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The Church of Omnivorous Light: Selected Poems

de Robert Wrigley

Robert Wrigley is a poet of America’s northern Rocky Mountains. Over three decades his poetry’s pervading concerns have been rural Western landscapes and humankind’s place within the natural world. His...

The Day Hospital

de Sally Read

Across one day in London, twelve elderly men and women sit in flats, walk, or wait, and speak about their histories, their hopes, their loves, their disappointments and griefs – and above all seek to express...

The Mining Road

de Leanne O'Sullivan

The Mining Road, Leanne O'Sullivan’s third poetry collection, finds inspiration in the disused copper mines that haunt the rugged terrain around Allihies, near her home at Beara, in West Cork. Like remnants...

The Blue Den

de Stephanie Norgate

In The Blue Den, people travel along the edges of roads, landscapes and emotions. The poems give voice to a stream under ice, a flooded road, and an ant beneath the sky. Strongly visual and imaginative, these...

The Pleasure Ground: Poems 1952-2012

de Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy, now in his eighties, is one of Ireland’s most distinguished poets, known particularly for poems drawing on the people and history of the west of Ireland with classical rigour and 'unvarnished'...

Omnesia (remix)

de W.N. Herbert

Omnesia' is Bill Herbert's melding of omniscience and amnesia, the modern condition of thinking we can know everything about our world but, in actuality, retaining dangerously little. This doubly impressive...

How to Ask the Best Probing Questions

de Terry J. Fadem

This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version.

This Element is an excerpt from The Art of Asking: Ask Better Questions,...

Omnesia (alternative text)

de W.N. Herbert

Omnesia' is Bill Herbert's melding of omniscience and amnesia, the modern condition of thinking we can know everything about our world but, in actuality, retaining dangerously little. This doubly impressive...


de Philip Gross

Challenging and tender, these poems are a rite of passage. Philip Gross's much praised previous collection, Deep Field, explored the loosening connections between the self and language in his refugee father's...

Bad Machine

de George Szirtes

The body is the 'bad machine' of George Szirtes' latest book of poems. The sudden death of his elderly father and of his younger friend, the poet Michael Murphy, remind him how machines – sources of energy...

Dear World & Everyone In It: new poetry in the UK

de Nathan Hamilton

Dear World & Everyone In It is a ground-breaking new poetry anthology presenting the work of over 60 of the most talented and interesting young poets currently writing in the UK. Chosen by one of the country's...

Deep Field

de Philip Gross

In his nineties Philip Gross’s father, a wartime refugee, began to lose his several languages, first to deafness, then profound aphasia. Deeply thought as well as deeply felt, these poems reach into that gulf...

Complete Poetry, Translations & Selected Prose

de Bernard Spencer & Peter Robinson

Bernard Spencer (1909-63) was a distinctive voice in 20th-century English poetry, and a central figure in the Personal Landscape group of wartime Cairo writers. He spent much of his life working for the British...

The Long and the Short of It: Poems 1955-2010

de Roy Fisher

This new expanded edition of The Long and the Short of It covers 55 years of Roy Fisher's poetry. Playing the language, pleasuring the imagination and teasing the senses, Fisher’s witty, inventive and anarchic...

The Burning of the Books and other poems

de George Szirtes

The title-poem of George Szirtes’ The Burning of the Books and other poems is the core of this collection of narrative sequences by a writer who came to Britain as a child refugee after the Hungarian Uprising....

Mappa Mundi

de Philip Gross

The medieval Mappa Mundi showed the real world hedged about with wonders. Philip Gross's poems in Mappa Mundi are as vividly observed and sometimes fabulous as the traveller's tales of antiquity. Like those...

The Egg of Zero

de Philip Gross

The zero at the heart of these poems is not nothing – not simply absence, forgetting or loss, though there are moving elegies among them. This is a not-quite-definable O that gives surprising edge to life and...

Stone Milk

de Anne Stevenson

The poems of Stone Milk address the way the written word preserves yet distorts the lives depending on it for fame or survival. Anne Stevenson’s highly engaging new collection opens with A Lament for the Makers,...

Bird and other monologues for young women (NHB Modern Plays)

de Laura Lomas

A cutting-edge monologue that throws light on the experience of a teenager in contemporary Britain, from one of the country's most exciting young playwrights.

It’s four in the morning and Leah is waiting for...

The Distance (NHB Modern Plays)

de Deborah Bruce

A painfully funny play about motherhood (and fatherhood), about keeping control, and about letting go.

Good friends should be there for one another – no matter what. But when Bea returns home after five years...