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354th Fighter Group

de William Hess & Chris Davey

‘I think the success of the 354th as the leading group in the European theatre for aerial victories is due to several things. First was the initial training of the squadrons before deployment to England. Colonel...

Warriors at the Little Bighorn 1876

de Richard Hook

The battle which took place on the Little Bighorn river on June 25, 1876 has passed into legend as “Custer's Last Stand”. This remarkable book is a unique analysis of the oral and pictorial evidence for...

Long Reach

de Michael O'Leary

This volume focuses on the little known official Army Air Force report commissioned by the Eighth Air Force's VIII Fighter Command (FC) in May 1944. The detailed document chronicled the experiences of 24 pilots...

Italian Aces of World War 2

de Giorgio Apostolo & Richard Caruana

Flying aircraft such as the Macchi 200-202, Fiat G.50 and biplane Fiat CR.42, the Italian fighter pilots were recognised by their Allied counterparts as brave opponents blessed with sound flying abilities, but...

Austro-Hungarian Aces of World War 1

de Chris Chant & Mark Rolfe

Starting the war with only 35 aircraft, Austro-Hungarian industry went on to produce only moderate numbers of poor quality aircraft. The fliers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire operating on the Serbian and Russian...

Down to Earth Strafing Aces of the Eighth Air Force

de William Hess & Chris Davey

'Like The Long Reach, Down to Earth is a message from the battle at its height, told in their own words by the men who fight' - this is how Brig-Gen Francis Griswold, VIII Fighter Command, ends his introduction...

Slovakian and Bulgarian Aces of World War 2

de Jiri Rajlich & John Weal

In 1939, Slovakia signed a protection agreement with the German Reich and joined the attack on Poland, where its Avia B-534-equipped fighter squadrons claimed their first kills. In October 1942, having made...

Israeli Mirage III and Nesher Aces

de Shlomo Aloni & Mark Styling

Israeli delta fighters pilots have been credited with almost 300 kills between 1966 and 1974, and dozens of them became aces. The Israeli aerial kill exchange rate and overall air-to-air performance was phenomenal....

Soviet MiG-15 Aces of the Korean War

de Leonid Krylov & Yuriy Tepsurkaev

The Soviet Union began assisting the People's Republic of China in its establishment of a modern air force in 1950, when Soviet Air Force regiments were sent to train local pilots. China's involvement in the...

P-36 Hawk Aces of World War 2

de Lionel Persyn & Chris Davey

The Curtiss P-36 began its life in the US where it was considered a revolution in performance design in comparison to other US fighters. Its pilots achieved some of the first American victories of the war and...

Sassanian Elite Cavalry Ad 224-642

de Kaveh Farrokh & Angus Mcbride

The Sassanians ruled the last great imperial Empire of Persia before the Arab conquests of the 7th century. Rome’s only equal in the classical world, the Sassanian Empire had an enormous impact on the development...

Wehrmacht Combat Helmets 1933-45

de Brian Bell & Kevin Lyles

The German Stahlhelm is perhaps the most recognizable image of World War II (1939-1945). Manufactured in its millions, it was used or copied by many countries. It is still one of the most collected relics of...

World War II Street-Fighting Tactics

de Stephen Bull & Peter Dennis

Osprey's study of street-fighting tactics during World War II (1939-1945). In a continuation of the tactics mini-series, this new book describes and analyzes the physical tactics of the close-quarter fighting...

The Canadian Corps in World War I

de Rene Chartrand & Gerry Embleton

In 1914 with a regular army of only 3,110 men Canada was ill-prepared to enter World War I (1914-1918). Yet, in a display of incredible unanimity thousands of young Canadians volunteered to fight for the Allied...

German Commerce Raider vs British Cruiser: The Atlantic & The Pacific 1941

de Robert Forczyk & Ian Palmer

During World War II, the Kriegsmarine armed a number of merchant vessels with concealed guns and torpedo tubes for surprise attacks against Allied shipping. To counter this deadly threat, the Royal Navy employed...

The Bismarck 1941: Hunting Germany's Greatest Battleship

de Angus Konstam & Paul Wright

The breakout of the German battleship Bismarck into the North Atlantic in May 1941 was one of the most dramatic naval episodes of World War II (1939-1945). It took place at a time when the resources of the Royal...

Yangtze River Gunboats 1900-49

de Angus Konstam & Tony Bryan

From the end of the 19th century through the first half of the 20th, most Western powers maintained a naval presence in China. These gunboats protected traders and missionaries, safeguarded national interests,...

British Aircraft Carriers 1939-45

de Angus Konstam & Tony Bryan

In August 1917, at the height of the First World War, a small biplane landed on the makeshift flight deck of HMS Furious - the first ever carrier landing in aviation history. This small act ushered in a new...

British Battleships 1939-45 (1): Queen Elizabeth and Royal Sovereign Classes

de Angus Konstam, Paul Wright & Tony Bryan

With the outbreak of World War II, Britain's Royal Navy and her fleet of battleships would be at the forefront of her defence. Yet from a fleet of 12 battleships, ten were already over 20 years old, venerable...

Union River Ironclad 1861-65

de Angus Konstam & Tony Bryan

At the start of the American Civil War, neither side had warships on the Mississippi River, which was a vital strategic artery. In what would prove the vital naval campaign of the war, both sides fought for...