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Más opciones

The Candle

de Shawn Michel de Montaigne

She got up and found a book of matches, came back and sat. She examined the wick, which was partially buried in the wax, and then pried it free with her thumb. She thought of the handsome dark man: the mysterious...

The Most Famous Face You've Never Heard Of

de Ray Daley

In one Universe, someone will live one life. However, if one thing is altered at a certain point, they will still go on but live an entirely different life, possible in alternate realities. Can one meeting make...

An Untimely Frost

de G J Saunders

James Ashby, ex SAS left the army under a cloud. His new life in London with super model Jodi Richardson seemed Idyllic until psychopath Conrad Frost blew their world apart. An action adventure, a love story.

Tough Love: for Beloved Free Ebook Readers

de Den Warren

One Indie author's take on why readers should leave feedback when they download a book for free. Please leave a review. Read to the end and get free downloads.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2


de Mike Ramon

A short story. Our narrator lies in a hospital bed. He was told a secret, and now he can't forget it.



Popcorn Time Watch Spectre Online Eng-Sub | Spectre Free

de Spectremoviefree

you Need to look and watch Spectre movie at the source given here in called vf-films.com/templar as we have made it available specially by the pirate methods to leak the full movie Spectre Instead of going to...

The Sweet Ones

de David Moles

The Bad People Are Coming Can five year old Tommy and his family survive a zombie attack by barricading themselves into an old house?

Star Wars:  Knights of the old republic - Contract of vengeance

de Jordan Nash

Your feedback is important to me, so please tell me if this story is good or bad if possible. Thank you. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OR READ ACTUAL PDF. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qh9jik6xx1db50e/SW_KOTOR_ContractOfVengeance.pdf?dl=0...

Lily's Submission

de Lexie X

Lily's under pressure to make sales to keep her job. Veronica's a gorgeous domineering housewife with lots of money who likes to control people. These two meet and unexpectedly find a stronger connection than...

Sliver Moon Bay

de Ivana Hruba

A little girl disappears. Her family is desperate to find her. Everybody wants to know. What happened? Sliver Moon Bay is a gripping psychological thriller in which a family attempts to rebuild their shattered...

All My Christmas Wishes Involve You

de cherielynn503

It's Sherlock and John's first Christmas together at 221b Baker Street. Unknown to either of them, they both decide to make their gifts very special. First kiss. Sweet story.

The Dark Army

de J.C. Bell

The lost ones, the children of war – after the fall of the Red Wall orphans abound. With no family, no home, they have but one place to go – the so-called Warphanage; where they will train to become the...


de Shawn Michel de Montaigne

The city comes and goes slowly and haltingly. The trolley seems in no particular hurry: it’s like a great earthworm creeping over saturated soil, stopping to inspect morsels of rotting food. The stops aren’t...

Good Old Fashioned Nightmare

de cherielynn503

John Watson is a broken soldier invalided home from Afghanistan when he meets charismatic Sherlock Holmes. He spends two years solving crimes and building a professional relationship with his flat mate until...

Reflections of Connie

de Shawn Michel de Montaigne

Do you remember your first love? Do you remember how it made you feel, how it changed everything for you? In this bitingly personal essay, Shawn Michel de Montaigne, author of the beloved epic fantasy Melody...

ATaste if Something Sweet

de cherielynn503

Christmas kisses. John and Sherlock perform a tasting experiment that turns into delectable kissing.




The Interview Room

de Mike Ramon

A short story. Detective Jim Willis, now old and near retirement, can't forget about an old case, and the day he came face to face with a monster.

How to Become Fair Naturally

de Beingchinmay

Indians have always held a fascination for fair skin. Our dusky and olive skin tones have better sun-protecting abilities than what fair skin offers. Yet, we make a deep association of fair complexion with beauty....