Harris & George Butterworth

Developmental Psychology: A Student's Handbook is a major textbook that provides an up-to-date account of theory and research in the rapidly-changing field of child development. Margaret Harris and George Butterworth...

Giving Professional Presentations in the Behavioral Sciences and Related Fields: A Practical Guide for Novice, the Nervous and the Nonchalant

de Michael J. Platow

Gives concrete advice about designing, delivering, and defending presentations, and is written specifically for students and professionals who have little or no experience of giving presentations.

Drinking Occasions: Comparative Perspectives on Alcohol and Culture

de Dwight B. Heath

The main purpose of this book is to describe the variety of drinking occasions that exist around the world, primarily in modern, industrialized countries. As such, it celebrates the diversity of normal drinking...

Chemical Dependency: Theoretical Approaches and Strategies Working with Individuals and Families

de Eileen B Isaacson

This helpful book underscores the importance of working with both the individual and family as part of a comprehensive biopsychosocial approach in assessment, intervention, and treatment of chemical addiction....

Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer: Have You Heard My Message?

de J. Louis Campbell III

One of the founders of the gay and lesbian liberation movement, Jack Nichols was a warrior for gay equality. Recounting his life and work, Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer: "Have You Heard My Message?" skillfully weaves...