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Más opciones

It Hardly Seems Fair

de Gordon R Dickson

"Sunset." said Creighar, thickly, tossing the knife on the table between them. "You cut him loose

Unthinking Destroyer

de Rog Philips

Gordon and Harold both admitted the possibility of thinking entities other than human. But would they ever recognize the physical form of some of these beings?

Oogie Finds Love

de Berkeley Livingston

It took a fierce battle with the prehistoric Cro-Magnons, and a modern wrestling match with the Russian Bear, before Oogie, the Caveman, finally won beautiful Sala for his woman

Phalanxes of Atlans

de FVW Mason

Only in dim legends did mankind remember Atlantis and the Lost Tribes-until Victor Nelson's extraordinary adventure in the unknown arctic.

Of Stegners Folly

de Richard Shaver

When a twenty-foot goddess walked out of the jungle, they knew Stegner wasn't kidding.

Vacation on Earth

de Richard E Lowe

The Earthians were horribly split up internally. But Kcid took a man's delight in inhabiting them.

Ready Made Nightmare

de Bill Majesky

A man likes to have his accomplishments recognized. He likes to be acclaimed for his successes. So it was mighty frustrating to Tom Travis when he couldn't bring back a single scrap of evidence to prove his-Ready-Made...

The Power and the Glory

de Charles W Diffin

"And I would have been the greatest man in the world

Sphere of Sleep

de Chester Geier

Brad Nelson had a perfect way to kill Big Tim without any danger of being accused. Then his foot slipped and he was hurled into an unknown world.

Monsters of Moyen

de Arthur J Burks

""Who is that man?"" asked a young lady passenger of the steward, with the imperious inflection which tells of riches able to force obedience from menials who labor for hire. She pointed a bejeweled finger at...

City of the Dead

de GM Martin

They called Launn a city of the dead. Its Martian peoples lay frozen in their tracks. But were they really dead--or only asleep?

A Prize for Edie

de JF Bone

The Committee had, unquestionably, made a mistake. There was no doubt that Edie had achieved the long-sought cancer cure ... but awarding the Nobel Prize was, nonetheless, a mistake ... Note: super short

And Devious the Line of Duty

de Tom Godwin

Sometimes the most diligent and loyal thing an old man can do is fumble, drink beer, and let a young man get into trouble....

The Solar Magnet

de Capt SP Meek

Another episode in Dr. Bird's long scientific duel with his country's arch-enemy, Saranoff.

How to Write Proposals and Grant Applications That Win

de Canavor Natalie & Meirowitz Claire

This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version.

This Element is an excerpt from The Truth About the New Rules of Business...

Never in a Thousand Years

de Wynne N Whiteford

Coincidence, was this - a trail leading through many centuries - and pointing to but one man?

Giants On The Earth

de Capt SP Meek

The yoke of Jovian oppression rests heavily on the dwellers of Earth-until Damis, the Nepthalim, comes forward to lead them in spirited revolt.

The Fifth Dimension Catapult

de Murray Leinster & Arthur Zagat

The story of Tommy Reames extraordinary rescue of Professor Denham and his daughter-marooned in the fifth dimension.


de Jacques Jean Ferrat

The patriarch had the strength and courage of a young man. But only the wisdom of the very old could prevent a terrible war.

An Offering to the Moon

de Clark Ashton Smith

Join Morley and Thorway on their exploration of the temples of Mu. Were they devoted to peaceful solar worship... or a something darker?