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de Shawn Michel de Montaigne

The city comes and goes slowly and haltingly. The trolley seems in no particular hurry: it’s like a great earthworm creeping over saturated soil, stopping to inspect morsels of rotting food. The stops aren’t...

Silhouette: VIII

de Rohan Paxton

I pray good virtue for her in years to come, I pray for her a happy life with her partner, I pray she have a better life off with her kids, I pray she lived all the days in peace and if it were not for these...

Silhouette: VII

de Rohan Paxton

Someday I hope I'd meet her at the place of her birth, someday I hope I'd buy medicines from the pharmaceutics run by her, someday I hope I'd see her with her grandchildren, someday she will return and if it...

A Poor American that Loves Jesus

de John F Carver

The truth about the OT is it is irrelevant to anyone but the big shot sons of bitches to oppress the poor. The worst offender? The United States of America and the whore that has murdered Uncle Sam and continues...

LightFoot Guide to foraging

de Heiko Vermeulen

Wild food foraging has been a bit of a buzz term recently and has enjoyed something of a renaissance. A restaurant in Denmark has won the World’s Best Restaurant Award two years running with a menu of local...