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Más opciones

New Outsiders #2

de David Charlton

New Outsiders: House Rules: The Most Dangerous Game. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A MATURE READERS TITLE. With Black Lightning's life at stake and Green Arrow and Black Canary in the clutches of the House, Batgirl looks...

The Last Great Prizefight

de Steven Frederick

The Last Great Prizefight chronicles the lives of three men, Jack Johnson, Jim Jeffries, and Tex Rickard, as they overcome corruption, racism, and despair to produce one of the most significant and intriguing...



Donuts with Dad

de Jim Dayton

Donuts with Dad is a story about elementary-school popularity and gladiators.



Superboy & the Legion of Super-Heroes Special

de Scott Kruger

Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes Special

Teen Titans #22

de Robert Harding

Teen Titans: GodStorm. Finally the secrets of the Godhead are revealed but not before they make life hell for the Titans. All your questions will be answered: Why did the Godhead form? Who is the mysterious...

The Flash #21

de Charles Wilkins

The Flash: Ride the Lightning. Lightning strikes once more in the Twin Cities, and you won't believe the consequences!

Aquaman #5

de Brandon Herren

Aquaman: Shadows Over Atlantis, Part 2 (of 2). Black Manta and his raiders have launched a deadly strike on Atlantis! Can Aquaman and Aqualad discover their true objective in time? What unlikely hero will save...

The Flash #23

de David Charlton

The Flash: Flash of Infinite Worlds! When Barry Allen agreed to help his good friend Ray Palmer with an experiment, he never thought he'd find himself in another reality! The Cosmic Treadmill takes the Scarlet...

The Great Escape

de K. Thorpe

Goldie the rabbit goes on a big adventure.

Digger's Bones

de Paul Mansfield Keefe

Archaeologist Angie Cooper's colleague and friend, Tarek "Digger" Rashid, is murdered in front of her. But not before giving her cryptic photographic clues to a hidden tomb and the two thousand year old bones...



Growing Pains: New Pleasures III

de John D

This follows on from Part II. Abi fights with Andy before going on a picnic with him and his friends in a beautifully romantic and picturesque location. Meanwhile Sarah has some new boots, Rhea teases Jez mercilessly...



Growing Pains: New Pleasures XIV

de John D

Following on from the other chapters of New Pleasures; here is Part XIV. Andy hits on an interesting money making scheme, while Sarah takes some friends to London to see her boyfriend. Zoe agonises over her...



Visions of Armageddon

de Colin Lacey

These are poems I've written, over the years. Mainly whilst drinking a coffee, smoking a cigarette, or indeed doing both. Some of them are dark, some are very strange, all are my own work. Enjoy them, read them,...

Semblance of a Dream

de L. S. Hartfield

Excerpt: WE CANNOT TURN AROUND The shattered glass Of soundproof walls That can block the night no more Is scattered, alas, On the broken stillness Of a distant, darkened shore. That shore is still, and silent...


de Kristina Howells

This short story is about a young women who falls for a hoodie. Only to find that she was subjected to violence...



Daily Walk With God Volume III

de Marvin McKenzie

My personal daily devotions for the year 2008. These were meditations for my own benefit, but I came to the place I felt like I had to have a means of releasing them.



Fountain of Joy - Rilke's Duino Elegies




de Walt Sautter

“Coach” takes place in a small, rural town in mid the nineteen fifties. It is the story of the town, the high school football coach and his players. The town’s people and his players idolize Coach. To...



Hebrews Hall of Faith

de Marvin McKenzie

This book seeks to examine the great lessons on faith that are found in Hebrews chapter eleven.



Song In A Minor Key Retuned

de Cathan L. Moore

A Norawest Smith story. Any resemblance to C. L. Moore's Northwest Smith is completely intentional. Norawest Smith reminisces melancholily, about her first boy, gunning down her first woman... A Gender Switch...