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Appearing Before the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC)

de Andrew George

Learn the best approach to take when summonsed to appear before the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) in Victoria, Australia. Established to investigate on cases of public corruption...

College Crush

de Lexie X

Jill's had a crush on a cam girl for the last year, and, now that she's gone off to college, she runs into the very blonde she's been lusting over for so long. Kenna's a senior, but she takes the supposedly...

The Apes Are Crazy

de Ray Daley

In a secret underground facility, scientists seek a way to rehabilitate criminals. But the experiment is still in its early days.

Gate No 44

de Andre Gal

Before the Second World War it was an ordinary gate of ordinary Warsaw building. Big and murky and nothing really special. When German bombs destroyed the building, its gate was also damaged. But after-war renovation...

Tales of the Dreamer Witch

de Tanya Ferris

The fantasy series “Tales of the Dreamer Witch” features the space adventures of Sandra Nox, also known as The Dreamer Witch, who has escaped the tyranny of the interstellar Palladian Empire and has been...



Greece, Books, Murder.

de Allison Diamond

A book signing. A romantic trip to Greece. A murder. Sansa is going to unravel the clues behind the murder mystery with the help of Tyrion.





Influence of Belief upon Historian: Hardest of the incumbencies upon a historian is to remove the dust of bigotry of personal inclinations towards his religion or his nationality or his homeland or its kin...


de Allama Baqir Sharif al-Qarashi - XKP

And certainly We wrote in the Book after the reminder that as for the land, My righteous servants shall inherit it. (21/105) Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly...


de Unknown - XKP

The Qur'an declares that the male and the female are equal in status and utility as both have been created by Allah. Unlike the Bible, which states that Eve (woman) was created from Adam's rib (See Genesis 2:4,...


de Kazim Mudir Shanehchi - XKP

This article appeared in the journal Mishkat (No 4, spring 1363 H. Sh.), published by Idareh-ye Umur-e Farhangi, an academic and research institution attached to Astaneh-ye Quds-a Radawi, that is, Imam Rida's...

Heroes: Godsend

de Sklarlight

Heroes: Godsend is a spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it...

Death of the Eviction Man: An Erika Mudrose Mystery Novella

de Gayle Tiller

It's the recession and things aren't going well for Erika Mudrose, who is a struggling forty-something private investigator in the fictitious Chatlyn County in Northern California. She's operating out of her...

Good Girl, Dominant

de Lexie X

Erin's been a good girl far too long. At this year's sorority reunion, she's determined to stay and have a good time, and her excessive determination leads her into a whole new world of confidence and authority—especially...


de Andre Gal

Have you ever seen the real Ghost? Have you ever tried to touch it, or talk to it? If not, so how dare you say they don’t exist? Teresa had some doubts also, until she met one… “Ghost” is the twentieth...

Diary of a Human Target (Book Two): The Path Towards the Inside

de Isidora Vey

Leaving back her traumatic past, Yvonne makes any possible effort to get rid of old obsessions and live a normal life. She also feels the need to develop her psychic abilities and approach cosmic truths. She...

Diary of a Human Target (Book One): Tainted Youth

de Isidora Vey

Since early childhood, Yvonne has had many reasons to suspect that she is different from the other people: She often experiences telepathic and psychic phenomena. She is eminent for her high intelligence and...



Lookin' For Trouble

de Morris Kenyon

With threats against his family giving him little choice but to flee his home city of Odessa, Nicolae Caramarin must recover a gang boss's missing valuable painting if he ever hopes to return. He follows the...

Emelia's First Time

de Lexie X

Emelia's twenty-eight now, and getting tired of the bar scene and hookups with random men. Mary, a much younger tomboyish blonde, starts talking to her for seemingly no reason. A few shots and beers in, Emelia...

The Politics Of The World (Volume1)

de Wael El-Manzalawy

I have started a radio show entitled: (The Politics Of The World). It is an attempt to understand the politics of the World. At this volume you can read the folllwing episodes: The Future Of Russia, Germany...

Once you, once me...

de Andre Gal

How about imaginary lover braking to your bedroom at night with a sudden blow of the wind? Exciting? Scary? Just read a story and try to find out. “Once you, once me…” is the nineteenth story in a series...