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Critical Approaches to Security: An Introduction to Theories and Methods

de Laura J. Shepherd

Focusing on critical approaches to security, this new textbook offers readers both an overview of the key theoretical perspectives and a variety of methodological techniques. 

With a careful explication...

Democratic Decision-Making in the Eu: Technocracy in Disguise?

de Anne Elizabeth Stie

This book examines the democratic legitimacy of the European Union (EU) and evaluates the democratic credentials of the EU's main decision-making procedure. It finds that though there is potential for democratic...

The Economic Value of Landscapes

de C. Martijn van der Heide & Wim Heijman

This book aims to explore the avenue of landscape economics and provides the building blocks (from different scientific disciplines) for an economic analysis of landscapes. What exactly constitutes and determines...

Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts

de Susan Hayward

Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts is an essential guide for anyone interested in film. Providing accessible coverage of a comprehensive range of genres, movements, theories and production terms, this is a must-have...

History on Television

de Ann Gray & Erin Bell

In recent years non-fiction history programmes have flourished on television. This interdisciplinary study of history programming identifies and examines different genres employed by producers and tracks their...

The Refutation of the Self in Indian Buddhism: Candrak?rti on the Selflessness of Persons

de James Duerlinger

Since the Buddha did not fully explain the theory of persons that underlies his teaching, in later centuries a number of different interpretations were developed. This book presents the interpretation by the...

The Transition to National Armies in the Former Soviet Republics, 1988-2005

de Jesse Paul Lehrke

This book looks at the militaries of the late-Soviet and post-Soviet republics. Beginning with the end of the Soviet era, it recognises that the successor states did not spring from nowhere, but inherited a...

The Philosophy of Mr. B*rtr*nd R*ss*ll: With an Appendix of Leading Passages from Certain Other Works. a Skit.

de Philip E. B. Jourdain

This skit of Bertrand Russell's philosophy was originally published in 1918 by Russell's correspondent friend Jourdain. The introduction explains that the contents purport to be lost papers written by Mr. B*rtr*nd...

The Spinozistic Ethics of Bertrand Russell

de Kenneth Blackwell

Bertrand Russell's professional philosophical reputation rests mainly on his mathematical logic and theory of knowledge. This study, first published in 1985, however, considers Russell's writings on ethics and...

Teaching Psychology Online: Tips and Strategies for Success

de Kelly S. Neff & Stewart I. Donaldson

Intended as a resource for psychology educators ranging from teaching assistants to experienced faculty, this book shows readers how to effectively create and manage an online psychology course. Guidelines for...

Rethinking Foreign Policy

de Fredrik Bynander & Stefano Guzzini

This edited volume is a tribute to, and a debate with, the scholarship of Walter Carlsnaes and his contribution to the study of foreign policy in both its conceptualization and application.

This book probes...

Progress or Collapse: The Crises of Market Greed

de Roberto De Vogli

Human progress is heading toward collapse. There are converging ecological crises looming on the horizon: climate change, peak oil, water shortages, fish depletion and food scarcities. The world is on a collision...

Bertrand Russell's Theory of Knowledge

de Elizabeth Ramsden Eames

When future generations come to analyze and survey twentieth-century philosophy as a whole, Bertrand Russell's logic and theory of knowledge is assured a place of prime importance. Yet until this book was first...

Bertrand Russell on Education

de Joe Park

Although scholars from many disciplines have turned their attention to Russell's work and appraised its significance for a number of fields, and an extensive literature on him emerged, until this book, first...

The Buddha and Religious Diversity

de J. Abraham Velez de Cea

Providing a rigorous analysis of Buddhist ways of understanding religious diversity, this book develops a new foundation for cross-cultural understanding of religious diversity in our time.

Examining the complexity...

Women as Mothers in Pre-Industrial England

de Valerie Fildes

Originally published in 1990, this book met the rising interest in the subject of women in pre-industrial England, bringing together a group of scholars with diverse and wide-ranging interests; experts in social...

A Realist Theory of Art History

de Ian Verstegen

As the theoretical alignments within academia shift, this book introduces a surprising variety of realism to abolish the old positivist-theory dichotomy that has haunted Art History. Demanding frankly the referential...

Social Work, Law and Ethics

de Jonathan Dickens

Law and ethics are two vital aspects of social work - all social workers need to practise according to the law and their codes of ethics and conduct. However, the relationship between the law and social work...

The Financial History of the Bank for International Settlements

de Kazuhiko Yago

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), founded in 1930, works as the "Bank for Central Banks". The BIS is an international forum where central bankers and officials gather to cope with international financial...

Understanding Eu Law

de Karen Davies

Understanding European Union Law is both an ideal introduction for students new to EU law and an essential addition to revision for the more accomplished. It is also indispensable reading for students on business...