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Más opciones

Formed of Clay: a sample

de theaatkinson

More than anything, young Sentu wants to learn the new letters of Pharaoh Menes's court. Born of lowly fellahin stock, he believes his acceptance into the priesthood for study must surely be a miracle of his...



Plain Text - Day 1

de Wiley Davis

In a world of free food and networked living, something interesting is happening down in Baja. A fifteen year old girl named Zoe, her biologist father, and a coastline of drugged-out fishermen help us reconcile...



Opal Rain

de Crystal Lewis

Opal had problems her parents were murdered when she was a little girl. She witnessed her brothers murder on his 18th birthday. Now she is alone and the fate of a once great and powerful race rests on her shoulders....

I'm Not Sure Why

de That Omega Kid

Check out our new 'short' shorts by That Omega Kid. www.5minutefiction.co.uk



The Syllabus of Errors, by Pope Blessed Pius IX

de Saints.SQPN.com

Pope Pius IX's summary of theological errors. From SQPN Books.



The Red Forest (Excerpt)

de Jessica Matteliano

Meet Celso Riddle. Bitter. Enlightened. Merciless. Profane. Resilient. The spark that will send this world reeling into a new age. Does he really care? To buy to full edition in eBook format, please visit the...

The Flash #2

de Charles Wilkins

The Flash: Time Flies: Whispers. It's Flash Day in Keystone city, and the entire city has come out to celebrate! And what better time for a Rogue to pop up his head and try and kill them all? Secrets will be...

Falls the Shadow

de Tommy Dakar

Falls the Shadow consists of twin short stories, Falls the Shadow and La Feria, which, although they have defined identities, share a common heritage and are in many ways inseparable. Falls the Shadow, the first...



Islamic State in Bible Prophecy

de Duncan Heaster

An Islamic State in the territory of the land promised to Abraham is definitely required by Bible prophecy- whether or not this refers to the entity currently known as The Islamic State, or ISIS, remains to...



Epic Unearthed

de Thomas Turner

After the Ice Age, the world as we know now looked quite different. While glaciers began to melt all over the planet, water levels started to rise three-hundred feet, swallowing any evidence of cultures living...

Grey Engines - first 2 chapters

de Gareth Lewis

A century and a half after a weaponized message from space devastates Earth, leaving the few survivors with telepathic abilities, the recovering society faces the arrival of the species which sent the message.

Nightwing #37

de Batkid

Nightwing: Dance of Death. When a ballerina unexpectedly collapses during a performance, Batman and Robin dive into the investigation to find out who killed the dancer... and why.

Reverie - Six Short Stories

de Martin Fleming

Six Short Stories from deep inside a nightmare. Fall into a reverie.


de Emanuel Jones

Come travel through the mind of a daydreamer who, takes you on a roller coaster with a collection of poems and short stories from a dreamer's point of view and a few true-life experiences as well.



A Rational Journey Through Theology

de Ahmed A. Khan

Author tries to let reason lead, from one step to another, through the landscape of theology, until a destination can be reached.



Bonnie Wee Thing (Harry Potter for grown-ups)

de Squibstress

A very short story in which a witch is born and demonstrates a peculiar proclivity for getting her way.

The Messenger: Deliverance

de H.R. Aidan

Holly Winslow is missing. Her parents insist she's a runaway, mixed up with the wrong crowd. But PI's daughter Nico Dunne isn't buying it, not least because she's had a 'visitor' who has suggested otherwise....



Mobile Media Learning: amazing uses of mobile devices for learning

de Seann Dikkers, John Martin, Bob Coulter et al.

Mobile Media Learning shares innovative uses of mobile technology for learning in a variety of settings. From camps to classrooms, parks to playgrounds, libraries to landmarks, Mobile Media Learning shows that...



The Flash #9

de Charles Wilkins

The Flash: Speed Demon. A malevolent figure appears in Titans Tower, confronting Wally West AKA Kid Flash, and then vanishes, leaving the young speedster with a foreboding prophecy that comes true almost as...

America's Historical Documents

de J.M. LaRoche

A Selection of Key Documents Dealing with the Foundation, Growth, and Preservation of the United States of America Preserved in the U.S. National Archives More than forty transcripts that chart the course of...