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The Adventures of Meg's Friends: Meg Sniffs Out the Endangered Pink River Dolphin

de Milan Ph. D. Hollister

Meg and her friends find adventure in South America where they learn about the Amazon River and one of its endangered species. Their new friend Myra teaches them through facts and folklore about her special...

Master Baker to Lunch Lady

de Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker is a Top Pastry Chef. You will journey through her quirky days as a student and pastry chef. You will be perplexed when you find out what really happens behind the scene in a commercial kitchen....

On the Run in College Park

de Jon K. Elliott

On the Run in College Park tells us what might happen when students become criminals and criminals become terrorists. It is a timely story of today’s worldwide issues played out among the life and burgeoning...

Morgan McMouth

de Charlotte Barbaree

Morgan McMouth is a little boy who loves to talk and talk and talk. If he can't think of something sensible to say, he will go on flights of fancy. His endless talk and boundless imagination keeps him entertained...

Flowing Through Me: Heartfelt Psalms that touch your mind and spirit

de Crystal Dawn Mason

that God is your creator who has the power to give you the desires of your heart? If you answered yes to these questions, you will enjoy this spellbinding, lovely journal of psalms. They will speak to the hearts...

Cabin in the Woods

de Deborah Anderson

Delores, run!” screams Kathy. Kathy wakes up screaming, shivering in a cold sweat. She quickly turns on the lamp sitting on the bedside table and tries to calm down as she searches the room for something familiar,...

Off My Leash: A Dog's Memoir

de Diane Badger

This fictional dog’s “memoir” is based on the real life of a dog named Jessie, who experiences a total end-of-life recall. Her thought narrative takes the reader along on her sentimental and lighthearted...


de Ira Jr. Andrus

We, mankind, have libraries full of ideas about the language of psychology, spirituality, physics, and theories of origin that are shared, analyzed, and accepted or discarded according to preference only. We,...

The Princess and the World's Most Wonderful Blankadoo

de Charlotte Barbaree

Princess Rebecca has a "best" friend; it is The World's Most Wonderful Blankadoo, but she has lost it! Her entire family goes on a hunt to find it, but alas, it cannot be found. Dame Grandma makes the princess...

Spirit Hovering: Poems

de Nancy Arbuthnot

In the poetic meditations of Spirit Hovering, Nancy Arbuthnot considers how the most mundane things of our lives can lead to deepened spiritual reflection and renewed spiritual life. Inspired by Biblical passages...

What's Your D8 Number?

de Andre Blaylock

Mr. God’s Gift to You meets Ms. #1 Stunner one day while walking in the park. He stops to tell her how well-behaved her Jack Russell terrier is and that animals are his passion. After the thirty-second size-up...

Cold Fusion

de Patrick P. Astre

On a lonely Arizona highway ATF officer Gaston Duval witnesses the murder of a scientist out of Los Alamos National Lab. The murdered woman is carrying his cell phone number and that of his dead fianc'e. As...

The Necronomicon Files: The Truth Behind Lovecraft's Legend

de Daniel Harms & John Wisdom Gonce

What if a book existed that gave answers to everything you've ever wondered about? What would you do to learn its secrets? Tales of such books have abounded for millennia and are legend in occult history. One...

Road to Transformation: Journey to God's Glory

de Rhonda Barnes

If you are a destiny driven individual, you are on a road journeying somewhere. The question is, "Do you know where?" In God's divine design, He looked down through time and specifically created you to be alive...

Changing the World One Thought At A Time

de Timothy Arnett

The purpose of this book is to explore a new ethical theory I like to call the Utopian Theory; the theory is called Utopian to express the inclusion of everyone and the exclusion of no one - Utopia: where all...

Then There Was Jesus: An Interactive Christmas Story

de Dena Baker

What were the star, the angel, and the animals thinking, if they could think, that surprising first Christmas night? See what might have been on Mary or Joseph's minds, or even Jesus's. Each figure gives a glimpse...

Alias Sherlock Holmes 2: A Fear of Height

de Rev. Russell Baker

When Christian private detective Jeremy Winslow meets detective Christopher Anderson, he is drawn into a world of madness and danger. A tragedy has left Anderson thinking he is really Sherlock Holmes and that...

Apostasy: The fall of Christianity

de Patrick A. Gillette

For many are called, but few are chosen” (Matt. 22:14). Are you a false believer or are you a true follower? Do you believe God or man? Christians, Jews, and Muslims all refer to the Bible. Read what the Bible...

Unknown Mysteries of Life and the Path to Success

de Ferid Azemi

Can we live longer and look young forever? Why do we live such short lives? How do we reach success? Unknown Mysteries of Life and the Path to Success is a wake-up call for everyone who ever wondered about life...

Tom-Tom, The Bad Dog

de Shirley Ardalan

Tom-Tom and his mom Sandy are two dogs living across the street from each other. Sandy is in a loving home while Tom-Tom is left behind when Sandy's family moves. But Granny rescues him, reuniting him with his...