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The Philosopher At The End Of The Universe

de Mark Rowlands

'It's Schopenhauer and the will. It's Plato, it's Hume, Baudrillard and the concept of the Nietzschean superman!' Keanu Reeves on The Matrix

The Philosopher at the End of the Universe allows anyone to understand...

Boundless Love

de Miranda MacPherson

Writing from her personal experience, Miranda Holden shows that nurturing an authentic soul life brings a level of power, wisdom, strength and vision beyond what is commonly available, and that it can transform...

How To Survive From Nine To Five

de Jilly Cooper

Jilly Cooper's witty thumbnail sketch of office life - part valentine, part poison pen letter - offers a vivid evocation of the world in which many of us spend a large part of our lives. There will be few office...

Sweeter Than Wine

de Susan Sallis

The quarrel had begun many years before - in 1850 on a West Indian sugar plantation - but although Charles Martinez and Hanover Rudolph had been dead a long time, the resentment and grudges of that old enmity...

The Cuckoo's Parting Cry

de Anthea Halliwell

For Fidgie, living in pre-war Wales, the long school holiday stretched blissfully ahead. With her new friend Chaz as companion for idyllic summer days by the sea, she was able frequently to escape her edgy mother...

The Age Heresy

de Buzan , Tony And Keene , Raymond

It is widely assumed that as we grow older there is a gradual decline in the way we use our brains. This book draws on acclaimed and proven scientific evidence to put forward a sensational brand-new theory which...

The Trap

de Mary Jane Staples

When Jamie Blair, twenty-four, unemployed, and back from the trenches, took lodgings at Larcom Street in Walworth, he had no idea he was walking into a trap. The house was owned by Henry Mullins, big, burly,...

The Decoding of Lana Morris

de Laura Mcneal & Tom Mcneal

A Kirkus Reviews Best Young Adult Book of the Year

A New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age

Sixteen-year-old Lana Morris wishes her life were different: her Ice Queen of a foster mother won't leave her...

Flight Of The Storks

de Jean-Christophe Grange

A journey to the green inferno of the African jungle brings one man face to face with his macabre past. Every year the storks would set off on their astounding 12,000-mile migration from Northern Europe to the...

Zen Gardening

de A. K. Davidson

The Zen gardens of Japan are places in which to meditate. They can be anything from a landscaped garden, complete with waterfalls, to a bed of raked pebbles. This ancient way of gardening goes back to the Zen...

Corydon and the Island of Monsters

Corydon & The Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece #1

de Tobias Druitt

A young shepherd, Corydon, is driven out of his village because of his unusual appearance and then captured and put on display as a monster. Alongside him in the traveling freak show are Medusa, the Minotaur,...

Not A Games Person

de Julie Myerson

P.E. You either loved it or hated it, looked forward to it or dreaded it, but we've all been forced to do it. Sometimes a note could get you out of it, but the following week there you'd be again, writhing on...

Chasing Windmills

de Catherine Ryan Hyde

From the bestselling author of Pay It Forward comes a provocative and unlikely love story that starts on a New York subway car and blossoms under the windmills of the Mojave Desert.Both Sebastian and Maria live...

India's Unending Journey

de Mark Tully

Sir Mark Tully is one of the world's leading writers and broadcasters on India, and the presenter of the much loved radio programme 'Something Understood'. In this fascinating and timely work, he reveals the...

Claude & Camille

de Stephanie Cowell

Sometimes he dreamt he held her; that he would turn in bed and she would be there. But she was gone and he was old. Nearly seventy. Only cool paint met his fingers. “Ma très chère . . .” Darkness started...

Love Me Tender

de Jane Feaver

There is more going on in the village of Buckleigh than meets the eye and its sense of community is often as much a curse as a blessing. While Barrie, the local mayor, is driven into the arms of tough single...

Rosamond Lehmann

de Selina Hastings

The life of Rosamond Lehmann was as romantic and harrowing as that of any of her fictional heroines. Her first novel, the shocking Dusty Answer, became wildly successful launching her career as a novelist and,...

Jenny Pitman: The Autobiography

de Jenny Pitman

Jenny Pitman's success has been won against the odds. An outsider in the privileged world of racing, she has nevertheless turned herself into one of the most successful trainers in Britain today. And as a woman...

Wonder Tales

de Marina Warner

Marina Warner has gathered together a magical collection of fairy tales by the great women storytellers of the 17th and 18th centuries. These are passionate, extraordinary, and occasionally proto-feminist retellings...

The (Not Quite) Biggest Ever Tim Vine Joke Book

de Tim Vine

Comedian and TV star, Tim Vine, will have you laughing for hours with this new, abridged version of his hilarious joke book . . .


What a rip off.

Why do you never see an elephant on a bus?

Because he's...