On the Curb

On the Curb

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3.416 palabras (≈ 14 minutos)

Short Horror- enjoy!




Unpublished story from my Pandora's Children collection. See my site for more short horror

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Lengua: Inglés

Escrito en: 2010

Publicado: 2010-10-31

Numero de palabras: 3.416 palabras (≈ 14 minutos)

Licencia: Atribución - No uso comercial - No modificaciones

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Pandora's Children

These are some of the shorter works do I do not plan on including in my short horror collection but can give you and idea of my style and how my mind...


Not much interesting to say about myself. I was born on Fort Benning Army Base in Georgia in 1977 but spent most of my formative years in southern NJ, outside of Philadelphia. I attended Tulane University in New Orleans in the late nineties, where I earned by bachelors degree in evolutionary biology. I spent the next four years trapped in scenic Newark, New Jersey, earning my DMD from The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Whereas my four years in New Orleans was filled with excitement, my four years in dental school were rather dull, save for one episode, non-school related, that stands out. Have you ever been woken up on Sunday morning by someone knocking on your door? Sure, we all have. Ever opened the door and found yourself face-to-face with a pair of men in biohazard suits? Probably not. But I have. More on this in a future post at the official Pandora’s Children website
But I digress… Now in my thirties, I find myself living back in the same zip code I grew up in, but in a different house and my own family. I have a son and a daughter and a diabetic Daschund named Friday who is prematurely going blind. But I love him anyway. When I am not filling cavities or performing root canals or extracting teeth or fabricating dentures, or writing, or playing with my kids, I am playing video games, reading comic books (yes, I am a geek and proud of it) or watching my beloved Philadelphia Phillies or less than beloved Philadelphia Eagles (why did you have to sign the dog killer?).
What do I listen to when I write? Disturbed and Godsmack, Chevelle and Slipknot. I enjoy my share of classic rock, but don’t find Zeppelin or The Stones or The Allman brother’s Band conducive to writing.
What else? One more thing and I’ll let you go: Lost, you disappointed me. So much potential wasted. Long live Dexter, the best show on television.

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