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How to Utilize Our Free Time

de Al Balagh Foundation - XKP

From the time man is born on this earth, his age begins to decrease gradually. This means that each day that falls away from his age, is detached from the calendar of his life like the pages that fall down one...

Heart Comforter At the Time of the Loss of  Children and Loved Ones

de Shaheed-e-Thani - Sheikh Zayn ibn Muhammad al-Jab'i al-Amili - XKP

This text deals with how a believer can console his or her heart after suffering calamities and adversities. It contains narrations from the Ahlulbayt on various topics dealing with the rewards of suffering...

The immortal mobile enemy

de Zoltán Éliás

Edited by Réka Nagy In any given moment an individual can have a certain unappealing and uncomfortable situation, from that a story is born from. Dwell in to the mind of the writer as he himself tries to undo...

Poem Series Two: Rhymes And Unrhymes

de Ricardo J. Rodriguez

10 rhyme and Unrhyme poems, Part of a Series of poems, some poems have Rhymes and others are crimes unlike the first series of poems where they all show the art of careful diction.

The Ghosts of Earth

de Paul Dore

The Ghosts of Earth is the first book of the Truthfarer series, which describes the beginnings of a universe - the origins of space and time, and of consciousness itself. These cataclysmic events set in train...

Timo Time goes by

de kinko12

Timo Time is the main character who keeps passing by people and making their lives better.