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Stop Playing Safe: Rethink Risk. Unlock the Power of Courage. Achieve Outstanding Success

de Margie Warrell

What could you achieve if you were more courageous? In an increasingly uncertain, competitive and accelerated world, we are hard-wired 
to avoid risk but the true key to success is courage--the courage to...

How To Learn Italian

de Adam Ybarra

A guide for beginners to learn the Italian language very quickly.

400 Words

de Kurt Ulmer

This is a brief (400 word) guide to writing and assessing short stories. Especially my own. Some writers object to a structure for stories. That is fine as long as you realize that no structure is a structure...

A Modern Creative Writer's Workbook (Preview)

de E.S. Wynn

In your hands, you hold something miraculous. Featuring over 700 pages of diverse artistic, philosophical, scientific and other interesting and assorted musings, poetry, stories and prompts specifically designed...