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Más opciones

Feminist Review: Issue 44: Nationalisms and National Identities

de The Feminist Review Collective

Feminist Review is the UK's leading feminist journal. It has a unique place in the women's movement internationally. This issue focusing on Nationalism and National Identities features articles by Nahid Yegeneh...

The Political Thought of Karl Popper

de Jeremy Shearmur

The Political Thought of Karl Popper offers a controversial treatment of Popper's ideas about politics, informed by Shearmur's personal knowledge of Popper together with research on unpublished material in the...

Social Class in Modern Britain

de Gordon Marshall, Howard Newby & David Rose

The book incorporates three alternative conceptions of class. Erik Olin Wright's structural Marxist account is set alongside John Goldthorpe's occupational class schema, and the Registrar-General's prestige...

Archaeology and Language III: Artefacts, Languages and Texts

de Roger Blench & Matthew Spriggs

Archaeology and Language III interprets results from archaeological data in terms of language distribution and change, providing the tools for a radical rewriting of the conventional discourse of prehistory....

Psychology for Social Workers: Black Perspectives

de Lena Robinson

Psychology for Social Workers is designed to help qualifying and practising social workers to understand and counteract the impact of discrimination, work in an ethnically sensitive way and demonstrate an awareness...

Really Raising Standards: Cognitive Intervention and Academic Achievement

de Philip Adey, Dr Michael Shayer & MICHAEL Shayer

Written by experienced teachers and educational researchers Phillip Adey and Michael Shayer, Really Raising Standards analyses attempts to teach children to think more effectively and efficiently. Their practical...

Managing Water as an Economic Resource

de James Winpenny

Water, already a scarce resource, is treated as though it were plentiful and free. The task of supplying enough water of the required quality to growing populations is straining authorities and governments to...

HyperReality and Global Culture

de Nicholas Perry

This book explores a world where the boundaries between reality and representation have become blurred, a world where LA Law is used to train lawyers.

Drawing on examples from around the globe, Nick Perry presents...

Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint

de Franz Brentano

Franz Brentano's classic study Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint was the most important of Brentano's works to be published in his lifetime.

A new introduction by Peter Simons places Brentano's work in...

Was the Industrial Revolution Necessary?

de Graeme Snooks

Was the Industrial Revolution Necessary? takes an innovative look at this much studied subject. The contributors ask new questions, explore new issues and use new data in order to stimulate interest and elicit...

State Punishment

de Nicola Lacey

Nicola Lacey presents a new approach to the question of the moral justification of punishment by the State. She focuses on the theory of punishments in context of other political questions, such as the nature...

Using Sartre: An Analytical Introduction to Early Sartrean Themes

de Gregory McCulloch

Using Sartre is an introduction to the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre, but it is not an ordinary introduction. It both promotes Sartrean views and adopts a consistently analytical approach to him. Concentrating...

Shaping Childhood: Themes of Uncertainty in the History of Adult-Child Relationships

de Roger Cox

What part has religion played in the history of child-rearing? How do we persuade children to behave rationally and how should we exercise adult authority? What use do we make of their innocence and how do we...

Feminist Review: Issue 46

de The Feminist Review Collective

A unique combination of the activist and the academic, Feminist Review has an acclaimed place within women's studies courses and the women's movement.

Feminist Review is produced by a London-based editorial...

Feminist Review: Issue 47

de The Feminist Review Collective

A unique combination of the activist and the academic, Feminist Review has an acclaimed place within women's studies courses and the women's movement.

Feminist Review is produced by a London-based editorial...

Industrial Subsidies and Friction in World Trade: Trade Policies or Trade Politics?

de Rambod Behboodi

National industrial subsidies are a major irritant in international trading relations. There have been many attempts to curb the damaging effects of subsidies on the international trading order; most have met...

Mapping Desire: Geog Sexuality

de David Bell & Gill Valentine

This is the first book to explore sexualities from a geographical perspective. The nature of place and notions of space are of increasing centrality to cultural and social theory. Mapping Desire presents the...

Heidegger's Hidden Sources: East-Asian Influences on His Work

de Reinhard May

Heidegger's Hidden Sources documents for the first time Heidegger's remarkable debt to East Asian philosophy. In this groundbreaking study, Reinhard May shows conclusively that Martin Heidegger borrowed some...

Beyond Beijing: Liberalization and the Regions in China

de Dali L. Yang

This book offers a balanced assessment of the dynamics and consequences of the decentralization of power and resources in post- Mao China. The author argues that decentralization has increased tensions amongst...

Growth and Guilt: Psychology and the Limits of Development

de Luigi Zoja

The relentless exploitation of the earth's resources and technologys boundless growth are a matter of urgent concern. When did this race towards the limitless begin?

The Greeks, who shaped the basis of Western...