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Más opciones

Even Superheroes!

de Lyn Perry

When Mr. Clark and Mr. Wayne are caught touring a nursing home, you know the days of their heroics are coming to an end. (This short story first appeared in ResAliens Zine.)

Growing Pains: New Secrets VIII

de John D

This is the eighth part of nine of the New Secrets series. Rhea’s ulterior motives for being a referee become apparent, Andy spends some time with Scarlet and he gets a bit of help when doing a personal favour...



Dorothy's Mystical Adventures in Oz

de Robert J. Evans

This book was written for my son, age 12 at the time, who had asked if I could write a sequel to the original L. Frank Baum book. It starts with Dorothy once again returning to Oz and meeting up again with her...



A Holy Land Tour

de Marvin McKenzie

A short series of messages describing key areas in the Life of the Lord Jesus Christ and their significance to Christians today. Five chapters.



Teen Titans #18

de Mark Bowers

Teen Titans: The Trigon Empire, Part 2. Trigon's out to destroy the future and he's not going to let the Titans there stand in his way. Meanwhile, back in the present, an old enemy makes a reappearance and threatens...

Mightiest Mortals #5

de Don Walsh

Mightiest Mortals: Scenes of a Day

Milk Run

de Ray Daley

On a regular planet hop made many times before without incident the first blemish on a perfect record is only ever less than a second away. When the worst happens can anyone save them?

Ages of Life

de RoseMary McDaniel a.k.a. Amy Hayle

Is Life a series of unconnected decisions that lead inevitably to the same end whatever choices we make? Is it Fate or just Dumb Luck that some turn out well and some not. Each decade has its own special problems,...



The Question #1

de Charles Wilkins

The Question: The Devil's Fingers.

The Immortal

de Koruna NicMox

A story of the forever dying immortal, as he attempts to gain reason, in the world.

Hachiman Beckons - When Life Gives You Lemons

de George McNeur

Dan has lost his way - but now it's not as a small boy lost in the fog, he's an experienced lethal instrument of death. A one-time officer of the NZ SAS, who has seen too much violent death. In search of some...

Gillian's Prison

de Kurt Ulmer

A dramatic Australian short story with an explosive mix of passion, devotion, betrayal, violence and retribution. How far does a woman go to support her man? And what happens when love is betrayed? Gillian forgave...

Firestorm #0

de Alex Vasquez Romero

Firestorm: Origins The mysterious origin of the Firestorm Matrix revealed and the pulse-pounding origin of the Nuclear Man is expounded upon in this all-new monthly series.

The Supernaturals

de Pete Donald

Another Children's short story by Pete Donald. part of the 5 minute fiction series. For more information visit www.5minutefiction.co.uk. Enjoy



Will You Carry Me?

de Ray Daley

The journal of Dad and his family, during the days of the zombie apocalypse. What it takes to survive and how it binds people together.



The Question #7

de Charles Wilkins

The Question: Here With Me. An Extra Sized Finale Issue! You've seen The Question taken to his lowest by Steel Hand, you've seen him in Arkham Asylum, you've seen him on the road and you've seen him tortured...

Unspent Time - Omnibus [p]

de Graham Parke

Warning: reading this eBook may make you more attractive and elevate your random luck by 9% (These statements have not been evaluated by anyone of consequence) From the award winning author of 'No Hope for Gomez!'...

The Power Of Thought

de Henry Thomas Hamblin

Henry Thomas Hamblin



The Life of Imam Hasan Al-'Askari

de Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi - XKP

This text contains a detailed biography of the life, lineage, and circumstances of our eleventh Imam [a]. Apart from detailing the life of the Imam [a], the author also discusses the tafsir (exegesis) of the...

The Special Duties Of Husbands Toward Their Wives

de Richard Baxter

Part of Baxter's "A Christian Directory" concerning marriage, and in particular the husband's duties.