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Más opciones

14-18: Understanding the Great War

de Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau & Annette Becker

With this brilliantly innovative book, reissued for the one-hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau and Annette Becker have shown that the Great War was the matrix...

The Parent's Problem Solver: Smart Solutions for Everyday Discipline Dilemmas and Behavioral Problems

de Cathryn Md Tobin


From tantrums to sleeping problems, bullying to bed-wetting, The Parent’s Problem Solver offers parents quick, commonsense,...

The Heart of Happy Hollow

de Paul Laurence Dunbar

A historic collection of perceptive tales from a luminary of nineteenth-century literature

First published in 1904, The Heart of Happy Hollow features sixteen short stories that provide rare glimpses into the...

In Search of Our Roots: How l9 Extraordinary African Americans Reclaimed Their Past

de Henry Louis Jr Gates

Unlike most white Americans who, if they are so inclined, can search their ancestral records, identifying who among their forebears was the first to set foot on this country’s shores, most African Americans,...

The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives

de Katie Couric



In this inspiring book, Katie Couric distills the ingenious, hard-won insights of such leaders and visionaries as Maya Angelou, Jimmy Carter, Michael J. Fox, and Ken Burns, who offer...

It's Always Personal: Navigating Emotion in the New Workplace

de Anne Kreamer

An innovative study of gender, emotion, and power, It’s Always Personal is an essential companion for everyone navigating the challenges of the contemporary workplace.


How often have we heard “It’s...

The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up: Grilling, Tailgating, Picnicking, and More

de Jamie Deen, Bobby Deen & Melissa Clark

Hungry for the great outdoors? Jamie and Bobby Deen know just what to make—whether it’s in your own backyard, on the beach, at a potluck picnic, or tailgating before the big game. In The Deen Bros. Get Fired...

Real World Adobe Illustrator CS4

de Steven Holzner

Real World Adobe Illustrator CS4 is the definitive reference to Adobe's industry-standard vector graphics software and is now in 4-color. With an easy, engaging style, author and past Illustrator product manager...

Building Expertise: Cognitive Methods for Training and Performance Improvement

de Ruth Colvin Clark

This third edition of the classic resource, Building Expertise draws on the most recent evidence on how to build innovative forms of expertise and translates that evidence into guidelines for instructional designers,...

The Fallen Angel: A Novel

Nic Costa #9

de David Hewson

Acclaimed author David Hewson returns with this mesmerizing new thriller featuring Nic Costa and the detectives of Rome’s Questura. This time Costa must solve a case with roots buried deep in one of the ancient...


Home Repair is Homicide #14

de Sarah Graves

Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree is deep in her latest home improvement project—repainting the porch of her lovingly restored house in Eastport, Maine—when she notices the man repeatedly biking past her house....

The Veritas Conflict

de Shaunti Feldhahn

Claire Rivers races to the mailbox to receive a letter of acceptance to Harvard University while a heavenly battle rages. In this fast-paced, suspenseful novel, the ageless war for the hearts and minds of students...

High Flavor, Low Labor: Reinventing Weeknight Cooking

de J. M. Hirsch



Forever short on time, Associated Press food editor J. M. Hirsch is a master of kitchen shortcuts; his favorite, letting high-flavor ingredients do the heavy lifting, was...

Wilma's World: Good Advice from a Good Dog

de Rae Dunn

Welcome to Wilma's World, where life is full of joy and adventure lies around every corner. This charming book of photographs celebrates the wise insights of a special dog whose musings remind us to slow down...

Prairie Style Weddings: Rustic and Romantic Farm, Woodland, and Garden Celebrations

de Fifi O'Neill & Mark Lohman

Rustic barns and gardens are popular settings for the intimate, personalized weddings that are today's top trend. Stylist Fifi O'Neill knows how to transform such venues into gorgeous "prairie style" celebrations...

Eva's Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends

de Eva Longoria & Marah Stets

Eva Longoria may be most recognized for her role as Desperate Housewives’ saucy Gabrielle Solis, but on her own time, there are few places she would rather be than in the kitchen, cooking the food she loves...

Digital Print Styles Recipe Book: Getting professional results with Photoshop Elements and your inkjet printer

de Tim Daly

There are very few books published on digital printing, but this is a topic that photographers of all levels have difficulty with. In this concise and accessible guide from digital printing expert Tim Daly,...

Cooking in the Moment

de Andrea Reusing

"If there’s one thing Reusing understands, it’s the power of a remarkable ingredient." – O Magazine

"[A] must-have title for both new and experienced cookes." --Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)


My Dad Can Do Anything

de Stephen Krensky & Mike Wohnoutka

What can your dad do? Can he climb the highest mountain? Or swim to the bottom of the sea? In this heartwarming story about how dads are strong, brave, and all-around great, dads can do anything. Includes a...

An Invitation to Indian Cooking

de Madhur Jaffrey

Written especially for Americans, this book demonstrates how varied, exciting, and inexpensive Indian cooking can be, and how easily you can produce authentic dishes at home. Over 200 recipes.

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